Miss D Has A Question

Miss D is an awesome kid. She does lots of amazing things that surprise us. She can sing, she can draw, she can write; she is a great student at school, she is quite athletic as well. We love her with all our heart.

Miss D is awesome, but she is still only 12 years old. Her most asked question during the day are more like these:

What’s for dinner?

What’s for dessert?

Can I have that game?

When can I have a sleepover at …?

All my friends like that toy/game, why can’t I have it?

You get the picture. 😀

So when Miss D asked us a thoughtful question during our China trip, we listened and think you might want to know as well.

We were on a bus in Hangzhou to the West Lake. It was a week day at around 11ish, so the bus was half empty. The bus had just stopped at a stop, and a few elderly Chinese ladies boarded the bus. The bus drove on, and that’s when Miss D asked:

‘Is China a developed country, mum?’

Gee, Mrs D was surprised. Miss D had never asked anything like this in her entire 12 years life. Mrs D was about to answer Miss D, when Mr D asked:

‘What do you think, Honey?’

Mrs D was curious to know as well, actually, what Mrs D wanted to know was: why did Miss D ask such a question?

You know, Miss D is not a dumb kid. She was pretty good at social studies at school. And sure at 12 years old, the school must have taught Miss D a few things about countries already. China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Miss D sure should know by now what country China is, shouldn’t she?

Why don’t you ask your 12 years old the question and see if they can answer straight away. 😀

Anyways, while Mrs D’s mind was running with all these thoughts, Miss D gave out her answer. Being a logical kid, her answer was like this:

‘Well, China looks like a developed country to me, but isn’t China a developing country?’

What? Why? Now Mrs D couldn’t help to ask Miss D:

‘You’re right, honey, China is a developing country. But why do you think China is a developed country?’

Want to know how Miss D replied, please come back next Monday, and we will publish her answer.

Meanwhile, why don’t you ask your kid a few questions about the countries you have traveled to, and see what their answers are. The kids might surprise you as well.


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