Happy Valentine – Midnight Visitor Love Valentine Specials

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Wish your loved ones a happy Valentine’s Day this Valentine. On February 14th, may the almighty makes every second of your life a valentine second.

To start counting your days as the D-day is just round the corner, we have created this Love Valentine Special, just for you and your Valentine. Wish you a really happy and a very fulfilling Valentine’s Day!

Forget about store-bought Valentine’s Day cards, why not make your very own DIY Valentine’s Day card this Valentine’s Day? Tell your special someone that you think of them with your very own handmade Valentine’s D card. Nothing says “I love you” more than a special, personalized card.

Where to start? Don’t worry, check out these adorable DIY Valentine’s Day cards at Inhabitots.

Crayon Heart Valentines

Or how about some Crayon Heart Valentines. These are colourful heart shaped Valentine Cards made with crayon and paper craft.

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Valentine Fortune Tellers

Making these Valentine’s Day cootie catchers is super easy and your children would love it. Start by printing the free PDF pattern (on recycled paper please!). And no fortune is a bad fortune this Valentine’s Day – choices include, “You are awesome,” “Be Mine Valentine,” “U R A Star,” and “Love U”.

fortune-teller-valentines, DIY VALENTINES DAY Card, valentine's day gift, valentine's day present, valentine's day easy craft

Mini Valentine Boxes

Check these mini Valentine’s boxes out. They are so cute and easy to make. Your loved ones will have a beautiful box full of yummy candies, or cute little presents from you. Happy Valentine!

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