Factors to consider when applying for schools in Jakarta

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Location, location, location

Road traffic in Jakarta can be really bad so the location of your child’s school is very important. Make sure you pick international schools based on which suburb you live in.

You don’t want your child to commute for hours each day just to get to school. Most expats families live around South Jakarta where there are many reputable international schools.

International school applications

When submitting applications for admission to international schools in Jakarta be sure to check the application deadline with the international school of your choice and apply early.

While application requirements vary between international schools, here is a list of documents you generally needed for applications :

  • Completed school application form
  • Completed health form
  • Copies of student’s passport photos (2-5)
  • Copies of student’s passport or resident visa
  • Copies of mother/father’s passport or resident visa
  • Copy of original birth certificate
  • Recent reports from previous school


Useful information

The school week in Jakarta runs from Monday to Friday, and school hours vary, but most international schools run between 7.30am and 2.40pm. This excludes any extracurricular programmes which can last till around 5:30pm.

A minimum of one year of Indonesian language study is required if a child is to graduate from high school in Jakarta. However, no subject testing will be completed in this language – merely achievement in basic proficiency is required.

Ultimately, selecting the right international school for your child in Jakarta is a personal decision. Most people want a safe, clean, welcoming environment for their child. A good, challenging curriculum which is in line with the education system of their home country will make a big difference in allowing expat students to have a smooth transition into a new life in Indonesia.


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