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Midnight Visitor Interview with Stumble Abroad

man selling breakfast jakarta street

Good morning, Salamat Pagi.

How’s the weather like in your city today? Hope you have a nice day!

We have done an interview with Ana from Stumbleabroad recently. Stumbleabroad is a fabulous blog about expat life in Jakarta. Ana has a regular column on Friday about real people living and breathing in Jakarta, both Expats and Jakartarans.

You might want to head over to Stumbleabroad to meet some of our own Jakarta people? To read our original interview, click here.

Or you can simply read below. Hope you like it.

{Fabulous Jakartan Friday}

Sarah, the Stylish Aussie Mom

Tell me more, tell me more

1. First, tell us a little bit about you. What’s your background? Where did you grow up? How long have you been living in Jakarta for? What does your family look like?

We are Anna (aka Miss D), John and Sarah from Sydney, Australia. We are an expat family of three. We lived in Melbourne where Sarah got her MBA in Monash University and John worked in a multi-national company.

When Miss D was a baby, our family moved to Sydney and has been living there ever since. We actually fell in love with Sydney because of its beautiful beaches and warmer weather. Sydney is also closer to the Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast, which are our favorite holiday destinations during winter time.

One day, after we move back to Australia,  we might move back to Melbourne when we retire to join our extended families there.

2. Is Indonesia your first post abroad? What’s the hardest thing about being an expat in Indonesia? What did you struggle with the most?
Indonesia is our first post abroad, although we have traveled often in both of our working lives. We never thought we were ever going to visit Jakarta as a tourist spot back in Australia. Bali is much more well- known in Australia. Many of our friends have visited Bali before, not Jakarta.

The hardest thing for us as expats in Indonesia is being away from family and friends. Other than that the language barrier, the traffic jam, and the pollution all take their tolls.

We raised 4 beautiful chickens back in Sydney. Leaving them behind to come to Jakarta is one of the hardest things for us, especially Miss D. You can read our chicken story here.

Some days, on a gloomy rainy day like today, we wonder why we are here, in a strange city in Jakarta. But, most days, we try to live a normal, balanced life.

Do you want to see our emotional feeling about the city of Jakarta? Have a read of this poem we wrote: our city.

3.I love your blog Midnight Visitor! Why did you decide to start a blog? What’s the best thing that has come from blogging?

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An Update on Our Chickens

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

This is an article Miss D wrote in July 2010 for her English writing assignment about our 4 free range chickens. Actually, it is the second article she wrote about our free range chickens. In between the move from Sydney to Jakarta, we cannot find the first article any more. So here is the second part of our free range chicken story.

Raising free range chicken is so much fun! Hope you enjoy reading this:

Remember, at the beginning of the year I talked about my free range chickens? They were just tiny fluff balls which were the size of your fist! Well, now it’s completely different. My chickens or ‘hens’ are 9 months old and they lay eggs (yes, we have free range, organic eggs) every day, but occasionally one chicken drops out because she needs a rest. The chickens have mud baths, fight with each other and nearly every day they get out of their coop to scratch in the garden.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Every morning the chickens wake up when the sun rises and start doing what they always do – laying eggs. How we love these organic eggs! These eggs are different from the caged, supermarket eggs. They are from our very own happy, healthy chickens, and is full of nutrients.

When they first started laying eggs, our chickens were still learning how to do it so one morning they might lay a gigantic egg which was a double yolk egg, the next day they might lay only three eggs and yet another day they might lay five eggs because one chicken laid two eggs.

Us humans take showers every day, right? Well, chickens are completely different. They absolutely hate water which means they don’t take baths like us, instead they dig a hole in the ground and flap around in there. This is called a mud bath.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs, chicken mud bath, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Do you know chickens fight by pecking each other? Well, it’s true. My chickens always peck each other for no reason at all. It’s strange to me. Peep who is the youngest chicken pecks Chocolate who is the second youngest and she also pecks Sunshine who is the second oldest! Ginger, the oldest chicken, is mature and doesn’t peck the others and she doesn’t get pecked. It is peculiar and I don’t understand why but it just happens.

I love watching my chickens. They spend all day pecking around in my backyard. Every time I open the back door, they would run to greet me to see what scraps I might have. Usually I feed them fruit peelings and lettuce, but sometimes if they were lucky, I offer them eggshells, titbits of sausage and bread.

It is so much fun to have chickens and having free range, truly organic eggs is just such a bonus. Do you know that a chicken’s lifespan is about 10 years? I bet my chickens are willing to spend the rest of their joyous lives at my place as they are having so much fun here already. More free range eggs for us!

Article credit: Miss D

Photo credit: Miss D

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Got to Go Back to Sydney

Sydney home, Sydney beaches, Sydney outdoor

31 Days In Jakarta Day 15

It is Monday already. And we are stuck at home in Jakarta at the moment.

Sydney, we miss you.

Mrs D flicked through some photos today with Miss D. Miss D is on school holidays now. We planned to go to Singapore, but the plan fell apart  last-minute. So now we stuck at home, in Jakarta.

How we missed the sun, the sky, the beaches and even the air back home in Sydney. Got to go back!

Here is our favorite beach in Sydney.

Sydney Beach, Sydney home, Sydney

(Our friend’s dog, Lucky)

Sydney beaches, Sydney home, Sydney

(Miss D having fun with Lucky)

(Another dog came to play with Lucky)

Sydney beach, Sydney, Sydney family

(Mrs D and Miss D and our friend, photo by Mr D)

Living an expat life is exciting; we get to live in a different country, experience different culture, travel.

Yet, sometimes it can feel lonely and isolated. Far away from family, friends, familiar surroundings, favorite food does take its tolls. Little pleasures back at home can be a luxury in the new country.

As a family, we persist, persevere. Keep it real. We are living and enjoying while we can. Raise a decent kid. Keep the family together. Living, breathing, one day at a time.

Some days, we wonder why? Why we are here.

Are you in the mood for a poem? On a day like this, we are. Here’s one Mrs D wrote some time ago. It reminds us that living in a stranger’s city can be hard at times.

Our city

It is sometime strange to think,

That we are now in Jakarta.

A city full of exotic colors and sounds,

 A city called the Big Duran.

Smells of chillies, songs of pray,

Sitting in the famous Jakarta traffic jam,

Listening to slow melodies,

Singing a language we do not understand.

The city.

Her boulevards. Her high rises. Her fancy night lights.

Her solemn mosques. Her dark alleys of sadness.

It is someone else’s play land.

We are strangers here, a mere passerby.

Sometimes lonely, and stressed.

Yet mostly curious,

Wondering why – why are we here?

It is our city for now,

For how long?

Do we know?

Do we even care?!