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Grey Hair – Midnight Visitor Lazy Sunday by the Pool Joke

lazy sunday by the swimming pool jokes

Hi, How are you today?

A great Sunday without the rain, so far.

How about a lazy Sunday Joke by the swimming pool?

We love jokes. Enjoy.

Grey Hair

A little girl asked her mum: ‘Mum, why are your hair turning grey?’

‘Good question, darling.’ Replied the mother.

To use this occasion to teach her little girl, she added,

“Every bad action of yours will turn one of my hairs grey!”

‘Oh,’ The child nodded innocently: “That’s why gran has only grey hairs on her head.”

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D’s New Year’s Resolution – What is your New Year Resolution?

new year resolution, new year wish, resolution for new year

The D’s New Year’s resolution list goes on…

Have you got your New Year’s resolution done?

Credit: Miss D

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Miss D Has A Question

Miss D is an awesome kid. She does lots of amazing things that surprise us. She can sing, she can draw, she can write; she is a great student at school, she is quite athletic as well. We love her with all our heart.

Miss D is awesome, but she is still only 12 years old. Her most asked question during the day are more like these:

What’s for dinner?

What’s for dessert?

Can I have that game?

When can I have a sleepover at …?

All my friends like that toy/game, why can’t I have it?

You get the picture. 😀

So when Miss D asked us a thoughtful question during our China trip, we listened and think you might want to know as well.

We were on a bus in Hangzhou to the West Lake. It was a week day at around 11ish, so the bus was half empty. The bus had just stopped at a stop, and a few elderly Chinese ladies boarded the bus. The bus drove on, and that’s when Miss D asked:

‘Is China a developed country, mum?’

Gee, Mrs D was surprised. Miss D had never asked anything like this in her entire 12 years life. Mrs D was about to answer Miss D, when Mr D asked:

‘What do you think, Honey?’

Mrs D was curious to know as well, actually, what Mrs D wanted to know was: why did Miss D ask such a question?

You know, Miss D is not a dumb kid. She was pretty good at social studies at school. And sure at 12 years old, the school must have taught Miss D a few things about countries already. China is one of the biggest countries in the world. Miss D sure should know by now what country China is, shouldn’t she?

Why don’t you ask your 12 years old the question and see if they can answer straight away. 😀

Anyways, while Mrs D’s mind was running with all these thoughts, Miss D gave out her answer. Being a logical kid, her answer was like this:

‘Well, China looks like a developed country to me, but isn’t China a developing country?’

What? Why? Now Mrs D couldn’t help to ask Miss D:

‘You’re right, honey, China is a developing country. But why do you think China is a developed country?’

Want to know how Miss D replied, please come back next Monday, and we will publish her answer.

Meanwhile, why don’t you ask your kid a few questions about the countries you have traveled to, and see what their answers are. The kids might surprise you as well.

How to make a professional presentation with only one word

chicken teenagers

You might think our chickens look ugly with those bold heads and half grown feathers.

Welcome to the teenager world. This picture is taken when our chickens were 3 weeks old. Tender ages. They haven’t got their luscious, glorious feathers yet, but we love them all the same.

They are much cutier when they were 4 days old though. Tiny fluffy balls, even Miss D could cup them in her hands:

chicken 4 days old

It is almost the end of the school term now here in Jakarta. Miss D is busy preparing one of her important presentations for her science class. She loves science and is pretty good at presentation.

Miss D found a fun presentation joke the other day while doing her research. It is like this:

Image you are attending a presentation. The speaker is doing his business:

Good morning, everyone,

My name is Brad.

Today I am going to talk about ….

Do you know anything about …?

Let’s see, there are four important steps…

Step 1…

Step 2…

Blah blah blah…

There goes our two and half hour presentation. Have you dosed off while listening?

Now, replace all the above words with one word. Only ONE word. Which word do you fancy?

How about the word ‘Chicken’?

We love chickens and we are curious to see what it’s like to do a whole presentation with just this one word.

Make sure you use your wildest imagination and be a really passionate presenter: use tones, questions, exclamation marks, and lots of boring voices, OK?

So here we go, our professional Chicken presentation:

Chicken presentation

Chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken?

Chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken?


Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken.


Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken. Chicken?! (image you see a graph data here…)

Chicken presentation with data chart


Chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken? Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken!

Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken…

Have you got the funniness out of this? Why not see the original joke on youtube here.

Now, how about change the word ‘Chicken’ to something else? Which word would you prefer?

What about ‘Duck’? That’ll do as well, we think. Why not have a go yourself?

Do you have any chicken jokes you can share with us?


It’s OK.

We haven’t got one either.(we have a TRUCK LOAD!!! :D)

But it’s getting late and we need to rest. How about a duck joke? Next time we will show you a duck joke. 😀

Stay tuned.

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My country

Uluru Australia summer holiday

Miss D was humming in her bathroom this morning. It is a lovely tune and we like it. Turns out she used one of her choir song’s tune and sang it with a different poem. How nice!

This is her poem (well, not HER poem, but the poem she was humming). We would love to share with you.

My Country

I love a sun burnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel sea,

Her beauty and her terror –

The wide brown land for me!

Extract from Dorothea McKellar, ‘My Country’

Photo: Miss D

Miss D’s Christmas Wish

horse riding royal east show sydney australia

Miss D adores horses, ever since she was little. Her favorite Sydney Royal East Show activity was horse ridding.

A typical conversation prior to Christmas in the D house was like this:

‘What Christmas present do you want this year, honey?’

‘A horsy!’ Miss D would always reply.

She was OK not to have a Nintendo, a WII; her favorite chocolates, even her beloved Joke books.Occasionally, she might be satisfied with a chicken. But, what she really, really wanted was a horse.

Every year.

Ever since she was little.

chook washing Sydney Royal Easter show

What was Miss D staring at? Any ideas?

chook wash Sydney royal easter show

A chicken! And don’t get it wrong. This was no ordinary chicken. This chicken had just received a royal bath, and now was enjoying her massage. Sydney Royal Easter Show, the best times we had back then. All those lovely years. Now you know why we started our chicken business in the D house. The root was planted right here. 😀

OK, back to our topic. Miss D’s horse obsession is a puzzle to us. We have never run a horse business in the D family, not even our great-grandparents; nor have we ever lived in the Australia outback where horses run wild. We are city animals, by default. But horses are Miss D’s forever dream. She was enchanted by those beautiful, magnificent animals.

Coming one Christmas season, we were in Toy’s R Us. It was one lucky day for Miss D because we saw this huge toy horse. It was beautiful, and we had to buy it, right that moment.

That year, Miss D was five and that Christmas she was the happiest five years old girl in the world. Her dream had come true.

Years have gone by quickly, Miss D is twelve now but her love for horses never diminishes. Quite the opposite, her dream is actually getting bigger. She is no longer satisfied with her toy horse. She really, really wanted a real horse. On a farm, in a real horse stable, where she can look after him, and ride him in the morning glory.

By now, you would know where our money would be, if we ever won the Lotto. Wouldn’t you?

Of course, we will buy a horse stable in the Australia outback and start our horse business straight away. No doubt about that.

Such will be a perfect, fairytale ending to Miss D’s forever Christmas wish.

Until then, Miss D will be happy just to scratch her favourite horses on a piece of paper like this:

horse, green grass and blue skies

or this:

horse, horse carrige and ancient warrior with arch and arrow

Do you have a Christmas wish that you want to fulfill ever since your childhood? How about having a horse for a change?


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Christmas Crafts – DIY Clay Monkey and Turtle

Miss D loves craft. She loves to make things with her bare hands and is pretty good at it, ever since she was little. Must have inherited from Mr. D, who is a DIY guy all his life. There is nothing Mr. D cannot fix in the D house. That’s a pretty grand statement, don’t you think?

Since it is almost the holiday season now, Christmas craft is very popular among the kids. Let’s show you some of the crafts Miss D made recently, shall we?

The other week, Miss D had some friends over for sleepover. The girls had a lot of fun chatting, playing games, eating pizza, swimming in our pool. And surprisingly, they even squeezed some time in making this:

DIY Craft, Monkey clay, DIY Clay craft, christmas diy clay craft

A very cute, smiling clay monkey.

diy craft, diy christmas craft, clay craft, monkey clay

See the tiny tail of this monkey. Must be a very happy monkey. Enjoy some bananas? We have plenty in Jakarta.

DIY Craft, turtle clay, DIY Clay craft, christmas diy clay craft

An even more cute, and colorful turtle. The blue, orange and yellow colours come together in a very nice way and is strikingly beautiful. Miss D loves turtles and has her own pet turtle, Indah.

