A Red Christmas with White Snow Flakes


Good morning, dear readers,

How are you today? A lovely day here in Jakarta.

You might be surprised to see that we have a Red background for our blog and wonder if you have come to the right one. Yes, you have. This is still the MidnightVisitor you have been reading all those years.

But, we have changed our colour scheme from a crispy white background, to the Christmas holiday red. Put a bit colour on this holiday season. Why not?

Actually, initially we only wanted to sprinkle some snow flakes on our blog. We love snow flakes and BTW here is our official reveal for last week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz:

Each snow flake has 6 points and Santa Claus lives in lapland all his life.

Now back to the Christmas red. When we did that (sprinkle the snow flakes, of course), we found it didn’t work because of the white background we have.

What the hack, why not paint the town (aka our blog) red this Christmas? That’s exactly what we did and that’s why you have seen our Red Christmas background today. Hope you like it.

This red Christmas background will be kept forever, since we are the 20% Christmas advocates. Will you still coming back after the Christmas just because we do this? We hope so.

Don’t worry, we couldn’t do that to you. We still love our crispy white background. After all it has been with us since the beginning through all those tougher days. How about keep the Red theme till January? After that we will switch back to our white background.


Love. D

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5 responses to “A Red Christmas with White Snow Flakes

  1. Loving the red color ! I wish I could change my color scheme. But it might change my settings, too, just like what happened to a friend’s blog. She lost a few stuff.

    Happy Holidays !

    • Hey, Renxkyoko,

      Thank you for your encouragement. Now we will stick to the Christmas Red with confidence. 😀

      Happy holidays to you and your family. We’ll be away from the 16th of Dec.

      xoxoxo MidnightV

  2. LOVE the red and thanks for the follow! looking forward to following you too!
    Aaah, it looks SO pretty with the snowflakes! You’ve inspired me to change mine now – need to get the full effect for the Christmas season though it does feel a bit strange in Jakarta! 🙂

    • Looking at it now, the red and snowflake are great! Jakarta or not, got to celebrate Christmas. 😀

      We’re going away to winterland soon, to enjoy some real snowflakes hopefully.

      Seasons greetings to you and your loved ones. Have a great holiday!


  3. I like the Christmas red, very festive! and the snowflakes too! Certainly keep them up until January as it looks nice.

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