We have a problem

Kim Jong Un, we have a problem!

No, we are not flying to the moon and it isn’t snowing in Jakarta. 😀

We are going to China this Christmas. Can’t wait!

But before that we’ve got a eBook to finish and time is running out.

Actually, don’t even worry about that, finishing the eBook that is. Being a good planner Mrs. D is, we sure can complete the writing and editing on the last day (or more likely the last minute?) prior to our flight. She’s that good, very very prompture, if you ask her friends. 😀

An update on our eBook:

We have completed another great Jakarta musing for you. A duck story.

Jakarta musing duck story

Don’t you just love it? We had a lot of laugh over this one.

Well, the title of this article is not ‘A Duck Story’. In fact, it has nothing to do with duck. The title of the new story is:

The Technician and the Light Bulb

This story is a classic one during our stay in Jakarta so far. Somehow, it is similar to the duck story we have put out at the end of the article. Not a duck story, a duck joke, to be exact. Haven’t we told you just now that we have a lot of laugh over this article?

Writing is our thing in the D House, no problem.


Well, it’s also going well thanks to Miss D. She’s got some final school tests and assignments to go through, still she finds the time to help out with the editing. Sometimes, Miss D is so amazing that she makes us forget that she is only 12 years old. (OK, admittedly, our view on Miss D is fully biased, but don’t you do the same with your 12 year old?! After all Mrs. D’s parents are still doing this until this date!)

So what’s the problem?

The problem is: we can’t upload the eBook to our website!

Well, there is one solution: we can upload our eBook to some other website and give you a link, then you can go there to download.

We don’t wanna do that.

It’s like give up our own child out to a total stranger.

There is another solution: you send us your email request, and we reply with our eBook attached. Great idea, but can’t work either. Not while we are traveling in China. We have to set our priorities right. 😀

This problem is one of the reasons that we are switching to a better website. One that let us do all the things we want to: ie playing videos, songs, a better theme, better design… and of course, a function for downloading eBooks.

You wouldn’t think we will only write one eBook, would you?

Oh, no. We have more than one eBook for sure. This blog is going to last forever (OK, maybe not that ambitious, how about 10 years?). If we can write one eBook in 31 days, we sure can write at least 3 to 5 eBooks during our 10 years of writing.

Piece of cake. Can’t mess around in the math department with the Ds. 😀

So what to do now with our only eBook? After all it is our first e-child, a treasure in the D family. Well, if you know our private email address (not the midnightvisitor gmail account), you can send us an email and we will email you our eBook, even while we’re traveling.

Let’s see, hummm… that will easily pass the one million mark already. (OK, it’s more like one hundred, but a million sounds much better…)

If you don’t know our private email address, then can you wait till after our holidays? You can download the eBook from our new website. How exciting is that? A brand new website and a brand new eBook. Life is full of goodies.

Meanwhile, while you are here, why not check out some Christmas goodies on our website, make a couple of Christmas ornaments, taste our Christmas recipes, and shop for a few fashion items. Have a great time this Christmas!

Love. D

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