Midnight Visitor’s Online Special Guide for Valentine’s Day

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Midnight Visitor’s Online Special Guide for Valentine’s Day

is a collection of favourite online crafts, DIYs, fashion, recipes, boutique shops Midnight Visitor has personally tested, and reviewed, in our Family and Fashion blog.

Valentine’s Day Online Special Guide

Sweets & Utensils

Chocolate Fountain, chocolate gifts for valentine's day, chocolate present valentine's day

Chocolate Fountain

Chocolate is the forever favourite on Valentine’s Day. Try this chocolate fountain and have a romantic Valentine night.


Nesting Hearts Cookie Cutter Die Set

Nesting Hearts Cookie Cutter Die Set

These heart shaped cookie cutter set will add charm to any cookie you’re making this Valentine.


Love Heart Coffee Gift BasketLove Heart Coffee Gift Basket

Love coffee? Why not get this gift basket complete with love mug and coffee set this Valentine?

Heart-shaped Sweets with Card in Cup, valentine's day gift, st valentine's day present, coffee and heart shaped mug for valentine's dayHeart-shaped Sweets with Card in Cup

These heart-shaped candy will be an instant hit this Valentine’s Day. Put your personalised love words on the love card.

Fashion & Accessories

little black dress

Little Black Dress

The LBD little black dress is our forever fashion favourite. Why not dress up your Valentine’s Day with a black dress outfit like this?

red dressRed Bodybon Dress

We admire the red dress this Christmas, how about Valentine? Red dress is perfect for Valentine as well. It is bold and glamorous!

aqua earringsStunnying Earrings

We love earrings. They are dangling and stylish. Try different coloured earrings to compliment your Valentine outfit this Valentines DAY!

perfume purpleHeavenly Perfume

This heavenly perfume will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift. The smell is wonderful.

DIY Craft  mini scrap book, love scrap book for valentine's dayMini Scrape Book

 These pictures have a ton of memories! Give your Valentine a mini scrape book to cherish forever this Valentine’s Day!

colourful paper craft flowerPaper Craft Flowers

These colourful Valentine’s Day paper flowers will last forever!

Show your love by showing your Valentine with Flowers!

heart shaped cd music mixValentine Mix CD

Everyone loves music. Why not create a mixed CD for your loved one this Valentine with all his favourite songs.

e love card, valentine's day love cardE Valentine Card

 Send your Valentine a e-Valentine Card and write your very own love poem on the e Card


soft silking purple pajarmaSoft Pajamas Sleepwear Set

Pamper yourself with a silky soft PJ this Valentine. You will feel like a Princess with this Pajamas Set.


brown teddy bear holding heart shaped pillowPlush Love Teddy Bear

This plush love teddy bear holding heart will put a sweet smile on your Valentine. It is so soft and fluff that everyone wants to hold it.

IPad III new generation IPadIPad III

This new generation IPad will be your best friend this Valentine’s Day.  Every boy and girl want to have one and it is the best Valentine Day gift if you want to splash a bit.



Take your relationship to a higher level and get fit together by playing WII Fit this Valentine. It will be the best investment this year for your relationship and health.



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