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Getting Married at 100 Years Old? – A Great Valentine’s Day Story

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We are approaching the end of January very quickly and coming Feb, the Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. What love story do you have in mind this Valentine’s Day?

We have just seen 86 year’s old Hugh Hefner married 26 year’s old Crystal.

Now, meet Dana Jackson:

Dana is one special bride.


Because she was 99 years old and she married her boyfriend Bill on her 100th Birthday. What a great Valentine’s Day story!

Would you still marry your partner if you met later in life?  Do you know any inspiring older person’s love story?

Why not make this Valentine a special time and treasure the love in our lives, young or old.

Photo credit: Alex Slitz/Daily News

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Fashion Treasure Hunt China Style – The Biggest Online Shopping Site in China

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February will be a very happy and busy month. We can see it is coming! There are 30 days to go to Valentine’s Day from now on. Four days before the Valentine’s Day, there will be the Chinese New Year, which falls on 10 Feb. Let’s celebrate in style, shall we?

While in China, we found the biggest fashion treasure hunting place! seems very popular for young people in China to shop for their wardrobes and for good reasons, too.

china taobao wang, fashion website china

We had a look and there are virtually every brand under the sun in For the next 30 days, we will show case some nice clothes from There are many Australian, Asia, and USA brands there. So many that we lose count!

We love sportsgirl, cotton on, Jacquie, basque, wish, witchery, David Lawrence and many more brands back in Sydney. We have picked up a nice Basque dress during our China trip. A little black dress on

black dress basque, fashion online australia, fashion online women, fashion online taobao china

Mrs D wearing her new little black dress. Very happy girl.

black dress basque full length

It’s a full length black dress, quite formal, so you won’t find Mrs D wearing this at any Jakarta shopping mall for sure. 😀

basque label black lady dress size 8 not only serves the China, Hongkong area, it also has started its Singapore market, and some other Asia markets. Their ambition is to expand to the rest of the world, like EBay.

So if you are in the China and great Asia regions like us, you might want to check out? But first, find a friend who knows Chinese, one of the most difficult languages in the world!

Good luck, taobao (means treasure hunt in Chinese). 😀

For an easier task (minus the difficult in learning Chinese), to see all the brands we are interested in, why not head to our very own midnightvisitor’s fashion online guide? This is another project we have been working on, and it will be updated over time to show you all the goodies we found in the fashion department!


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