New Year, New Babies and A Great Collection of Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

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Good morning and finally we have some sunshine for today. How long will this last? Let’s wait and see.

You might have noticed that we are quite interested in Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics lately. It is a new year, and guess what, we have new babies.

Will and Kate have a Royal baby on the way.

Our eBook baby is ready and will be met with you all on our brand new website.

To add to this baby business, Mr. D’s cousin has given birth to a baby son last year. A dragon baby according to Chinese zodiac! Almighty and powerful just like Miss D. Miss D is a dragon, too, do you know?

To celebrate all these good news and give a gift to Mr. D’s nephew, we have collected some wonderful Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics. Miss D has grown up with these nursery songs and we always had a great time singing together.

Want to have a peek of these nurseries? Below are 10 of our favourites:

  1. Itsy-Bitsy Spider – Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

  2. Mary had a little lamb – Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

  3. Polly put the kettle on – Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

  4. John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt – Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

  5. An apple a day keeps the doctor away

  6. Big Ship Sails on the Ally-Ally-oh

  7. Christmas is Coming

  8. Hot Cross Buns rhyme

  9. Star Light Star Bright lyrics

  10. Humpty Dumpty story

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One response to “New Year, New Babies and A Great Collection of Nursery Rhymes and Lyrics

  1. I know almost all these rhymes, except Christmas is Coming.

    Cheers !

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