The girls loved these DIY Clay animals and plan to buy some DIY Clay as soon as they go back home. Miss D loved them even more, and she has proudly put these animals on her display shelf.

This holiday season, why not spend some quality time with your children and do some DIY clay projects. DIY clays are very cheap and anyone can make nice items out of it. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy making any of the items. Just use your imagination or a good picture you find in a book, or on the website.

Clay is a very versatile material and we can make many Christmas crafts out of it. How about a tiny, clay Christmas tree? Or some lovely Christmas rein deers? Even Santa Claus himself is not out of reach. The choices are endless.

The last time we check, people have  even made Christmas earrings out of the DIY Clay. Maybe we should try these when we have a bit more time? We love earrings, and Christmas earrings are a must have for this Christmas.

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DIY Christmas Ornaments – Christmas Wreath

DIY Christmas ornament, diy christmas wreath, diy door wreath

We fell in love with this Christmas wreath as soon as we see it.We have to have this Christmas wreath in the D house. Good thing is, this is a DIY Christmas wreath. Yes, we can actually make this wreath ourselves.

When looking for inspiration for this year’s Christmas ornaments, we stumbled upon this little gem – a Christmas Wreath. Not an ordinary Christmas wreath that you can buy from any shops. We wouldn’t like that. This is a DIY Christmas book wreath.

This Christmas book wreath is unique, beautiful, elegant and gives a modern feeling at the same time. We love books in the D house and a book wreath for Christmas? That is heavenly.

DIY Christmas ornament, diy christmas wreath, diy door wreath

This Christmas book wreath is easy to make and doesn’t cost a thing if you are a bookworm like us. Simply get ONE old, used book that we don’t need anymore. Plus a hot glue gun and a piece of cardboard (we get ours from a cardboard box).

1. Cut the cardboard into a round ring

Any size that fits the place where you are going to put the wreath. Be careful, the actual Christmas book wreath will turn out much larger than the cardboard ring.

2. Fold the pages one at a time into a cone shape.

3. Stick the folded pages onto the cardboard, starting from the outer layers. ( 4 – 5 layers is good)

And there, we are done. A fabulous, elegant, wonderful Christmas book wreath.

The best thing about this Christmas book wreath? This book wreath can be very, very versatile. It can be colourful, or all white. It can be of different texture and feel. All depending on the books, or magazines we are using.

Why not try it yourself? How about a colourful Christmas book wreath? Use up all the magazines from the past year and make them into a lovely DIY Christmas ornament. Give them a new life and let people appreciate their beauty and charm once more.

To see all of our beautiful Christmas Ornaments, go to our Christmas Ornaments page here. You will love them. Christmas ornaments, christmas recipes, Christmas Carols, Christmas fashion…anything we love this Christmas will be there. We sure love Christmas.

Photo credits: sugarbeecrafts

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The Biggest Cake In The World?!

world biggest cake, celebrate cake

Tomorrow is here, LET’S CELEBRATE!!!!!

Great news! Miss D got in for the China trip! 😀

Want a piece of cake? We have plenty. At a time like this, what’s better than a great piece of cake?

If you were wondering, why that cake…

It is HUGE!

You’re right, it’s one of the biggest cakes in the world. If we were to celebrate in the D house, we celebrate it to the full. That’s just us. 😀

Well, actually, don’t be over excited. That’s not our cake.

Sure, it is a very nice cake. But it’s too big for us. We’re not sugar saturated pigs.

Instead, we bought this cake:

Oreo Cheese Cake Harvest, Cheese Cake, Jakarta Cakes

A good, old, all time favorite Cheese cake. An Oreo Cheese Cake to be exact. This eight-inch cake costed us IDR 195,000 ( 1 USD = 9,600 IDR if you not already know).

We bought this cheese cake from Harvest, a pretty good cake shop in Jakarta.

And to put it all out there, we sure love cheese cakes!

Oreo Cheese Cake Harvest, Cheese Cake, Jakarta Cakes

Article credit: Miss D

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An Update on Our Chickens

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

This is an article Miss D wrote in July 2010 for her English writing assignment about our 4 free range chickens. Actually, it is the second article she wrote about our free range chickens. In between the move from Sydney to Jakarta, we cannot find the first article any more. So here is the second part of our free range chicken story.

