5 Peculiar Things in China

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Luckily, according to the TV show later on, there was no one injured or dead during the collapse. Not sure if we can totally trust this though.

Obviously, according to the people living inside the building, they had noticed cracks on their walls long time ago, and had complained to authorities.

But according to the TV show, they had complained to the wrong department, thus no action was taken, and the building collapsed half year after the complain was lodged.

building collapse hangzhou china 2012 december2

Very peculiar, indeed!

Now, it’s the residents fault, wasn’t it?

Do you have a Building Collapse Management department in your city?

We later found out there was one person dead during the collapse. Obviously, the building gave enough warning prior to its actual collapse, and everyone got out of it in time, except one 24 year old man.

Next time in China, think about living in those high rises again.

We will prefer a single floor house from now on. But is there such a house in China? Very unlikely. Everywhere we go, we saw tall buildings after tall buildings.

Anyways, we are speechless.

Let’s move on to our second peculiar things in China, shall we?

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