In Need of Gratitude – Jakarta Kids Swim In Flood Water

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This is how we feel when we saw picture below of Kids swimming in Jakarta Flood. So far, over 18,000 people are homeless, 11 are dead.

Let’s pray and put the sunshine and smile back on.

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photo credit: Reuters


5 responses to “In Need of Gratitude – Jakarta Kids Swim In Flood Water

  1. Excellent message. We really need to realize this more often!

  2. Whew, the flood sounds terrible. I hope you have sunshine soon. Take care!

    • Hi, Sheryl,

      The flood is a monster this year in Jakarta. Every 5 years is a big year for monsoon and flood, Jakarta simply doesn’t have the proper sewage system to cope. A 10 min downfall will get some streets flooded. Life is awful for the locals. Where we are, south Jakarta is safer, but Miss D’s school closed last week for one day just because of the flood!

      Take care.


  3. Kids are kids everywhere. I hope they didn’t get sick. the water must be very polluted. I’m sure it had mixed with sewer.

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