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Online Shopping on China’s biggest website Taobao

taobao dresses, red dress, black dress, online dress shoppin is such a hot online shopping mall for young people in China. Everywhere we went, we heard about how prices are cheaper on Taobao, and how everything can be found on

Sure enough, we tried our luck on and found a few items. Check out the black dress we bought here.

Curious as us, we did a bit research about and found:

Approximately 90% of online transactions in China are executed on Alibaba-owned Taobao, frequently described as the “eBay of China.”

According to a research did by Goldman Sache, Taobao will take over EBay to be the biggest online shopping website in the world by 2015.

china online shopping market vs us online shopping market, china shopping online, fashion shopping online, woman shopping online, valentine shopping online

2015 is fast approaching. Estimates and studies often get themselves wrong.The Mayas had their fair share about the end of the world in 2012. How will this 2015 prediction pan out? Let’s wait and see.

However, is sure very popular in China and growing strongly every year. How the game will be played out between Taobao and EBay? Very interesting.

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2013 Golden Globe Dresses – Black Dress and More

2013 Golden Globe Katharine McPhee black dress, black dress golden globe, actress best dressed red carpet, 2013 best dressed golden globe

Flick through the gallery to see this year’s Golden Globe red carpet arrivals. The dresses are gorgeous and everyone on the red carpet are dressed at their best. Which colour do you like most? Red dress, gold dress, black dress, blue dress…


Photo credit:

The Most Popular Reality Dating TV show in China – What are your wearing today?

reality show, dating tv show, china no. 1 dating tv show, reality tv

We had a lot of fun watching the China Reality Dating Show ‘If you are the one’ during our China trip. We were more interested in watching what the young people are wearing in China, and this dating show gave us a glimpse of that.

Reality shows are very popular in China these days, many copied the popular reality shows from the US. In the US, we have so many reality shows, for many things.

Kim Kardashian even has a reality TV show while she is pregnant. Having a baby while working under the spotlight, that must put some stress on the baby in the tummy? Kim should get her nursery rhymes ready instead, don’t you think?

Anyways, that’s how Kim Kardashian gets famous. BTW, we love how Kim dressed up as Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt last Valentine’s Day. She looks stunning.

So back to the dating business: what are your wearing to a first date? What are people wearing to a date show in the USA?

Let’s see the differences between the China dating show and the USA dating show, shall we?


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Kristen Stewart the Highest Paid Hollywood Actress 2012 – Shop Her Style with a Black Hat?!

kristine stewart fashion style woman guide, women fashion, fashion online, kristine stewart dresses, fashion style, fashion guide online

How much money do you earn when you are 22? We might still study and doing part time jobs by then!

How does $34.5 million sound?

That’s how much Kristen Stewart earned between May 2011 and May 2012 according to Forbes Magazine. Most of that money came from Twilight where Stewart stars as Bella Swan.

But she also earned big buck for starring in Snow White and the Huntsman.

We love the way Kristen dresses. Let’s see how we come up with some similar outfits the Kristen Stewart way. Why not click on the picture below and shop her style!

kristine stewart fashion style woman guide shop her style, kristine stewart fashion dress, fashion online, shop online

Opps, soz, the click doesn’t work, did you notice? Just testing if you are seriously love our Midnighter’s. 😀

But hey, Kristen wears some cool hats too. How about this one? We are still collecting hats this season. To check out all our hats, why not go to A Hat Day?

kristine stewart fashion style woman guide shop her style, black hat, kristen stewart, fashion style hat, fashion online women


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Fashion Treasure Hunt China Style – The Biggest Online Shopping Site in China

online shop, women fashion online, shop online, online shopping, fashion online bouteque

February will be a very happy and busy month. We can see it is coming! There are 30 days to go to Valentine’s Day from now on. Four days before the Valentine’s Day, there will be the Chinese New Year, which falls on 10 Feb. Let’s celebrate in style, shall we?

