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5 Peculiar Things in China

building collapse hangzhou china 2012 december

During our China trip, we noticed many peculiar things about China. Some are similar to what we see here in Jakarta, others are different, and more dramatic.

These are our findings, let us know what you think. To read 5 Peculiar things about Jakarta, click here.

1. Can a 6 floor tall building collapse overnight? Yes, it can, in China

We were in Hangzhou when this happened. And ‘horrified’ will be an understatement of what we felt.

It was one early crispy winter morning, we had just woke up in our nice hotel in Hangzhou, China. All was fancy and lovely. Then we turned on the TV, and saw this:

OMG, a residential building in Ningbao, a city near Hangzhou where we stayed,  had just collapsed. A 6 floor tall building built in about 1987? Only 20 odd years old, and it collapsed, right before our eyes on the TV screen!

building collapse hangzhou china 2012 december1

It was like 911 happening right in front of us. What happened to the people living inside?

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First Snow

snow, first snow, beautiful snow, winter snow

Hi, how are you today? Has it snowed in your city today?

Miss D really wanted to see snow during our trip to China. But during the time we were there, it only snowed a tiny bit while we were in Shanghai, the biggest city in China. It was so little that Miss D was quite disappointed.

But it was very cold in Shanghai, and we saw this:


Miss D was lucky. On the last day of our trip, prior our boarding our airplane, we finally saw snow. Miss D was so happy.

Look at the first hand print she made on the snow at the airport.


And here’s Miss D with her first snow ball!

snow ball, making snow ball, winter snow ball, first snow ball

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This is China – Developing or Not

fashion girl china, tv show girl china, online fashion girl, online fashion woman

We were on the bus in Hangzhou, China when Miss D asked if China was a developed country or developing country.

When Mr. D asked Miss D what she thought the answer might be. Miss D told us that China looked like a developed country to her.

Well, we were only in China for two days at that time, and admittedly we had pampered ourselves a bit: living in a nice hotel, and eat in nice restaurants, so yeah all were pretty fancy in Miss D’s eyes.

china lamp shop, lamp shop china, trip china shopping, hangzhou shop

But, what made Miss D thought China was a developed country was this:

‘There are so many elderly people in China, mama. Japan is a developed country and Japan has many elderly people. Does this make China a developed country?’

(We met a lot of Elderly Chinese on the bus in Hangzhou, and they can ride bus for free if they are over 70 years old. Believe me, half of the buses were with these elderly people during the time we rid the buses. BTW, buses in China are clean and nice, with proper doors, too :D)

‘Besides, there are lots of rich people in China.’

(OK, we were in a China bank one day, and we saw people coming into the bank with bags of money, no kidding. Do you know how much cash this lady’s black bag can carry? Well, we saw a mid-aged Chinese lady came into the bank with a bag like this and it was full of money!)

black lady leather bag, black bag with money, black lady bag, lady bag

‘And people here wear nice clothes, too.’

(People, especially young people, wore fashionable clothes in China, very trendy. Girls have nice hair, too.)

chinese couple christmas tree shanghai trip, china trip, fashion couple, young chinese couple, trip to china

There you go, these are the 3 reasons Miss D thought China is a developed country.

Our experience in China later on soon changed her mind. Miss D agreed very quickly that China is a developing country. We will tell you the story in ‘5 Peculiar Things About China’ soon.

Stay tuned.

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Your Healthy Weight – Does this BMI chart scare you?

BMI weight standard

While traveling in China, we used the scale provided by one of the hotels we lived in. Look at this BMI chart, interested?

Hopefully you haven’t put on much weight after the holidays. A few weeks in the winterland with family and friends, umm… wonder how the weight is pumping up.

Does this BMI chart scare you? Are you within the healthy weight range? We are now back to our daily routines and some hot yoga, fitness workout and fun swim are in order.

We have to keep our self-esteem high and fit back into that favourite dress of ours, don’t we? 😀

According to this BMI chart, everyone’s body weight should naturally preprogrammed to remain around the weight on this chart.

Knowing the ideal weight for you can actually help you to set your goal and maintain  a healthy weight.

Want to know some tips about how to eat well but still keep a healthy weight? Well,  here they are:

  • Do Not Over Eat
  • Do Not Over Eat
  • Do Not Over Eat

Basically that’s the real secret for not getting over weight.

No over eat, no over weight.

But if you insist on having a few more tips, here they are as well:

  • Eat meals at regularly scheduled intervals
  •  Eat some healthy snacks in between meals.
  • Do a minimum of 30 minutes activity each day.
  • Eat foods high in fiber and lean protein (again, this will keep you feel full and stop you from OVER EATING :D)

Miss D Has A Question

Miss D is an awesome kid. She does lots of amazing things that surprise us. She can sing, she can draw, she can write; she is a great student at school, she is quite athletic as well. We love her with all our heart.

Miss D is awesome, but she is still only 12 years old. Her most asked question during the day are more like these:

What’s for dinner?

What’s for dessert?

Can I have that game?

When can I have a sleepover at …?

All my friends like that toy/game, why can’t I have it?

You get the picture. 😀

So when Miss D asked us a thoughtful question during our China trip, we listened and think you might want to know as well.

We were on a bus in Hangzhou to the West Lake. It was a week day at around 11ish, so the bus was half empty. The bus had just stopped at a stop, and a few elderly Chinese ladies boarded the bus. The bus drove on, and that’s when Miss D asked:

‘Is China a developed country, mum?’

Gee, Mrs D was surprised. Miss D had never asked anything like this in her entire 12 years life. Mrs D was about to answer Miss D, when Mr D asked:

‘What do you think, Honey?’

Mrs D was curious to know as well, actually, what Mrs D wanted to know was: why did Miss D ask such a question?

You know, Miss D is not a dumb kid. She was pretty good at social studies at school. And sure at 12 years old, the school must have taught Miss D a few things about countries already. China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Miss D sure should know by now what country China is, shouldn’t she?

Why don’t you ask your 12 years old the question and see if they can answer straight away. 😀

Anyways, while Mrs D’s mind was running with all these thoughts, Miss D gave out her answer. Being a logical kid, her answer was like this:

‘Well, China looks like a developed country to me, but isn’t China a developing country?’

What? Why? Now Mrs D couldn’t help to ask Miss D:

‘You’re right, honey, China is a developing country. But why do you think China is a developed country?’

Want to know how Miss D replied, please come back next Monday, and we will publish her answer.

Meanwhile, why don’t you ask your kid a few questions about the countries you have traveled to, and see what their answers are. The kids might surprise you as well.