Your Healthy Weight – Does this BMI chart scare you?

BMI weight standard

While traveling in China, we used the scale provided by one of the hotels we lived in. Look at this BMI chart, interested?

Hopefully you haven’t put on much weight after the holidays. A few weeks in the winterland with family and friends, umm… wonder how the weight is pumping up.

Does this BMI chart scare you? Are you within the healthy weight range? We are now back to our daily routines and some hot yoga, fitness workout and fun swim are in order.

We have to keep our self-esteem high and fit back into that favourite dress of ours, don’t we? 😀

According to this BMI chart, everyone’s body weight should naturally preprogrammed to remain around the weight on this chart.

Knowing the ideal weight for you can actually help you to set your goal and maintain  a healthy weight.

Want to know some tips about how to eat well but still keep a healthy weight? Well,  here they are:

  • Do Not Over Eat
  • Do Not Over Eat
  • Do Not Over Eat

Basically that’s the real secret for not getting over weight.

No over eat, no over weight.

But if you insist on having a few more tips, here they are as well:

  • Eat meals at regularly scheduled intervals
  •  Eat some healthy snacks in between meals.
  • Do a minimum of 30 minutes activity each day.
  • Eat foods high in fiber and lean protein (again, this will keep you feel full and stop you from OVER EATING :D)

2 responses to “Your Healthy Weight – Does this BMI chart scare you?

  1. (6.6)

    I over-ate ! !

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