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Valentine’s Day Quiz

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Good morning, how are you today?

Welcome back to the Midnight Visitor Quiz. We have been so busy and haven’t run the Midnight Visitor Quiz for a while now. This will be the first quiz for 2013! Hurray!

And since Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, why not have a Valentine’s Day Quiz.

Yes, for this week’s Midnight Visitor Quiz, we will have a Valentine’s Day Special!

So here we go:

Valentine’s Day True or False Quiz:

  • More diamonds are sold on Valentine’s Day than Christmas time? True or False.


  • Valentine’s Day is named after a Saint, that’s why it is also called St Valentine’s Day. True or False.


  • Valentine’s Day is on the 14th February  because St Valentine was born on that day. True or False.


  • On Valentine’s Day every leap year, girls can propose to their partner. True or False.


  • 10 million pounds is spent on flowers in the UK every Valentine’s Day. True or False.


Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day.

Love D

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Deadly Mixed Email Address – Midnight Visitor Lazy Sunday by the Pool Joke

lazy sunday by the swimming pool jokes

Happy Australia Day today January 26! This year’s Australia Day is a Saturday, but if you are in Australia, have a happy long weekend anyway.

How’s the weather like in Sydney? Hope it is a nice day.

We will enjoy another Lazy Sunday joke by the pool. Wanna join us? Read on…

Deadly mixed email address

A couple going on a sweet weekend away on St. Valentine’s Day. The wife went first because her hubby had an important business meeting. They planned to meet first thing on Saturday morning.

When the wife reached her hotel, she sent a quick email to her husband.

As fate had it, she made a typo and missed one letter in her hubby’s email address. So instead, the email was sent to an elderly grieving man whose wife had passed away only the day before.

The grieving widow checked his email that night. He took one look at the email, let out a piercing scream, and drop down on the floor.

His family was alerted by his sound and rushed to his side. There, they saw this email on the screen:

Dearest Husband,

Just got checked in. Everything prepared for your arrival tomorrow.

P.S. Sure is cold down here.

Grey Hair – Midnight Visitor Lazy Sunday by the Pool Joke

lazy sunday by the swimming pool jokes

Hi, How are you today?

A great Sunday without the rain, so far.

How about a lazy Sunday Joke by the swimming pool?

We love jokes. Enjoy.

Grey Hair

A little girl asked her mum: ‘Mum, why are your hair turning grey?’

‘Good question, darling.’ Replied the mother.

To use this occasion to teach her little girl, she added,

“Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey!”

‘Oh,’ The child nodded innocently: “That’s why gran has only grey hairs on her head.”

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