5 Peculiar Things In China

washing line outside china, hangzhou, washing line clothes

Meat Galore on a washing line?

We have seen many Indonesians hanging their clothes outside.

It’s an everyday scene here in Jakarta, and we are pretty used to that.

But wait, the washing line has much more important things to hang in China.

Have a look:

meat hanging in China street

During winter season in China, it is a tradition that people hang their preserved meat outside.

The cold weather is the biggest nature refrigerator.

Coming Chinese New Year, these delicious meat will be the best New Year’s dish on the family’s dinner table.

Do you preserve meat in winter in your country?

Are they delicious?

jing hua huo tui preserved meat, pig leg preserved, meat preserved

If you can’t bother to make the preserved meat yourself.

Don’t worry.

They sell it in the shops.

These preserved meat are very famous in China and are called Jin Hua Huo Tui.

They have a history of more than hundreds years old.

They are considered delicacies in China.

What is the 4th peculiar thing in China?

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