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How the Chicken Conquered the World

We love our Chickens so much that we have dug out some fun history about chickens. You will enjoy it.

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How the Chicken Conquered the World.

Chicken reigns in the 21st century.

The chickens that saved Western civilization were discovered, according to legend, by the side of a road in Greece in the first decade of the fifth century B.C. The Athenian general Themistocles, on his way to confront the invading Persian forces, stopped to watch two cocks fighting and summoned his troops, saying: “Behold, these do not fight for their household gods, for the monuments of their ancestors, for glory, for liberty or the safety of their children, but only because one will not give way to the other.” The tale does not describe what happened to the loser, nor explain why the soldiers found this display of instinctive aggression inspirational rather than pointless and depressing. But history records that the Greeks, thus heartened, went on to repel the invaders, preserving the civilization that today honors those same creatures by breading, frying and dipping them into one’s choice of sauce. The descendants of those roosters might well think—if they were capable of such profound thought—that their ancient forebears have a lot to answer for.


Chicken Fun Facts

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Ever since we had our free range chickens, our knowledge about chickens exploded. Every day, Miss D would find something new or interesting about chickens.

Free entertainment!

So here are a few fun facts we know. Hope you enjoy our chicken facts:

How far can chicken travel?

The fastest distance we saw our chicken travel was flying across our swimming pool, about 10 meters in width. Ginger fled from one side of our swimming pool to the other side to catch up with her friends. She was in a hurry and can’t wait to walk a longer path. Chickens can be lazy, too?

How big is the largest egg that’s ever laid?

Our chicken eggs are pretty big. The double yolk eggs are no doubt the biggest among the eggs our chickens lay.

But our eggs are in no way as big as the biggest chicken egg. It is about 12 ounces!

But wait, read this: the most egg yolks in one egg ever found is: 9 yolks! Can you believe it? Nine yolks! We were ecstatic when we saw our first double yolk egg. Poor us.

How many eggs can one chicken lay in a day?

When our chickens are younger and first started to lay eggs, they sometimes lay two eggs a day. That’s the most we ever saw our chickens lay in one day.

But do you know how many eggs can a chicken laid in one day? The most eggs a chicken lay in one day is 7 eggs. That must be one crazy chicken! Are the eggs even nutritious or is the chicken dying because she lost too many eggs? Who knows.

Do chickens talk to each other?

Yes, they do.

Our chickens talk to each other all the time.­­­ They send each other alarm calls when danger is near. We kind of understand them since we have our chickens for a long time.

Why do human beings raise chickens?

To provide eggs and chicken meat for us, you would think? Wrong. Human beings first raised chickens for entertainment. They raise chickens to play a game called cock-fight.

Why do some chicken farms have lights all night long for their chickens?

This is cruel and it happens in many chicken farms. Why would they do this? Well, because chickens lay more eggs when the day is longer. Poor things.

Our chickens are really lucky. They get up when the sunrises, and sleep when the sun goes down. Natural, happy and healthy. That’s the way to go.

How many chickens are there in our world?

We eat eggs and chickens all the time. Are you curious to know how many chickens are in the entire world?

We don’t know the answer. But the fact we do know is there are definitely more chickens or eggs than us human.

Interesting enough, do you know which country has the most chickens? Well, it is China. BTW, China happens to have the most human population as well. Isn’t that a coincidence?

Last but not least, the thousand years old question:

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

For us it is definitely chickens! We got our chickens from the shop when they were 4 days old! But wait, where did the shop got their chickens? Must be hatched from eggs, right?

OK, honestly, we don’t know the answer to this one. But who cares, we love our chickens, and that’s that.

Miss D wants to have some chickens in Jakarta, but probably that won’t happen. We will raise chickens again some time in the future, that’s for sure. So stay tuned.

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An Update on Our Chickens

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This is an article Miss D wrote in July 2010 for her English writing assignment about our 4 free range chickens. Actually, it is the second article she wrote about our free range chickens. In between the move from Sydney to Jakarta, we cannot find the first article any more. So here is the second part of our free range chicken story.

Raising free range chicken is so much fun! Hope you enjoy reading this:

Remember, at the beginning of the year I talked about my free range chickens? They were just tiny fluff balls which were the size of your fist! Well, now it’s completely different. My chickens or ‘hens’ are 9 months old and they lay eggs (yes, we have free range, organic eggs) every day, but occasionally one chicken drops out because she needs a rest. The chickens have mud baths, fight with each other and nearly every day they get out of their coop to scratch in the garden.

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Every morning the chickens wake up when the sun rises and start doing what they always do – laying eggs. How we love these organic eggs! These eggs are different from the caged, supermarket eggs. They are from our very own happy, healthy chickens, and is full of nutrients.

When they first started laying eggs, our chickens were still learning how to do it so one morning they might lay a gigantic egg which was a double yolk egg, the next day they might lay only three eggs and yet another day they might lay five eggs because one chicken laid two eggs.

Us humans take showers every day, right? Well, chickens are completely different. They absolutely hate water which means they don’t take baths like us, instead they dig a hole in the ground and flap around in there. This is called a mud bath.

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Do you know chickens fight by pecking each other? Well, it’s true. My chickens always peck each other for no reason at all. It’s strange to me. Peep who is the youngest chicken pecks Chocolate who is the second youngest and she also pecks Sunshine who is the second oldest! Ginger, the oldest chicken, is mature and doesn’t peck the others and she doesn’t get pecked. It is peculiar and I don’t understand why but it just happens.