While in China, we found the biggest fashion treasure hunting place! seems very popular for young people in China to shop for their wardrobes and for good reasons, too.

china taobao wang, fashion website china

We had a look and there are virtually every brand under the sun in For the next 30 days, we will show case some nice clothes from There are many Australian, Asia, and USA brands there. So many that we lose count!

We love sportsgirl, cotton on, Jacquie, basque, wish, witchery, David Lawrence and many more brands back in Sydney. We have picked up a nice Basque dress during our China trip. A little black dress on

black dress basque, fashion online australia, fashion online women, fashion online taobao china

Mrs D wearing her new little black dress. Very happy girl.

black dress basque full length

It’s a full length black dress, quite formal, so you won’t find Mrs D wearing this at any Jakarta shopping mall for sure. 😀

basque label black lady dress size 8 not only serves the China, Hongkong area, it also has started its Singapore market, and some other Asia markets. Their ambition is to expand to the rest of the world, like EBay.

So if you are in the China and great Asia regions like us, you might want to check out? But first, find a friend who knows Chinese, one of the most difficult languages in the world!

Good luck, taobao (means treasure hunt in Chinese). 😀

For an easier task (minus the difficult in learning Chinese), to see all the brands we are interested in, why not head to our very own midnightvisitor’s fashion online guide? This is another project we have been working on, and it will be updated over time to show you all the goodies we found in the fashion department!


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Are you travel ready this Christmas – Casual Christmas Outfits

long flight holiday

Long flights could be hard especially for the little ones. This winter, where are you going to spend your Christmas?

Lots of the expats in Jakarta are getting ready to fly!

To America.

To France.

To Sweden.

To Australia!

Are you travel ready this Christmas? What have you packed in your suit cases? Even if you are not traveling, what are you planning to wear this Christmas?

We love dresses, the fancier the dress the better. Little woman’s dream.

But it didn’t work sometime. You see, most of the time, we are invited to attend family gatherings where wearing casual outfits are the best.

We certainly don’t want to go to a picnic in the park with our fancy dress, let alone sitting on the grass with it. Or how about a beach-side barbecue dinner? Can you image wearing high heels and hot red lips standing among the smoke? Oh, no. We can’t do that. Not with the children in sight.

So we found a few items and through together a casual yet stylish outfit for this Christmas, just for you, and with affordable prices.

Actually, we haven’t got around to do that either (CHECKING THE AFFORDABLE PRICES, that is), because we have a dinner party to attend. A casual one, of course, in a cozy Jakarta home!

So see you tomorrow.

Meanwhile you can check a few of our fancy dresses here while planning a more practical travel outfit for the flight!

Love. D

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A Casual Floral Christmas Outfit

a casual floral christmas outfit


A Purple Christmas Outfit

a purple christmas outfit

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Turtle Neck and Hoodies – What we bought this month

hoodies and tops for winter American Eagle

Hi, happy Friday, dear readers,

Can’t believe it is the last day of Nov, and we are only 25 days away from Christmas. Are you excited?

We have a big trip to make to the winter land (actually Miss D will have to make two trips as she will go with her Honours choir to China in early Feb next year). Since we live in sunny hot Jakarta, you wouldn’t expect us to have any winter clothing, would you?

Actually, we do have a few winter items that we can wear. Shows how good a planner Mrs. D is, she just knew that we would need them on a rainy winter’s day.

Well, our winter clothes are still not quite enough, and it is always fun to shop for more anyway. So here’s what we bought for our trip:

A pale white coloured hoodie by Junk Food. On sale for USD 40, down from USD 80.

A grey hoodie by Aerie for American Eagle. USD 49.99.

A grey turtle neck long sleeve top . On sale for USD 19,99, down from USD 39.99.

Pretty boring, right?

Ambitious as we are, we dress in a conventional way. Especially for winter clothes, we stick to our grey, beige, black, brown. You know, the safe colours.

But every story has its twist, a bit of a complication, a bait, that keeps the readers coming back…

Well, is this a writer’s 101 post? It sure sounds like one now. 😀

So our twist is like this:


Actually, it is Friday and we have a dinner party to attend tonight. Soz, no time to finish the writing. Can you come back tomorrow?

