A Royal Baby

is it a princess

No more rumors! Kate and William are having a royal baby!

Sorry to deviate from our normal Jakarta news. But what news can be greater than a Royal baby news this Christmas?! To say we are excited is an understatement. Any baby gets us excited, let alone a Royal baby! This is the best Christmas ever. Let’s celebrate!

Congratulations Kate and Will! Well done!

Now that the Royal baby is on the way, what about baby names? Oh, we love naming babies. The next 9 months will be spent on picking the best baby name for our Royal baby. Free entertainment. 😀

What about baby clothing? We love to buy cute clothes for new born babies. A batik dress for a royal baby girl, or a batik shirt for a royal baby boy? Oh, imaginations, ours are running wild…

For now, we will stick to our Christmas red. A red dress if we have a princess.

What if we have a prince? Well, we will have to do a prince outfit soon, don’t we? Stay tuned. 😀

How about you? Any baby names you like? Any baby clothes you gonna design? Good luck. See who’s the winner in 9 months time.

Love. D

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7 responses to “A Royal Baby

  1. I looove yourbackground btw! The royal baby isonits way, ohboy, when it is born there will be sheer chaos (which I might be apart of ;))

    • Thanks! The red looks great. Maybe we should add a bit Christmas green, too.

      Lucky you, a part of the Royal baby inner circle. Unlike us, in the far, far corner of Jakarta. 😀

      Love. MidnightVisitor

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