Indonesia Education and School System

Normally you won’t see a title like this on midnightvisitor:

Indonesia Education and School System

Of course, we are in Jakarta, hence our blog has a certain Indonesia touch. But ours is a fun oriented blog, has nothing to do with any system at all. Even if it is the Education system!

But wait, we can write, and to prove that, we write in many styles. And we can write in a formal tone, very formal indeed, OK?

You are not reading this article yet, ‘Indonesia Education and School System’, that is, because it will be in tomorrow’s newspaper ( or more exactly, a future post in someone else’s blog).

We thought it might be good to let you know first. So stay tuned and we will publish the ‘Indonesia Education and School System’ very soon.

On a more serious note: if you are moving to Jakarta, with a kid, then please come back to read this article. It gives you a detailed view on how the Indonesia education system looks like, and how to pick a good school for your child.

Very important topic, right? Hope you will like it. It is educational, indeed.

Love. D

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