Raising free range chicken is so much fun! Hope you enjoy reading this:

Remember, at the beginning of the year I talked about my free range chickens? They were just tiny fluff balls which were the size of your fist! Well, now it’s completely different. My chickens or ‘hens’ are 9 months old and they lay eggs (yes, we have free range, organic eggs) every day, but occasionally one chicken drops out because she needs a rest. The chickens have mud baths, fight with each other and nearly every day they get out of their coop to scratch in the garden.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Every morning the chickens wake up when the sun rises and start doing what they always do – laying eggs. How we love these organic eggs! These eggs are different from the caged, supermarket eggs. They are from our very own happy, healthy chickens, and is full of nutrients.

When they first started laying eggs, our chickens were still learning how to do it so one morning they might lay a gigantic egg which was a double yolk egg, the next day they might lay only three eggs and yet another day they might lay five eggs because one chicken laid two eggs.

Us humans take showers every day, right? Well, chickens are completely different. They absolutely hate water which means they don’t take baths like us, instead they dig a hole in the ground and flap around in there. This is called a mud bath.

organic eggs, best organic eggs, free range eggs, organic eggs, chicken mud bath, chicken, pets, raising chicken as pets, sydney chicken

Do you know chickens fight by pecking each other? Well, it’s true. My chickens always peck each other for no reason at all. It’s strange to me. Peep who is the youngest chicken pecks Chocolate who is the second youngest and she also pecks Sunshine who is the second oldest! Ginger, the oldest chicken, is mature and doesn’t peck the others and she doesn’t get pecked. It is peculiar and I don’t understand why but it just happens.

I love watching my chickens. They spend all day pecking around in my backyard. Every time I open the back door, they would run to greet me to see what scraps I might have. Usually I feed them fruit peelings and lettuce, but sometimes if they were lucky, I offer them eggshells, titbits of sausage and bread.

It is so much fun to have chickens and having free range, truly organic eggs is just such a bonus. Do you know that a chicken’s lifespan is about 10 years? I bet my chickens are willing to spend the rest of their joyous lives at my place as they are having so much fun here already. More free range eggs for us!

Article credit: Miss D

Photo credit: Miss D

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What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

MidNightVisitor Quiz

Mrs D was waiting for Miss D the other day at school. It was a bit early so she waited in the car. Then she saw a man with a long bamboo pole:

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

The man was wondering around under a tall leafy tree, poking his bamboo pole around. ‘What is this man doing?’ Mrs. D was really curious.

So this week’s MidNightVisitor Quiz is:

What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?

This question is a bit hard to answer because the picture doesn’t reveal much. So any reply remotely related to our answer will be considered as a winning entry. How generous is that! Even Miss D wants to vote now. 😀

Oh, want to see how we normally get into the school gate? Here are some pictures:

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

Mum leaving school through the side door. It is a 1000 meter walk before we can actually reach the real school gate where you can see any students or classrooms.

Security guard opening the main gate for cars. This yellow gate is closed at all times unless a car is coming.

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

Every car is stopped and windows down for security guard to check. Randomly, car boots and doors have to be opened for checking as well.

Not an easy life, don’t you think?

As usual, the reveal will be next Monday. So please come back and check our Time To Reveal next week.

Have fun.

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Why we break the rules for our Quiz?

Kids book, children's book, fun book, reading books, best-sellers, best-selling books

31 Days In Jakarta Day 18

Good morning our dear readers. How are you today?

We need your help!

As you know,we run our MidNightVisitor‘s Quiz once a week on a random day of the week. We have already ran a quiz for this week: ‘How many maids does one household need in Jakarta?’

However we just realized that we have to break our own rules and run one extra quiz this week. It is very important.

Why? Because we need your help!

It all started from yesterday. You know, Miss D is now on school holidays and we have a bit more time. So she is helping out with our blog, taking photos, editing, proofreading, etc. We are having lots of fun doing this.

Yesterday, Miss D was reading the 31 Days In Jakarta series, and came up with a brilliant idea. She liked the 31 Days so much that she asked:

‘Shall we make this into a book?”

Miss D loves books and in fact she is an expert in making books. She made one last year about her great-grandpa for her Social Studies assignment. It was an all A assignment done with flying colors. Her teacher loved it. You can watch the video based on her book on youtube.

