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Hello, world!

We haven’t been here for a few days.

What’s up?

We are busy at our new website!

Our new website: A Midnight Visitor is now up and running. Check it out.

Well, actually the new site hasn’t totally ready yet, but we are working on it.

We will be updating the new site from now on. So please come have a visit when you have time.


Care For Some Lamb Tonight?

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 26

Good morning, dear readers. How are you today?

OK, it’s still early in the morning, maybe we shouldn’t ask. But we really want to know so we ask anyway. Do you care for some lamb tonight?

Lamb chop, Lamb shoulder, Lamb leg.

Lamb satay, Lamb steak, Lamb meatball.

Lamb soup, Lamb stew, Lamb roast.

Spicy Lamb, Curry Lamb, Herby Lamb;

Greek Lamb, Italian Lamb, Moroccan Lamb.

Lamb with potatoes, Lamb with carrots, Lamb with apricots.

The choices are endless.

Why do we ask? Because if we wanted to, we can buy a whole living, breathing, kicking, and screaming lamb from the Jakarta street. Today!

When driving around Jakarta, we noticed more and more lambs recently. People are selling them for Eid Al Adha (The Feast of sacrifice).

Want to buy some lambs? Come to Jakarta. This is the right place. You can afford it. For USD 100 you can buy a small lamb. OK, since we are nice and we have known you for some time now, how about USD 90, special, only for you? 10% discount, that’s what friends are. 😀

Too small, OK, how about a bigger lamb? For USD 300 you can have a big lamb. As usual we will throw in the 10% discount, special, only for you!

Today is a public holiday here in Jakarta. We will be enjoying our free time and have some lamb for dinner. How about you?

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