We will finish whatever is needed tomorrow, if we get over our hung over, that is. Promise. (seriously, this is NOT the twist, OK. The twist is due out tomorrow!)

Good night, and see you soon.

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Christmas Dress – Golden Dress

holiday dress, christmas dress, gold dress, fashion online, woman boutique fashion online

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. How about gold? Not a bad friend either, we hope.

This holiday, why not add some glitter and glamor to your wardrobe. Gold is a must have colour in any girls wardrobe this Christmas. It will transform any ordinary day into a magical fairytale in no time. Gold will bring your luck. Maybe you will even meet Mr. Right in that shiny armor of gold? Gold can enchant and soften the most stubborn heart.

Nicole Kidman, Cleopatra, Merilyn Monroe have all dressed up in gold before our time. Gold is what legends are made of.

We love gold, not in a cheap way though. Gold can actually look cheap if not dressed properly. It needs a bit of personality and charm to match its grand status. Are you ready for gold this Christmas?

We have picked a few golden pieces right in time for the Christmas season. Hope you like them.

1. Hervé Léger Embellished knitted jersey dress

Christmas Dress – Animal Print Dress For Christmas

nicole kidman animal prints, animal prints dress, christmas dress

It is official: we love animal printed dresses in the D house. How about a Christmas dress in animal prints this Christmas? Again, we turned to our style icon Nicole Kidman for some inspiration.

Oh, no. Nicole, what have you done? This looks so bad. Faded animal printed coat? Makes you look a hundred years old. And the hair? What is going on?

Shows how hard it can be sometimes to dress up in animal printed items. Even our style icon, our beautiful Nicole Kidman can get it wrong. Dangerous territories, ladies. Hati – Hati ( Hati – Hati means be careful in Indonesia languages, and we say this all the time in the D house, especially when driving. :D)

Let’s see what we can do to the rescue of our darling Nicole Kidman. Actually, we find some really nice pictures of Nicole in fancy animal printed dresses. Phew, what a relief. Almost made us dying there just then.

christmas dress, green dress, woman's online fashion, shop online Christmas

Look at this beautiful piece of green animal printed dress. It is elegant, femanile, and stylish. OK, maybe not the shoes. The shoes are a bit over the top. But it is Christmas. We can indulge ourselves a bit, can’t we? Be bold, have a bit more fun, relax and enjoy the extra luxury of the holiday season. Where is that glass of Martini? Let the party begin.

Feel just a bit more in need of that star shine of glamorous? Try the white fur collared coat. It will tranform you into a super star in no time. Besides, it is winter out there. This warm, cosy white fun collared coat is indeed what we need.

And, yes, our Nicole Kidman is back to her normal self now that she is in the right dress. See how much she is enjoying that moment? Is it the green animal printed dress that is doing the magic? We think so.

1. Motel Audrey Silhouette Dress in Lime and Purple Tiger Life

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Christmas Dress – Black Dress for Christmas

black dress, christmas dress, woman's fashion, online fashion boutique

How about a little black dress for this Christmas? Maybe you have an office party to attend, or maybe you have a formal meeting to head. Whatever the occasion, the little black dress won’t fail you this Christmas.

The little black dress is timeless and eternally stylish. Look at Nicole Kidman, how flattering that little black dress she is wearing on her body? This black dress hit her on all the right spots and make her one fashion icon we admire.

The little black dress is always clean, slim looking and elegant. We can dress it up with an expensive jacket this Christmas. How about this jacket in royal blue color? It adds glamor and charm to our little black dress.

Team these up with a nice, high quality handbag. Gold and pear necklaces. High heels. There, we can conquer the business world in no time with an outfit like this.

Enjoy your Christmas party. And remember, we love the little black dress.

1. Ted Baker IZID – Tailored cap sleeve dress

    2.839.540 IDR ($295) –

2. Ted Baker MATILD – Short wrap coat

    4.042.740 IDR ($420) –

Christmas Dress – Blue Dress For Christmas

Christmas dress, Christmas outfit, blue dress, blue christmas dress, fashion online

Blue is such a classic colour. It suits Nicole Kidman very well. We love this dress Nicole Kidman is wearing. It is a perfect Christmas dress, don’t you think?

