A Piece of Jakarta eBook is Completed!

A Piece of Jakarta book cover new

Last day before we fly out to China, we haven’t packed yet. And why we are still typing here?!

Because we are so excited, our first e-baby:

‘A Piece of Jakarta – 31 Days in Jakarta’

is now officially completed!

A big thank you to Miss D, who worked till 10pm last night to help out with the final editing, without you, the eBook won’t be as beautiful. You are a star!!!

You might have noticed that we changed the eBook cover a bit. Is it better this way? We like it because now that it suits the contents better. You will see what we mean if you read our eBook.

Most of the photos in this eBook is actually taken by Miss D. Even the photo on our eBook cover is taken by Miss D. We love it. How good is that! Plus she has a few articles there, too. We love the ‘5 Peculiar Things in Jakarta’ she wrote, which is included in the eBook.

Actually, while editing, Miss D came up with another great idea.

Miss D has been working in her Grade Ambassador Club in the past semester, and has grown a keen interest in organising events and activities.

We were thinking of launching our new eBook on a new website. But Miss D got a better idea: she wants to do a fundraiser at her school and give out the eBook for free. There are lots of unfortunate kids in Jakarta, and hopefully our eBook can help a good cause.

So after our holidays, she will talk to her adviser in school and see if she can do this. So excited! Maybe we will just throw in A Hat Day at her school, what do you think?

Wish Miss D luck!

Love. D

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2 responses to “A Piece of Jakarta eBook is Completed!

  1. Wonderful and congratulations!! Best of luck!!

    • Thx, Dorothy.

      Miss D needs that!

      She is very excited by the fundraising idea, and kept on talking about it last night. But she is nervous too, you know, talk to the teachers etc…

      Have a great holiday.

      xoxoxo midnightvisitor

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