Reality Dating TV Show – ‘If you are the one’ vs ‘The Bachelor 2’

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Who will be your special someone this Valentine’s Day?

When going on a date, dresses are the most popular wear for both Chinese girls and American girls.

Have a look, the good and bad dressed girls in ‘If you are the one’ and ‘The Bachelor 2’.

On many TV scenes, both TV show girls actually wear similar colours and similar styles. They all look glamorous and stunningly beautiful. They can be the movie stars from the Golden Globe award, don’t you think?

One Shoulder Dresses

one shoulder dress white blue

ever pretty NWT open back one shoulder ruffles padded satin prom dress

In this picture, both girls are great dressers. Fun fashionistas.

The girl in white is one of the more famous and courted in ‘If you are the one’. Her name is Xing Xin. And the girl in blue is Lisa from Bachelor 2. You can see her bio and pretty picture here.

Both girls wear one-shoulder dresses and look amazing. One-shoulder dress adds glamor to a girl instantly. And the dress can be in many different colours.

Why not pick one of your favorite colors and get a one-shoulder dress in that colour. Valentine’s Day is only one month away. Get that glamorous dress. You will be one happy girl.

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