We love Christmas. Blue is a brilliant colour for any occasion. Especially for Christmas parties. Why not find the perfect blue dress this Christmas?

We have searched online, and come up with the perfect outfit for this Christmas. Let the Christmas party begin!

NOTTE BY MARCHESA Cobalt Draped One Shoulder Silk Chiffon Dress in Blue

Christmas Dress – Red Dress for Christmas

Christmas red dress, Nicole Kidman red dress, red christmas dress

We love Christmas. It is the best time of the year! Normally, we don’t wear red dresses. Red dresses are too bold, too strong, too stand out. But Santa wears red. Red is beautiful. This Christmas, we will start celebrating with a great piece of Red dress. A stylish, not over the top red dress, OK?

As you know, we love Nicole Kidman. She is Aussie. She is beautiful, tall, elegant, and marries to a hot, hot guy. Oh, we hate her. Just a tiny bit…

Nicole Kidman dresses in many styles. Look at this red dress she puts on, isn’t it gorgeous?

We have found a great red dress for Christmas this year.

It is a Herve Leger Contrast inserts strapless dress. It is a Rayon body con bandage dress featuring contrast color inserts on the front and back and a concealed side zip closure. Strapless. Very body hugging and sexy.

Compliment this great dress with gold and black accessories, bold makeup, and a stunning pair of red high heels.

We can feel that Christmas is coming. How about you?

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Christmas Party Nicole Kidman Style

nicole kidman christmas dress, nicole kidman, christmas dress, party dress, actress nicole kidman

What are you wearing today?

Nicole Kidman is our favorite Australian actress. We love her dress style. Now that the Christmas party season is upon us, there are so many parties to go to in Jakarta. The Nordic Club Crayfish Party, Gala Latina Blanca, Java St. Andrews Society Charity Ball, to name a few. These are all black tie parties and we need to dress up.

What to wear to go to these parties? Let’s check out some of our favorite party dresses Nicole Kidman wear.

This champion coloured party dress is perfect for the Christmas party. The colour is glamorous.  The necklace is classic, yet the red colour adds a Christmas feel to the whole outfit. Love the shoes, and bag, such a great compliment to the classic dress.

And smile, like Nicole Kidman. This is how we like our Christmas party. Cheerful and glamorous.

Things We Bought In October

halloween, witch hat halloween, black witch hat, halloween witch

We have gone crazy on Halloween this month. Of course, we have to buy a few things for Halloween.

Miss D got her new black witch toy (it makes a scary sound, and its evil eyes will shine once you touch her), her new devil’s mask and her new black witch hat. She is one little happy Halloween enthusiast at the moment.

Look at the black witch and the Babies at the back. How fascinating! Indonesia babies in full traditional costumes, and a black witch. East meets west?

halloween, toys halloween, witch, black witch halloween, craft halloween

Miss D will be the tour guide in her school’s haunted house tonight. For this job, she saved us an entry fee of USD 2. How great!

Mrs D has bought a new dress (OK, she has bought more than one new dress, but this is the one we are going to show you.) You know, the holiday and party season is officially upon us now that we are in November. Why not buy yourself a nice piece before all the other girls rush in? Have you got any ideas for this year’s Christmas gift yet? Hurry up. We are working on ours now.

This dress is by Ralph Lauren. On the official Ralph Lauren website, it is on sell for USD49.99 now. But Mrs D got it for a mere USD 15 from one of the factory outlets in Jakarta.

Factory outlets are a great place to hunt for bargains. Sometimes it can be a hit and miss. We can’t always win. But it is kind of addictive and every now and then, we can find some authentic pieces at bargain prices.

In our bathroom – We love Clearasil and we are using the Clearasil PerfectaWash – an automatic dispenser that provides the perfect amount of cleanser for our face.

In our study –  Miss D is still reading the perfect joke book ‘National Geographic Kids Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles’. Miss D cannot stop reading it as it is hilarious.

