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Kristen Stewart the Highest Paid Hollywood Actress 2012 – Shop Her Style with a Black Hat?!

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How much money do you earn when you are 22? We might still study and doing part time jobs by then!

How does $34.5 million sound?

That’s how much Kristen Stewart earned between May 2011 and May 2012 according to Forbes Magazine. Most of that money came from Twilight where Stewart stars as Bella Swan.

But she also earned big buck for starring in Snow White and the Huntsman.

We love the way Kristen dresses. Let’s see how we come up with some similar outfits the Kristen Stewart way. Why not click on the picture below and shop her style!

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Opps, soz, the click doesn’t work, did you notice? Just testing if you are seriously love our Midnighter’s. 😀

But hey, Kristen wears some cool hats too. How about this one? We are still collecting hats this season. To check out all our hats, why not go to A Hat Day?

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A Serious Black Cat with a batman hat? Nanjing, China

batman cat

A Serious Black Cat with a batman hat? Nanjing, China.

Have a look at this Cat! This is no ordinary cat.

This is the original Batman Cat!

Have a happy day today.

Have A Hat Day!!!!!

Love. D

A Post without a Hat? – Mad Hatter Hotel, London England

A Post without a Hat? – Mad Hatter Hotel, London England.

They even have a Mad Hatter Hotel in London, England! Have your heard about this hotel! Sounds like a fun hotel to us. 😀

Have a look at the Mad Hatter Hotel at A Hat Day today. 😀

You might want to check out the Mad Hatter Hotel next time you are in London?

Love. D

A Hat Day – Hatter’s Paradise

Miss D loves to read as you all know by now. One of her favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. She loves the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of hearts, Two, Five, and Seven, and the white rabbit.

Guess who she likes the most? The mad hatter! He is hilarious!

To have a bit of fun this Christmas, why not have a Hat Day?

To go to our official A Hat Day website, click here

We love the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. He is such a cutie. Why not catch some photos of what hats people are wearing  this Christmas?

This Christmas, we are creating a Hatter’s Paradise on the MidnightVisitor website. Please submit any hat related photos to us.


  • Send us an email with your hat photo attached. Our email for A Hat Day is at ahatday (at) gmail . com
  • Email us with the location of the hat photo was taken, that will appear as your post’s title. Unless, of course, you want a different title for your hat photo. Email us that as well if you do.
  • If you have a story to tell about your hat photo, do include it and we will publish it with your hat photo.
  • Have a blog or website of your own? Why not include your link in your email and we will post it with your hat post in our hatter’s paradise.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse posting of any images that we deem inappropriate. Yep, we have the final say on picking the images that are fitting for our blog: ie a family fun paradise for us, our family and our friends.

But wait, before you submit,



Images in the form of photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, video and more.

Images that include a hat, hats or at least a glimpse of a hat so we can see they are hat related.

This can include the wearing of a bandore, biretta, bonnet, busby, cap, coiffure, coronet, crown, hat, helmet, hood, miter, tiara, toque, turban…

We don’t care if you have taken the images from your own home town, or while you are traveling (travel photos not necessary).

We don’t care if they are outdoor or indoor images.

Most Important:

You can submit as many times as you have a hat (hats) ready. Sky is the limit for our hatter’s day.

Our goal is to share photos from around the world and have fun.

Hat Day Logo

a hat day logo

a hat day is a happy day