Why we can’t trust Google

Jakarta street fashion, Indonesia girl in headscarf, street fashion

Here we go again. Can anyone tell us how this photo of ours have anything to do with the term:

medical assistant

Well, obviously, Google thinks this picture has everything to do with the term ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’ . In fact, this photo not only has everything to do with ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’, it is also one of the best photos for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’.


Because out of hundreds of millions of photos for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’ , this photo of ours is ranked on the 5th page on Google image search. That’s like ranking the top 0.00001% out of Google pictures for this search term.

How cool is that!

Actually this is not our best photo yet, check the other photo of ours.

Jakarta street fashion, office girl, street fashion

Look familiar? Well, this one has ranked on Google image search page No. 2 for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’. Wow, now that Google mentioned it, she sure does look like a medical assistant to us. Cosplay in bright day light in a crowded Jakarta shopping mall. Is that even legal? What do you think?

We are really impressed by the genius behind the Google search team by now. They must have held double PhD degrees for what they are doing.Don’t believe your eyes? Why not Google yourself. 😀

Next time if you want to cheat on Google, just throw in some random pictures and put a nice title to it. You might hit your jackpot too. Google is an easier lover, he will be contented with just that.

Oh, we also like the photo below for our beloved search term ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’. This one ranks very well on Google image search. You can find it on Google search page 2, very close to our second photo above.

Talking about a mad hair (head) day? Here we go:


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