Why we break the rules for our Quiz?

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 18

Good morning our dear readers. How are you today?

We need your help!

As you know,we run our MidNightVisitor‘s Quiz once a week on a random day of the week. We have already ran a quiz for this week: ‘How many maids does one household need in Jakarta?’

However we just realized that we have to break our own rules and run one extra quiz this week. It is very important.

Why? Because we need your help!

It all started from yesterday. You know, Miss D is now on school holidays and we have a bit more time. So she is helping out with our blog, taking photos, editing, proofreading, etc. We are having lots of fun doing this.

Yesterday, Miss D was reading the 31 Days In Jakarta series, and came up with a brilliant idea. She liked the 31 Days so much that she asked:

‘Shall we make this into a book?”

Miss D loves books and in fact she is an expert in making books. She made one last year about her great-grandpa for her Social Studies assignment. It was an all A assignment done with flying colors. Her teacher loved it. You can watch the video based on her book on youtube.

(No, this is not a birthday party, it is Miss D winning a reading contest of sort at school, Miss D is the one in the middle with the winning crown and her friends are holding her certificate!)

children book, kids book, fun book, book cover

(Book cover for Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

book by Miss D, books, children's books, ebook

(Pages from Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

We like Miss D’s idea. So we talked a bit more about it and decided that we will make the 31 Days in Jakarta into a book, an eBook to be exact. It’s the raining season here in Jakarta at the moment; making an eBook sounds more appealing than ever.

We have started on the Index page already (we are a ‘do it now’ family if you not already know) and will show you very soon what it is like.

Then we realize that we need a Book Title. You know, a really, really good one, we hope.

Can you help?

If you love the 31 Days in Jakarta like we do, you must have some ideas about what you want to read in this series, and what the title you want it to be.

Below is a few ideas of ours. Please take some time to consider and vote for the one that you like. This will be a book that we will treasure for life. So your vote is a heavy one. (OK, now we have scared you away, haven’t we?)

Thank you for your time. Have fun.

If you have any other titles that you would like us to use, feel free to put­ in. We would love that.

Now, this time the vote does have a time limit. We only have got till the end of October to finish the 31 Days In Jakarta. After that, we need a bit more time to edit the book. So you should be able to see the book before the end of this year. Yeah, a Christmas gift for all of us. Isn’t that Great!

Hurry up, put your thinking caps on and push that button now. We value your votes dearly. (Yes, that includes you Doggy Style and Sydney Fong.)


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