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World’s Best Top 5 – Cat Hat

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Welcome to “The Top 5 of Anything and Everything”! Yep, this is a regular column on Midnight Visitor’s web. Top 5 cats, top 5 dogs, top 5 songs, top 5 movies, top 5 fashion, top 5 beaches, top 5 restaurants, top 5 celebrities, top 5 Christmas songs, top 5 Valentine’s Day gifts …

What you are seeing on this Top 5 column is Midnight Visitor’s very own personal opinion of what makes the top 5 of various things, pictures, humors, fashion and products. They are random and we only write about anything and everything that comes to our mind. We are Mad Hatters after all.

Disclaimer: This is NOT a serious poll or official list. They are things that can put a smile on our faces, and items we love, places we want to go.

Nothing more, nothing less.

So read on and enjoy!


Look at that charming cat purring and maybe even rubbing her face onto the side of your laptop or screen, so cute, so adorable. Do they know that this is our Cat Hat day and have come to read it with you? Cats are such great companions and very understanding indeed.

We are mad hatters and we are mad about hats. So is our cat Rani. Yep Midnight Visitor has an adorable white Persian cat. Rani means Princess in Indian, if our memories serve us right. Rani loves a hat or two, so let’s bring on today’s World’s Top 5 show:

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The World’s Top 5 Best Pictures of Cats with A Hat!

cat and red heart valentine's day fun picture, valentine's day cat, red heart cat

World’s Top 5 Cat with A Hat – World’s No. 5 Top Cat

A Red Heart on a Cat? Hint, hint… Valentine’s Day is coming!

Why are you so grumpy, princess?

No Valentine’s Date YET?

Oh, it’s such an ugly Love Heart Hat and too big for your head?

cat serious with black hat

World’s Top 5 Cat with A Hat – World’s No. 4 Top Cat

It is almost Valentine’s Day! Ready for a fun night out? Make sure you have your tuxedo and Black hat ready! Cats are so understanding animals and such a gentleman. A romantic night waits ahead… (source)

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