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Jakarta Snapshot Through D’s Camera – Girls, Uniforms and Street Fashion

Jakarta street fashion, street fashion, girl in yellow dress, Jakarta fashion

Sometimes we are really fascinated by what people wear in Jakarta. Today, D’s camera will show you the Jakarta street fashion and Jakarta girls in Uniforms.

It is easy to understand why we take snapshots about Jakarta street fashion. Everyone loves fashion. Every city has its uniqueness and has its own fashion style. It’s a great way to know our city.

But why uniforms? Anything peculiar about uniforms in Jakarta? Well, we are showing you snapshots about uniforms because we have seen so many people wearing uniforms in their profession in Jakarta, we think it’s a great idea to share some of these snapshots with you.

Jakarta street fashion, street fashion, coffee sales girl in red uniform

Fancy some coffee? Come to Jakarta. Jakarta is very famous for its coffee (or Kopi in local language). What is the most famous and expensive coffee here in Jakarta? The Kopi Luwak. This is actually the world’s most expensive coffee. It is made of coffee beans eaten by cats. Yuck, you would think. But actually, this coffee has less bitterness and is one of the best coffee in the world. Strange, isn’t it?

Look at the coffee girl in red uniform. Very pretty and love her smile. Local people have the most adorable and friendly smiles in Jakarta. We are really lucky.

Jakarta street fashion, sales girl in uniform, Jakarta shop assistants

Cosmetic sales girls in blue uniforms and matching headscarves. They look very trendy and fashionable with immaculate make ups and smiles. BTW, Waradah is an Indonesia cosmetic brand and is quite famous here. They make quality make up products and sell among other world renowned cosmetic brands such as Maybelline and Lo’real.

Jakarta street fashion, IMAX ticket girl, street fashion

Ticket sales girls in IMAX cinemas. The ticketing system is like anywhere else in the world. But the ticket prices are so cheap. For IDR 25,000 (1 USD = IDR 9,600) we get to see a movie. Sometimes, if we are really lucky, we can even get promotional tickets for as low as IDR15,000.

Where else can you watch a movie at such value? If you find one, please let us know. We are very curious. BTW, how much do you pay for a movie ticket in your city anyway? We would like to know as well.

Jakarta street fashion, shop assistance in yellow uniform, street fashion

Want some snacks after the movie? How about some sausages? Indonesians love their meat balls and sausages. Such a happy cow. What’s so funny?

Again, sales girl in yellow uniform with headscarf.

How about boys? Do they wear uniforms, too? Of course, they do. But we are not ready to show you yet. Stay tuned. We need time to snap away, don’t we?

How about street fashion? Are you ever going to show us any? OK, how about a cute little girl? Girls start to wear headscarves at a very young age here in Indonesia. She looks so cute and concentrated because that’s a bowl of hot soup she is carrying. Watch out.

The woman in the background with the colorful headscarf is her mum. Very pretty as well. We love the aqua color of her outfit.

Jakarta street fashion, Indonesia girl in headscarf, street fashion

Last but not lest, how about some normal, everyday looking office outfit right here in Jakarta?

Jakarta street fashion, office girl, street fashion

Look at this lady in shirt, skirt and high heels. She could belong to any other city: New York, Paris, London. Many office girls dress like this in cities all over the world.

To avoid any legal issues, we haven’t show you any pictures of fashions from the rich and famous here in Jakarta. Actually they might not mind that at all. But we are running out of time and haven’t got our pictures ready.

Use your imagination, think about the top brands in the world: Versace, Prada, LV,Gucci,  etc, etc. Anything you know, you would find it here in Jakarta. Even with a higher price tag to match. The rich and famous here can afford them.

Alas, such is Jakarta. Vastly different, yet people work and live together in a harmonious way, at least, for now.

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