Miss D has also done a 3 minute video for her French Beginner’s class. We don’t know how authentic her French is. Or, does it sound more like English? Why not have a listen for yourself. It’s based on the Simpson’s characters and is a fun to watch. We all love The Simpsons, don’t we? The video will be uploaded soon. So stay tuned.

What are your favorite cartoon characters? Do drop us a line as we love to share a few laughs in the MidNightVisitor’s house.


We are working on our lust list at the moment. Do you have something you really, really want this Christmas? Do drop us a line. We love to hear your stories.

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Earrings from the 2012 Emmy Awards

2012 Emmy Awards, Woman fashion, fashion accessories, online fashion

What Are You Wearing Today

We love to watch the 2012 Emmy awards on Sunday night on TV. It is one of the biggest fashion red-carpet shows. We love it not only for the gowns and movies, but also for the glamorous earrings! How the earrings match the gowns and how beautiful and glittering they are on their own.

Emmy awards gathered the world’s best makeup artists to create the perfect look for the actresses. So their pick of the earrings must be on the trend. Why not have a look?

The Lust Look

Earrings, fashion, fashion accessories, fashion online, woman's fashion

This is one Bold jewelry design for a pair of earrings. Very glamorous and beautiful. It is fashionable and unique. Just the perfect pair of earrings for a best night in town.

Emmy awards Earrings, earrings, woman's fashion, fashion, Emmy awards 2012, online fashion

Heidi Klum looks fresh and delight in this pair of aqua colored earrings. Love the color! So fresh.

(Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, file)

2012 Emmy Awards, fashion, woman's fashion, fashion accessories, earrings

Another pair of aqua colored earrings. This time goes with a black dress. The color aqua is very versatile. Will definitely get a pair for Mrs D.

Keep It Real

Every woman has earrings in their drawers, so is Mrs D.

Below are a few of hers:

woman fashion, fashion accessories, earrings, Emmy awards 2012

Green patterned earring with matching necklace. Great for a summer’s day.

woman fashion, fashion accessories, fashion online, fashion accessories, Emmy award 2012

Classic silver color. Matches with many outfits. Good old all rounder earrings!

So, what’s your favorite earrings? Are you looking for color, shape, or size when you buy earrings? When are you picking up your next pair of earrings? We love to know.

Have a nice day.

Photo credit: modatrend, multimediaimpre on Flickr

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What We Bought This Month?

(Drawing by Miss D)

Miss D’s New Blinkpen

Miss D is in love with her new Blinkpen.

It is her favorite. She can’t stop using it.

She drew stars with it. She drew flowers with it. She drew cute little cats with it.

And, she had drawn a Catress with it (Yep, it is a brown tree trunk with a blue cat’s head. We wonder why.)

She said she is going to use this Blinkpen for her new Poster. It is going to look FANTASTIC. She promises.

‘Now I don’t need to search my pencil case for different colors.’ Miss D said. ‘It is so convenient!’

This blinkpen is fast to get out of her pencil case and can freely change Colors because it is 8 colors in 1. Colors of rainbows plus one, not bad for a little girl like Miss D.

She adores it. She really, really loves it.

The price is reasonable consider the Blinkpen has 8 colors, each color only costs RP 3,000 (About USD 35 cents, 1AUD = 9925 IDR).

Miss D spotted this blinkpen in the shop the other day and grabbed it immediately. Turns out one of her beasties had exactly the same Blinkpen about a year ago and Miss D was so envy and had being dying to have one ever since. Guess it was her lucky day that day when her wish became true.

Her friend actually bought this blinkpen back in Sydney. That’s why we kind of think we cannot find it here in Jakarta.

Well, we are wrong. We found it in Lotte Mart, a supermarket chain here.

It is a small world after all.

                     (Drawing by Miss D)

Do your little ones have any favorite things in their mind? Share with us your stories. We’d like to hear that.

Other Things We Bought

Apart from this Blinkpen, we also went pants shopping for Mr. D this month.

Mrs D has bought a cute IPad case. Her old one is a bit dated and she is in love with her new IPad case.