I love watching my chickens. They spend all day pecking around in my backyard. Every time I open the back door, they would run to greet me to see what scraps I might have. Usually I feed them fruit peelings and lettuce, but sometimes if they were lucky, I offer them eggshells, titbits of sausage and bread.

It is so much fun to have chickens and having free range, truly organic eggs is just such a bonus. Do you know that a chicken’s lifespan is about 10 years? I bet my chickens are willing to spend the rest of their joyous lives at my place as they are having so much fun here already. More free range eggs for us!

Article credit: Miss D

Photo credit: Miss D

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A Rainy Day And Monkey Business

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Good morning, dear readers. How are you this Saturday?

Another rainy day here in Jakarta.

Guess we are lucky compared to the people in the east coast in America. What a horrible experience to go through over there!

Our prayers to all those who are suffering because of Hurricane Sandy.

Just a quick joke to cheer you up on a rainy day like this, shall we?

We love monkeys and see what this boy is doing with his monkey:

A schoolboy went to school with a monkey on his shoulder. The headmaster saw him and told him he shouldn’t bring a monkey to the school. Instead he should send the monkey to the zoo.

The schoolboy nodded and went away.

The next day the same schoolboy went to the same school with the same monkey on his shoulder. The same headmaster saw him and got really upset.

‘Didn’t I tell you to send your monkey to the Zoo?’ he asked the schoolboy.

‘Yes, sir, I did. I sent him to the Zoo yesterday. And I’m gonna send him to the movies today!’ replied the boy innocently.

Time to Reveal

What is this – Indah asks?

Hello, welcome back.

How’s your weekend? We hope you are fully recharged and have a fun and productive week ahead.

To kick off this week, we will start with ‘Time to Reveal’.

If you need to refresh your memory, please check out last week’s quiz here: ‘What is this – Indah asks?’

Well, the photo above gives you the answer:

Items 1 and 2 are Turtle food for Indah.

Item 3 is actually something totally different.

It is Indah’s POO!!

Yuck! Look at them, they look almost identical!

The only difference is that the food is floating on top of the water, and the turtle poo is sinking at the bottom. Would a turtle eat the food? Well, you get the answer from Indah.

As soon as we got Indah, we rush to the pet shop to buy some turtle food for her. Lucky or not, the ONLY turtle food we can find is this:

The first time we fed Indah this turtle food, she didn’t like it at all. Not even one bit!

We feed her chicken, she likes it.

We feed her fish, she likes it.

We feed her any kind of meat. No problem.

She is a good eater and she eats them all in a few minutes.

But alas, with the TURTLE FOOD which a TURTLE should happily eat, we never have any success.

Indah refuse to eat it. Not even one baby bit. She would rather nibble on the rocks inside her aquarium, or go hungry without food for a long time. She never even bothers to touch it.

She hates it, we think.

We wonder why.

And now we have the answer: this food looks like POO! Being a sensible turtle Indah is, it is very reasonable for her NOT to eat it. Hahahaa….

So what do we do with the full bottle that we bought for Indah and she never eats? Well, we found a solution.

Our cat LOVES it.

We shake the turtle food bottle, and our cat Rani will rush to us and sit down begging for that food. She actually enjoys the turtle food as a treat.

Umm, interesting.

Do you have any pets? Is there any fun story you want to share with us?

Happy Friday

What is this – Indah asks?

This week has just flown by hasn’t it? We hope you have a lovely weekend planned.

We haven’t run our weekly ‘Mid Night Visitor’s Quiz’ this week as yet, so here’s one for you. Have fun!

We were feeding our turtle Indah (Indah means beautify in Indonesia BTW) the other day, and we noticed something quite peculiar and have to take a picture of it.

This is Indah in her feeding tub. Have you noticed that there are some bits here and there inside the tub?  Do you know what they are?

Please send us your answer via email or comment. The answer will be revealed next Monday.

Indah is quite messy when she eats, so we always feed her in a separate plastic tub. We got a nice sturdy KFC family bucket which we reused as Indah’s feeding place. It suits her size perfectly up till now and she is happy eating there.

Feeding Indah in a separate tub, half filled with water, does not create any undue stress (unless she is NOT held properly!!). In fact, she knows when it is her time to eat and stretches her neck out of the water looking for us when the time has come. She looks so CUTE when she does this. Separate feeding will prevent broken up food particles from remaining in the tank and fouling up the water she lives in.

When we first got Indah a while ago, we do not know how much we should feed her. We asked around our friends (seems turtles are quite a popular pet in Indonesia, and a few of our friends keep turtles as well.). A rule of thumb is to feed Indah as much food as would fit in her head and neck. Another way is to feed her as much as she will eat in a few minutes.

We learned quite a few tricks overtime about Indah. The most important one is:

Do not overfeed the turtle.

Why? You might ask. Well, like humans, obesity is one of the most common problems facing pet turtles. Remember, overfed turtles can become obese as easily as people, and face similar problems too!

How does this happen? Quite obviously, obesity is caused by too much (and too fatty) food, and too little exercise. This is exactly what Indah is, she eats and she sleeps, most of the time anyway.

To avoid Indah gets fat, we have this little game played at feeding time called ‘Run, Indah, Run’. What we do (mostly Miss D does this) is dangling Indah’s food right in front of her mouth using forceps, and make Indah run after it before giving it to her. It is quite a funny scene to watch. We have lots of giggles over this day after day.

Hope you have a lovely weekend with your loved ones. We love you and see you next week.