A Piece of Jakarta

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Good afternoon, dear readers. How are you today?

We are working on our eBook ‘A Piece of Jakarta – 31 Days In Jakarta’ at the moment. We are busy writing a few more articles to add into the eBook. Do you want to have a peek of them? These are fantastic, brand new articles that you won’t be able to see anywhere else. Promise.

Daily Musing

In the Daily Musing sector, we will add a few more pieces, the ones we are working on now are as below:

Jakarta Ghost Story 1 or

Jakarta Love Story 1

(We will only put one of these into the eBook, which one do you like more? And yes, these will be the first article of a new series on our blog, we will make sure to write story 2, story 3 etc on our blog :D)

The Technician and the light bulb (Yep, a very funny story which will make you laugh, Miss D can’t wait to show you this one!)

A Conspiracy Theory (A real life story in true Jakarta style, you will love it!)

Restaurant Find Jakarta

In the Restaurant Find Jakarta section, we will add a few new restaurant reviews. Maybe two?

Indonesia Recipe

In this section, if time allows, we will share a few more authentic Indonesia Recipes. But we are running out of time. So not sure about this one yet.

Jakarta Traveler’s Kit

Finally, we will add a brand new section, Jakarta Traveler’s Kit, with many useful, hand picked advises for traveling to Jakarta.

Hope you enjoy our ‘A Piece of Jakarta’ eBook.

Have a lovely day and see you soon.


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