To Let the Baby Cry or Not Cry – Self Soothing for Babies

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Ever since Mr D’s cousin had her baby boy, waking up at night and rushing to the baby’s bed side becomes an everyday job. It is quite tiring.

According to a new study, published this month, parents should let their babies ‘self-soothe’ and drift off without the addition of another feed, lullaby or pat and cuddle.

The good people at NY Daily News said:

“By six months of age, most babies sleep through the night, awakening their mothers only about once per week,” said Temple psychology professor and study co-author Marsha Weinraub. “However, not all children follow this pattern of development.”

Let’s test this theory on our new baby, see if it works…

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2 responses to “To Let the Baby Cry or Not Cry – Self Soothing for Babies

  1. I was born in 1973, and was such a horrid baby that the midwives took me off the ward and into the nursery! I apparently slept most of the day and screamed all night.

    One night when I was wailing my Dad told my Mum to leave me alone. Apparently I never did it again after that. I tried this same tactic on my son one night when he appeared to be crying for no reason – clean nappy, nice and warm, and fought the breast – and he didn’t do it again either.

    • Miss D was a very good baby when she was little but even then at around week 6 she cried, cried, cried. We were so tired that we had to join a mom’s group to learn some soothing techniques back in Sydney. The secret, according to our doctor, was to let the baby play and use up their energy during the day. The baby can’t sleep if he has slept too much during the day. It did wonders to us.


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