Mrs D is also setting her eyes on a new pair of cute animal prints sunny. If you have seen one, please send us an email. We’d love to find that pair of perfect sunny for Mrs D.

In our bathroom – At the moment we are using Clearasil PerfectaWash – an automatic dispenser that provides the perfect amount of cleanser for our face.

In our study –  Miss D is reading the perfect joke book ‘National Geographic Kids Just Joking: 300 Hilarious Jokes, Tricky Tongue Twisters, and Ridiculous Riddles’. Miss D cannot stop reading it as soon as she started.

Miss D is also doing a 1 minute video book review for Inkheart by Cornelia Funke, one of her favorite authors. It is one of her English school homework. You will see the video next week some time.

What is your favorite joke book or favorite joke? Do drop us a line as we love to share a few laughs in the MidNightVisitor‘s house.


Ray of sunshine – Mrs D is in love with this Tahitian Maxi in Oceania from frockaholics, It is already sold out. But she will look for something similar. The wedding and party season is upon us and new frocks are an absolute must. What do you think?

Maxi Dress, Woman's Fashion, Blue Coral Dress, Lady's Fashion, Online Fashion Store, Brown Hair

That’s all for this month. Bye for now. Please come back next Monday for Time to Reveal.

Also, stay tuned for next month’s ‘What We Bought This Month’.

What Are You Wearing Today?

Princess in Asia Pacific

Prince William and his wife Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge, have visited Queensland, Australian last week. Spending two hours in Brisbane, a city we have being to for many times when we were in Sydney.

Queensland is such a nice place for holidays. Over the years, we have driven around many places in the Gold Coast, the Sunshine coast and Queensland in general. We can’t wait to go back and enjoy the stunning sea and the luscious hinterland. It is unlike anywhere else in the world.  It is Paradise for us, and a really nice place to be.

Life down under is where life begins for us.

Back to our topic, according to media, Prince William and Princess Cat both wore Batiks on an evening reception in the Solomon Islands on this Asia Pacific tour.

Batik is an unique Indonesia cloth and is very popular in Indonesia and other parts of South East Asia.

Ever since we are in Jakarta, we have seen batiks everywhere. They are part of Indonesia’s daily life.

In Sydney, we have casual Fridays where everyone gets to dress in non business clothes. Here in Jakarta, it is Batik Friday. Many office workers wear Batik clothes to work that day.

The Lust Look

Princess Cat worn a floral, exuberant batik dress in this picture. She looks casual yet glamorous and really happy.

Prince William worn a blue cheery batik shirt. He looks radiant and delightful with a grin on his face.

A perfect ensemble for a tropical night in the Solomons.

Keeping It Real

Below are a few batik items that in our house.

                  (Casual batik shirt for Mrs D, photo by Miss D)

Hand painted Wayang in Batik dress made by Miss D. Photo by Miss D.

Miss D in school band. All kids are dressed up in batik shirt as a formal uniform.

Man and Fashion

Well, ‘Man and Fashion’, is there such a thing?

We went weekend shopping with Mr D.

We were looking for Mr D’s new pants.

You know, the normal kind he can wear to work. The one his got is old, so he needs some new pants.

Simple, right?

So off we went and landed in the Men’s department.

Look at them, the pants army staring at us.

Bays of blaaacks.

Bays of greeeeeys.

Bays of bluuuues.

Bays of beeeeeiges.

They were all the same, yet all different in some subtle way.

What to pick? Do you know?

Miss D got very, very bored and Mrs D finally realised why man didn’t  like shopping.

It’s soooooooo boring.


We had to go to Star Bucks to cheer ourselves up. Three coffees down (Miss D’s was an ice chocolate) and we were happy again.

No more shopping for Mr D, not in a long while, we HOPE.

For more fashion style, check out our online shopping guide

Midnight Visitor’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Women’s Fashion here

Random thoughts

Happy Anniversary

wedding floral, wedding flowers, wedding shoes, wedding accessories, bride, bridesmaid, groom

To us, more time, more love…






What are you wearing today?

