5 Peculiar Things In China

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The Hottest China Fashion This Winter

A Quality Winter Coat Plus A Black Tutu Dress?

tutu dress girl black

Tutu dress and heavy coat go hand in hand this winter in China. Every city we went to, we saw girls in their early 20s wear the tutu dress.

What is that girl going on a date with her boyfriend wearing?

Yes, it is a lovely, lovely black tutu dress!

Obviously, Chinese girls love their winter coats, their leather boots, and their trendy hair.

But, most important of all, they pair these up with a nice, fancy tutu dress!

Planning a first date this Valentine’s Day? A tutu dress might be your killer weapon if you are in China. 😀

tutu dress girl

So, if you are planning a trip to China this winter, make sure you bring your favorite tutu dress.

Black tutus are the way to go.

You are out if you do not have one. Seriously!

tutu missing girl red coat shanghai china

So, what’s the third peculiar thing in China?

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