What we bought in Hangzhou China Today

Good evening from Hangzhou China. We had a great day today riding bikes along the West Lake, which is the most famous place here.

It was 4 degrees here so we bought some gloves to ride our rented bikes. Miss D loved her new pair of gloves, they look nice, aren’t they?

Oh, there are lots of hats shops here, too. We were thinking of buying some, but our coats already have got hats of their own. So not to be a Mad Hatter, we gave it a pass.

girl gloves grey pink black white

We also bought something special which Miss D loves. Have a look, do you know what it is?

mysterious item bought in china

This week’s MidnightVisitor’s Quiz is:

What is this thing we bought today?

Hint: people used it in ancient China for entertainment.

Good luck and the answer will be revealed next Monday.

We have seen so many interesting things here that we want to tell you about. Stay tuned.

Love. D


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