(No, this is not a birthday party, it is Miss D winning a reading contest of sort at school, Miss D is the one in the middle with the winning crown and her friends are holding her certificate!)

children book, kids book, fun book, book cover

(Book cover for Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

book by Miss D, books, children's books, ebook

(Pages from Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

We like Miss D’s idea. So we talked a bit more about it and decided that we will make the 31 Days in Jakarta into a book, an eBook to be exact. It’s the raining season here in Jakarta at the moment; making an eBook sounds more appealing than ever.

We have started on the Index page already (we are a ‘do it now’ family if you not already know) and will show you very soon what it is like.

Then we realize that we need a Book Title. You know, a really, really good one, we hope.

Can you help?

If you love the 31 Days in Jakarta like we do, you must have some ideas about what you want to read in this series, and what the title you want it to be.

Below is a few ideas of ours. Please take some time to consider and vote for the one that you like. This will be a book that we will treasure for life. So your vote is a heavy one. (OK, now we have scared you away, haven’t we?)

Thank you for your time. Have fun.

If you have any other titles that you would like us to use, feel free to put­ in. We would love that.

Now, this time the vote does have a time limit. We only have got till the end of October to finish the 31 Days In Jakarta. After that, we need a bit more time to edit the book. So you should be able to see the book before the end of this year. Yeah, a Christmas gift for all of us. Isn’t that Great!

Hurry up, put your thinking caps on and push that button now. We value your votes dearly. (Yes, that includes you Doggy Style and Sydney Fong.)

A Field Trip In Bogor

Jakarta must visit, Jakarta good tourist spot, Jakarta 2 day trip, best Jakarta trip,Bali dancers, Jakarta field trip, traditional bali dance, must see Jakarta

31 Days In Jakarta Day 17

What is a field trip like in Jakarta? It is Different!

Have you ever planted rice in a rice field with the help of a carted cow? Have you danced a Javanese or Balinese dance in the full glory of the traditional Javanese or Balinese costume? Or have you made a beautiful batik bag and took it home as a souvenir? How about a Wayang Golek? Hand painted and all dressed up in traditional batik dress.

Well, that’s what a field trip is like in Jakarta.

Miss D went on a field trip to Bogor, a place about 2 hours away from Jakarta. It was culture rich. The kids loved it.

boger field trip(planting rice in rice field)

(students watching planting rice in rice field)

Jakarta rice field, Jakarta field trip, Jakarta cow

(learn to drive the cow, tricky task)

planting rice in Bogar, Jakarta

(planting rice in rice field under Indonesia sun)

Balinese dance, bali dance, Jakarta field trip, Bogar field trip(Girls dancing)

bali dance, bali dancers, bali boy dancers, balinese dance, traditional balinese dance

(Boys watch dancing, your turn next, guys!)

(Students practicing Martial arts)

Bogar local students

(Meeting local students in Bogor, love the school uniform and smile, some of the girls are really shy)

painting wayang golek

(painting Wayang Golek, see the one Miss D painted here)

kayaking in Bogar, Jakarta

(love the kayaking, actually any water sports will do)

(Fun in the swimming pool, love the hair! How did she do that?!)

Jakarta must see, things must do in Jakarta, must see Jakarta

(Trekking along the rice field in Bogor, you can see the volcano mountain in the background)

Bye, Bogor, we love you and will be back soon.

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What Are You Wearing Today?

MidNight Quiz – What Is This Indonesia Fruit?

Photo credit: dragontail

5 Peculiar Things about Jakarta

31 Days In Jakarta Day 5

(Miss D is a brilliant writer and she contributes to this blog every now and then. No, we do not pay her to do so, if you ask. She does it for the fun of it. So here she goes. Happy reading!)

Happy Friday, everyone. Hope you enjoy my first post on MidNightVisitor. There will be many more to come. I am looking forward to meeting you here.

During our stay in Jakarta, the D family has found lots of peculiar things. And here’s a list of them…

1)      There are no dishwashers!

No matter how hard we tried, we can’t find any dishwashers! We tried every possible store we could find, but nothing. All there was, was washing machines, microwaves, vacuum machines, TVs… anything electronically possible. But no dishwashers! Now we regret not taking our dishwasher to Jakarta…

Why they don’t sell dishwashers in Jakarta? Well, we figured out but that’s just us. Do you know?

