New Baby Name

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The Royal baby name game has officially started. People are making royal memorial plates, cups, mugs to celebrate.

So which baby name will you pick? No, not for the royal baby. Our baby’s name, of course.

We will use the next 9 months to pick a Royal baby name!

For now, we have to pick a name for our baby: our new website, that is.

OK, we might just stick to the midnightvisitor name, but upon checking, it’s been taken.

How can that be?

We can have as many David as we like in real life, why can’t we have the same midnightvisitor name in blog sphere. So not fair!

That’s OK. We are not going to complain. Naming is our specialty, too. If you don’t know this already. We have beautiful names for our pets: our chickens, turtle, and cat. Miss D loves to name her toys. All her toys have their very own names: bluey, shinny, angle, Brenda, etc, etc…

Even funnier, if you are lucky enough to know us in person, we might have named you, too. You see, when we know 8 Davids in our house, it is very hard to tell who is who. So being creative as we are, if you are lucky enough to be the David we know, your new name might be:


Errr…….. Actually, we will pick another name to show you how we do this naming game. We certainly don’t want to be offensive, and who knows, the David we are talking about might just be reading right now. 😀

How about Dumbledor, yeh, Dumbledor will do. Everyone knows Dumbledor, yet lucky enough, we have no real life friends named that yet. So here we go:

In the D house, if you are the Dumbledor we know, we might call you a million things:

An older Dumbledor – ‘Old man’.

A Dumbledor who likes fruits – ‘monkey’.

A tall Dumbledor? ‘bamboo’ sounds like a fitting name. 😀

For a Dumbledor who eats a lot, we name you ‘tiger’. Sometimes, we might call you HT if we happen to see you in action. Don’t know what HT is, it is short for Hungry Tiger, of course.

If Dumbledor was a woman (this is only a game, alright?), her names can be:

A Dumbledor who married a banker, that’s easy, her new name is the ‘banker’s wife’.

A Dumbledor who is from Spain – ‘that Spanish Girl’.

A Dumbledor who enjoys a bit of laugh like us? How does ‘Joker’ sound? Actually, we don’t like that. Joker is not a good name for a girl.

We like chocolate, so we named one of the Indonesia beauty queen after that when we saw her on TV. Indonesians are dark colored, but very beautiful, too. Chocolate is a compliment in the D house, OK?

Anyways, the new names are mostly for fun, sometimes can be a bit over the top, but nothing offensive here in the D House. After all we have to be good role models for Miss D.

So what about our new website name? Well, we have come up with a few different ones. We are still brainstorming. Stay tuned.

Oh, want to see the David in the D house? We actually have one.

Meet our very own David D. Miss D fell in love with this wooden doll in Ikea and had to have it. Miss D loves to draw and she wants to draw this doll as soon as she saw him.

And guess what name she picked for him?

David D.

So here is our David in the D house. We love him and he is a pretty good dancer.

Love. D

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2 responses to “New Baby Name

  1. Ha!
    I like the red.
    Slender David, a little stiff, but slender.

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