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Paris Hilton Brown Hat Red Flower Green Leaf – Hollywood, USA


One thing dominants this Paris Hilton photo is the big green leaves. Even bigger than the red rose!

So much to a brown summer’s hat. We can only focus on the big green leaves for now. Is St. Patrick’s Day coming early this year?


The Banker’s Wife

Jakarta must see, Paris Hilton

31 Days In Jakarta Day 29

There are some things that money cannot buy. Happiness is one of them.

Mrs. D goes to a lady’s group every now and then. She meets various interesting people there. Women from all corners of the world. It is amazing. A true eye opener for Mrs. D.

One day Mrs. D met a local lady, who wore a really nice dress, spoke good English and carried herself as if she was the queen.

‘What does your hubby do?’ Mrs. D was curious.

‘Oh, he’s a banker,’ the lady replied in a quite dignified way.

A banker?

banker, money, jakarta banker, banker jakarta

Ummm, interesting. Haven’t met this one before (unless you count the bank tellers or money managers in the banks back in Sydney).

But Mrs. D gathered by the way this lady talked and dressed that maybe her hubby owns a bank? Wouldn’t be surprised if he does.

Mrs. D knows a thing or two about banking. In her previous life, she dealt with finance all the time (no, she is not an accountant, she’s not that great with numbers. That’s one of Miss D’s strength. :D)

money, banker

‘How’s business?’ Mrs. D was a bit concerned. You know, with the financial crisis and the state of economies everywhere in the world, Mrs. D really wanted to know how banks are fared here in Indonesia.

‘Oh, it is good. But things aren’t as great.’ The lady replied and looked a bit sad and worried. Mrs. D really felt sorry for her.

A banker’s wife, yet unhappy, because of money?! That’s kind of really strange. Mrs. D can’t quiet comprehend this information.

So what is happiness really? If owning a bank still cannot make one happy, then the answer is simple: money doesn’t equal happiness.

It is the comparison of money that makes people happy!

If you have more money today than yesterday, then you are one happy person. Agree?

Look at Paris Hilton, when she visited Asia some time ago, she gave a $100 note to a beggar on the street in India.

OMG, this beggar must be the happiest person on earth that very moment!

Paris Hilton give beggar money, Poor people asking for money

Look at this brand new owner of the $100 note of good old USA. What a lucky mum, what a lucky kid!

Or is this really the truth?!

money, poor person with money, beggar, paris hilton

How about a billionaire? What if a billionaire today, somehow becomes a millionaire some time in the future? What would happen? Maybe he would commit suicide? Who knows.

Oh, the burden of being a banker’s wife, isn’t that a surprise?!

Photo credits: wallstreetjobreport

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