2)      No lawn mowers!

Do you know what people use to cut the grass? Scissors! Yes scissors. Or any hacking tool in this case.  Just take a knife from the kitchen and hack away!

Jakarta gardenere, gardener with edge trimmer, edge trimmer

(Gardener with edge trimmer)

Occasionally, we do see gardeners use Edge Trimmers, but guess what, they use that to mow the entire lawn, not just the edges!

3)      No toilet paper! (Eww…)

Well, of course in the shopping malls there is toilet paper, but in more local places or sometimes in tourist areas, THERE IS NO TOILET PAPER! And further, you have to pay Rp 1000 (about US 10 cents) just to pee!

4)      No bus stops!

Well, this isn’t actually true… Technically, there are bus stops, and proper ones too. But sometimes people are just running a little late or need to catch a ride, so… the bus stops in the middle of the road! In fact the bus drivers welcome people to catch the buses in the middle of the road (mainly to earn the ticket fare)!

Absurd, right?

Jakarta bus, Jakarta traffic, traffic jam, Jakarta traffic jam

(Jakarta bus, the door is always open, and it stops in the middle of the road whenever someone wants to take a ride)

If you think this is absurd, then wait till you see all the vendors with their toys, water bottles, newspapers, magazines, snacks amid all these traffic chaos.

Yes, here in Jakarta people inside their cars can stop and buy from these vendors while waiting for traffic lights. What a wonderful service!

Jakarta street, Jakarta toy seller

(Accessories seller on Jakarta street)

(Man selling snacks in middle of Jakarta road)

5)      Jumpers and Jackets

You might think, 30 degrees, who would want to wear a coat? Wrong. In Jakarta the average temperature is around 30 degrees (all year round). And people still wear coats!

Hmm… interesting, would you wear a winter coat in 30 degrees weather?

(Motorist in brown winter coat in 30 degree sun)

Jakarta traffic, motobike riders Jakarta, Jakarta family

(Family of 4 on one motorbike, this is quite normal here.)

Jakarta traffic, Jakarta motorist, Jakarta traffic jam

(Motorist with mask, also normal street scene)

There are heaps more fascinating things about Jakarta. Perhaps one day, we might increase this list. Stay tuned.

What is interesting about your country or city? We would love to know! Just send in a short comment or email. Thx. Miss D 😀

31 Days In Jakarta Day 3

King of the Trees

Green Alien

the first published poem of Miss D

We promised to publish Miss D’s winning poem ‘Green Alien’ a while ago. Miss D wrote this poem as an English assignment back in Sydney. Last year, when we arrived in Jakarta, she entered this poem in a Young Writers competition and won the Young Writers Awards this year.

The book that includes her articles is named ‘King of the Trees and other poems,  stories & thoughts from the middle‘.

Jakarta is the first city for Miss D to have her articles published. We love this city just for that!

So here we present you the Green Alien:

Green Alien

Under my bed, I find two eyes,

One black, one blue, like the skies,

I feel so afraid, what can it be,

I peek down once more, just to see.

A green body and fuzzy hair,

Two arms, two legs and its feet bare,

It is small, with a roundish head,

So I name it, Round Ted.

It crawls out slowly, to explore,

I gather my courage and step on the floor,

I twitch my jaw,

What are you here for?

The little green alien stares at me,

Its big bright eyes full of plea,

Ahh, Round Ted, are you as scared as me?

How, Round Ted, how can this be?

I pick up Round Ted, he’s so light,

Under the blankets, we smile with delight,

Sweet dreams, Round Ted, I said to him,

A beautiful morning waits ahead!

What We Bought This Month?

(Drawing by Miss D)

Miss D’s New Blinkpen

Miss D is in love with her new Blinkpen.

It is her favorite. She can’t stop using it.

She drew stars with it. She drew flowers with it. She drew cute little cats with it.

And, she had drawn a Catress with it (Yep, it is a brown tree trunk with a blue cat’s head. We wonder why.)

She said she is going to use this Blinkpen for her new Poster. It is going to look FANTASTIC. She promises.

‘Now I don’t need to search my pencil case for different colors.’ Miss D said. ‘It is so convenient!’

This blinkpen is fast to get out of her pencil case and can freely change Colors because it is 8 colors in 1. Colors of rainbows plus one, not bad for a little girl like Miss D.

