Jakarta Factory Outlet – How to identify genuin clothes

One of the benefits of living in Jakarta is there are many factory outlets here. Every now and then, we will go there and do some treasure hunt. It is fun.

You would think we have paid the original prices for our winter clothes below:

jakarta factory outlet hoodie

Hack no, we won’t buy any winter clothes without checking out the many Jakarta factory outlets.

As we have said before, shopping in the factory outlets can be a hit and miss. There are lots of fake products in these factory outlets. So have we bought the authentic products?

Check out the actual hoodies and see the labels, textures, and feelings. What do you think?

outlet junk foodoutlet manufacturing dateoutlet price comparison

Are these genuine branded garments or not? We think they are. Our guess is these are current season genuine export clothes. For whatever reason, they are left behind and are now sold in the many factory outlets in Jakarta.

And this is what we paid:

A pale white coloured hoodie by Junk Food. On sale for USD 40, down from USD 80. Bought for RP99,000 (1 USD = RP9,600)

A grey hoodie by Aerie for American Eagle. USD 49.99. Bought for RP89,000.

A grey turtle neck long sleeve top . On sale for USD 19,99, down from USD 39.99. Bought for RP79,000.

Here is the picture of our grey hoodie from the AE website. It is called Aerie boyfriend sweat shirt:

AE Boyfriend sweat shirt

Upon close look, we have actually figured out why our sweat shirt ends up in the Jakarta factory outlet: it’s missing the tie at the bottom of the sweat shirt. Oh, well, guess we can live with that.

We have even seen the cover girl fur collared sweater below as well. It is on sale for RP99,000. But we don’t like the fur collar, and have passed it on.

hoodies and tops for winter American Eagle

Happy shopping.


2 responses to “Jakarta Factory Outlet – How to identify genuin clothes

  1. There is an outlet mall where I live and 100% of goods sold there are authentic. I know because I work part time at one of the stores there. The stores are high end, but at outlets they are cheaper because they are last yea’s stuff. ( stores of Calvin Klein, Coach , YSL, etc… there are about 100 stores here ) Just the same , the cost of one ordinary T-shirt at our store is more than $100. If you’re talking of an American Eagle hoodie that cost less than $10 then that’s very cheap, assuming of course that it’s authentic. It’s more than 5x here in the US. It’s understandable that we are not worried about fake and real goods here in the US. American brands are the ones that are faked abroad.

    • Hi, Renxkyoko,

      Now we know where to shop if we go to US. We are planning a trip over next year. 😀

      The AE hoodie looks authentic enough. Got to go back to find some more, if savings are that great.

      Might just do a total Jakarta factory outlet Summary post soon, as it will definitely be handy if you guys ever plan to come for a visit. 😀

      xoxo Midnight

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