I feel  glamorous today

Hello, dear readers, how are you this morning?

It is a bright, sunny day here in Jakarta today. Hope you have a lovely day in your city, too.

Mr D was away on a business trip to New Delhi the other day, and this coincided with Miss D’s school field trip.

Lonely nights? No way, not for Mrs D.

She is actually quite excited about it! She could watch whatever she wanted on the TV, she could eat whatever she wanted for dinner, and she had the whole bed to herself which meant more room and no quilt tug-a-wars.

That morning Mrs D was thinking about how to use this newly found freedom, and totally indulge herself. You see, deep down inside that soft corner of Mrs D, in her wildest dream, the meaning of life is to be as glamorous as humanly possible, at least once in a while.

The Lust Look

The ultimate glamor girl has to be Marilyn Monroe. She was so beautiful. Not to mention absolutely sensational. No one will ever have the golden curly locks and voluptuous body like hers. Her impeccable style is every man’s dream. She is a style icon that has stood the test of time. She remains one of the biggest sex symbols of all-time.

Keep it real

Mrs D is no Monroe, not one bit. But that doesn’t mean she cannot surround herself with little luxuries and feel like a fancy lady once in a while.

Why not make our world a little bit more beautiful and fun when opportunities present themselves?

So on that day, Mrs D wore her favorite dress, experimented with her make ups, went out for a fancy lunch, and at night soaked up in the bathtub with her favorite music and candles.

It was a lovely day.

Let’s be glamorous today. Why not wear that bold lipstick you always dreamed of but never tried? Why not dress like a Goddess and walk around as if you are on the T way? Drink a martini, or even better have someone buy you that drink. Have manners, be classy. Be that woman you always want to be.

One day at a time.

What are you wearing today?

Animal Prints Outfit


Do you like animals as we do? They are such adorable creatures!

The D family went to Taman Safari two weeks ago with the in-laws. We fed the animals from our car windows with the carrots and bananas we bought. It’s so much fun.

If you are in Jakarta or planning a visit soon, Taman Safari is a must see. This open range zoo is where you can drive you car through to watch the animals wondering in wild and it is one of the best zoos we have seen!

Miss D can’t wait to go back again already!

More on that later. We promise to tell you ALL about Taman Safari in another post soon. Stay tuned.

Well, back to animals. Mrs D looooooves animal prints.  You can’t really beat the animal prints look and it never seems to go out of style. Well, we hope not anyway!!! Animal prints are such a versatile addition to anyone’s wardrobe … and will always be around and available.

Are you an animal lover? Do you have any animal prints outfit in your closet?

What are you wearing today?

Send us a comment and share with us what you are wearing every day. We love to hear that.

The Lust Look

To keep the spirit up, we have picked an animal print outfit for today. It is one of the lust pieces of Mrs D’s.

Fashion-animal print outfit

It is a navy blue stretch cotton dress from Stella McCartney featuring a round neck, long sleeves, a zip fastening at the back and lace panel inserts on the sides, sleeves and back.

To match this dress, we have also picked the Navy and black animal print faux suede shoulder bag,  from Stella McCartney as well. It features silver-tone chunky chain edging with tonal leather whipstitch trim, chunky chain shoulder strap with designer embossed disc and a concealed press stud for closure. Internally the bag has one zip fastening pocket and is lined in black designer stamped twill.
Finish the look with accessories, rings, bangles, and last but not least a pair of comfy sturdy high heels.

Hope you like it.

Keep It Real

Being a devoted animal lover and a savoy shopper, Mrs D has also got some pieces from her wardrobe to share, minus the hefty price tags of course.

The blue scarf. Love the colour and pattern. It cheers Mrs D up every time she wears it.

Black and white skirt. A classic look. Goes really well with a black singlet, plus the blue scarf above. Actually, any scarf that adds a bit colour and flair will do.

The beige printed dress. Image does not do justice to this dress at all. It is of pure cotton, very smooth, soft and femanile. Good summer dress for a lazy afternoon. Finish off with a ballet flat. Soooooooooo comfy!!!