She adores it. She really, really loves it.

The price is reasonable consider the Blinkpen has 8 colors, each color only costs RP 3,000 (About USD 35 cents, 1AUD = 9925 IDR).

Miss D spotted this blinkpen in the shop the other day and grabbed it immediately. Turns out one of her beasties had exactly the same Blinkpen about a year ago and Miss D was so envy and had being dying to have one ever since. Guess it was her lucky day that day when her wish became true.

Her friend actually bought this blinkpen back in Sydney. That’s why we kind of think we cannot find it here in Jakarta.

Well, we are wrong. We found it in Lotte Mart, a supermarket chain here.

It is a small world after all.

                     (Drawing by Miss D)

Do your little ones have any favorite things in their mind? Share with us your stories. We’d like to hear that.

Other Things We Bought

Apart from this Blinkpen, we also went pants shopping for Mr. D this month.

Mrs D has bought a cute IPad case. Her old one is a bit dated and she is in love with her new IPad case.

Mrs D is also setting her eyes on a new pair of cute animal prints sunny. If you have seen one, please send us an email. We’d love to find that pair of perfect sunny for Mrs D.

In our bathroom – At the moment we are using Clearasil PerfectaWash – an automatic dispenser that provides the perfect amount of cleanser for our face.

In our study –  Miss D is reading the perfect joke book ‘National Geographic Kids Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles’. Miss D cannot stop reading it as soon as she started.

Miss D is also doing a 1 minute video book review for Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, one of her favorite authors. It is one of her English school homework. You will see the video next week some time.

What is your favorite joke book or favorite joke? Do drop us a line as we love to share a few laughs in the MidNightVisitor‘s house.


Ray of sunshine – Mrs D is in love with this Tahitian Maxi in Oceania from frockaholics, It is already sold out. But she will look for something similar. The wedding and party season is upon us and new frocks are an absolute must. What do you think?

Maxi Dress, Woman's Fashion, Blue Coral Dress, Lady's Fashion, Online Fashion Store, Brown Hair

That’s all for this month. Bye for now. Please come back next Monday for Time to Reveal.

Also, stay tuned for next month’s ‘What We Bought This Month’.

Midnight Visitor


Midnight visitor

Well this is the title of our homepage. If you have known us from the beginning of our story, you would know that Midnight Visitor is the first published article of Miss D’s. Miss D wrote this story last year and entered a contest with it. Out of hundreds of entries, hers has been picked as one of the winners.

So EXCITING for a 11 year old.

Actually, she has not only one, but TWO articles been picked as winners. That REALLY doubles the excitement .Check out her other winning entry ‘Green Alien’ here.

Although Mrs D considered herself as quiet a writer in the family, her writing had only been published on a local newspaper when she was 13 years old. So a big leap for young and talented Miss D. Two years is indeed a giant step.

♥ We Love You. Honey ♥

So instead of mumbling more about how excited we are, please proceed to read the article itself. As people always say the proof is in the reading.

Please let us know if you like this article by sending us a comment. And you can also check out Miss D’s other winning entry The Green Alien. We will post it next week.

BTW if you really enjoy reading the articles, you can actually purchase a copy of ‘King of The Trees – Young Writers Award 2012’ from There you can find Miss D’s articles.


Book Description

Publication Date: May 31, 2012
Writers from the Middle School years often have a unique view of the world. In this collection of outstanding writing pieces, selected from hundreds of submissions, the future writers of tomorrow exercise their literary muscles. Viewed one at a time, each piece is a mark of creativity, expression, and individuality. Collectively, these poems, essays, stories, and random thoughts about things, reveal what it means to be a middle-schooler. The Young Writers Awards

Midnight Visitor

 ‘The time has come… The time for imagination to take over reality… It is the time for our power to be unleashed…!’ cackled an old gypsy’s voice, disturbing my lovely dreams.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Somewhere outside I heard deafening claps of thunder, but was it just someone at the door? I sleepily rubbed my eyes as I lazily stretched in my bed. Why would someone disturb me so late at night? I shrugged. I stumbled down the corridor towards the front entrance as thoughts raced through my head. What had that dream been all about? There was no way imagination could take over reality. ‘Don’t listen to that nonsense!’ I whispered to myself. Anyway, who was at my front door? Curiously, I peeked out of the window for a small glance of the midnight visitor.

