5 Peculiar Things in China

building collapse hangzhou china 2012 december

During our China trip, we noticed many peculiar things about China. Some are similar to what we see here in Jakarta, others are different, and more dramatic.

These are our findings, let us know what you think. To read 5 Peculiar things about Jakarta, click here.

1. Can a 6 floor tall building collapse overnight? Yes, it can, in China

We were in Hangzhou when this happened. And ‘horrified’ will be an understatement of what we felt.

It was one early crispy winter morning, we had just woke up in our nice hotel in Hangzhou, China. All was fancy and lovely. Then we turned on the TV, and saw this:

OMG, a residential building in Ningbao, a city near Hangzhou where we stayed,  had just collapsed. A 6 floor tall building built in about 1987? Only 20 odd years old, and it collapsed, right before our eyes on the TV screen!

building collapse hangzhou china 2012 december1

It was like 911 happening right in front of us. What happened to the people living inside?

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