D’s Bucket List and the end of the world

angle and gun and the end of the world

We have only got till next Tuesday before the world is going to end. Scary stuff. Angles, arrows, guns? Which one to pick? Who to believe? Does anyone know the Mayas? How reliable these ancient people are?

Whatever will happen, we are going to stop blogging and spend all the remaining precious time with our family and loved ones. Actually we will be on a flight to Sydney as soon as Mr. D finishes his work on Friday. 😀

How about you? Is there anything on your mind that you must do before the end of the world?

We know, we have just published our Christmas wishes this week. But we can’t wait any longer, we are gonna publish the D’s Bucket List right now, until it’s too late.

So here is D’s bucket list:

  1. Skating in Antarctic with dogs
  2. Safari in Africa
  3. Check out the Caribbeans
  4. Go to New York and a few other metropolitan cities
  5. Diving at Ko Phi Phi
  6. Meet the Pharaohs in Egypt


OK, this list is already too long, hope you have got the drill by now…

We have got an around the world flight to catch.

To complete these trips in less than a week, aren’t we ambitious?!

Last but not least, while we are on the airplane, we will eat all the chocolate we can possibly eat. No time to be wasted. Not until next Tuesday.

What is your bucket list? Do you have one? Time is running out!

Love. D

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2 responses to “D’s Bucket List and the end of the world

  1. I like this bucket list. Lots of travel, that’s what mine looks like too!

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