My door creaked open, like a door of a haunted house. ‘Hmmm…, I need to oil that door,’ I thought, but in my mind I was thinking about the ‘imagination’ overpowering ‘reality’.

A towering figure stood at my door. I creased my eyebrows together as I studied the man’s rough features. He clutched his left leg, as if in pain, with a heavily scarred hand. Loops of skull necklaces hung down his tattooed neck. A heavy cloak hung on his shoulders and his feet were laden with dusty worker’s boots. He was also accompanied with a German Shepard which stood loyally by his side and barked ferociously when anyone came near his master. My legs instantly turned into jelly as I gulped down a mouthful of bitter bile. This was not turning out to be the pleasant night I wanted.

Impatiently the man strode into my house. He glanced at my neatly set pot plants, my clothe hanger, my comfortable sofas and finally at my kitchen. With a flick of his wrist, his weathered cloak hung perfectly on the clothe hanger. He then began to stare eye to eye at me with his large, bulging, rather dark eyes, while his forehead gradually scrunched up into a hideous frown. Disgusted with me, he picked out my favourite sofa and made himself homely. Then he clicked his fingers and stuck his thumb in the direction of the kitchen. In a few seconds, I was baking delicious chocolate chip cookies and squeezing the juice of oranges.

I had been never so scared in my entire life! If the man and the dog were from my imagination, then imagination was already starting to rule reality! I madly hoped that this was a dream, so I squeezed my eyes shut, wishing, wishing, wishing. When I opened my eyes, I was still in the kitchen, halfway squeezing an orange. I sighed, this was going to be a long, long night.

As I tiptoed my way back to my living room, which was rudely intruded by the man and the dog, I really wanted the mysterious man and dog to vanish, disappear, just go away from my life. Upon entering my living room, I gasped in shock. The cookies and orange juice thudded onto my prized carpet as my jaw literally hit rock bottom. The man and the dog had just seemingly disappeared from the face of the earth. Did my wish really come true, or was it the gypsy’s warning, ‘The time for imagination to take over reality…’.


Time to Reveal


Which Subject Is This Homework For

Ok, we know, it is Monday and you have been waiting, wanting to know…..

Yes, it is time to review the answer to our last week’s quiz: which subject is this homework for?

Have you guessed it?

The answer is …..…  Mathematics!!!

M­­mmmm, Mrs D never got that one right.

How can it be Mathematics, You might ask? Well, if you zoom into the drawing, you can easily see some numbers and percentages on it. That kind of gives it away, doesn’t it? And if we let you know how much work Miss D had put into to get these numbers, you might gasp.

It turns out that Miss D is learning about areas, shapes, ratios, and proportions at school, one of the weaklings of Mrs D when she was younger. However, being the awesome Miss D, who is pretty good at math, she spent more than 6 loooonnnnng hours to do it all:

  • complete 5 surveys
  • put all the feedback for the survey into spreadsheets
  • calculate the numbers
  • converting them into areas and percentages

etc, etc, etc …

We won’t bore you with more details, but you get the picture.

Miss D actually got frustrated at one stage herself, but carried on merrily after some Chocolate hits. (of course, she spend her 6 hours over a few days time, not in one hit, hehehe…) She is very satisfied with her end result. We hope you like it too. After all Miss D proved Mathematics can be colourful as well.

To have a look at the final presentation of Miss D’s work on this assignment, you can watch the video here. Enjoy.

Warning: although this video is made with the biggest effort of Miss D to make it colourful and interesting, it is still kind of boring IMHO, unless of course, you are

  • keen to learn about areas and percentages or plan to do so soon
  • having a similar assignment coming up soon…

To watch more interesting video of Miss D’s. Click here.

Which Subject is this homework for?


Miss D came down for dinner and was keen to show us her homework. ‘Wow, nice drawing.’ Grandma said. ‘Well, it’s not exactly a drawing.’ A big grin shone on Miss D’s face. The whole family gathered around the dinner table and started to stare at the drawing. We all had our guesses of what it’s subject was, and had quite a laugh over it. By the way, the dinner was de-li-cious. We will post some of our recipes soon.

Well, do you know which subject is this homework for? Do send us a reply by clicking the VOTE BUTTON below.

Great, now that you have voted, stay tuned please, the answer will be posted next Monday.