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Valentine’s Day Quiz

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Good morning, how are you today?

Welcome back to the Midnight Visitor Quiz. We have been so busy and haven’t run the Midnight Visitor Quiz for a while now. This will be the first quiz for 2013! Hurray!

And since Valentine’s Day is only a few weeks away, why not have a Valentine’s Day Quiz.

Yes, for this week’s Midnight Visitor Quiz, we will have a Valentine’s Day Special!

So here we go:

Valentine’s Day True or False Quiz:

  • More diamonds are sold on Valentine’s Day than Christmas time? True or False.


  • Valentine’s Day is named after a Saint, that’s why it is also called St Valentine’s Day. True or False.


  • Valentine’s Day is on the 14th February  because St Valentine was born on that day. True or False.


  • On Valentine’s Day every leap year, girls can propose to their partner. True or False.


  • 10 million pounds is spent on flowers in the UK every Valentine’s Day. True or False.


Have fun and happy Valentine’s Day.

Love D

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What we bought in Hangzhou China Today

Good evening from Hangzhou China. We had a great day today riding bikes along the West Lake, which is the most famous place here.

It was 4 degrees here so we bought some gloves to ride our rented bikes. Miss D loved her new pair of gloves, they look nice, aren’t they?

Oh, there are lots of hats shops here, too. We were thinking of buying some, but our coats already have got hats of their own. So not to be a Mad Hatter, we gave it a pass.

girl gloves grey pink black white

We also bought something special which Miss D loves. Have a look, do you know what it is?

mysterious item bought in china

This week’s MidnightVisitor’s Quiz is:

What is this thing we bought today?

Hint: people used it in ancient China for entertainment.

Good luck and the answer will be revealed next Monday.

We have seen so many interesting things here that we want to tell you about. Stay tuned.

Love. D

What Are These Children Doing? – Reveal

Good morning, dear readers,

How are you today? We are in China by now and this is a scheduled post. Hope you like it.

So what are these children doing in the photo below:

what are these kids doing

These children are very excited. But no, they are not rushing for the red ribbon-ed Christmas gift boxes. No, they have more exciting stuff to chase.

girl chasing bubbles in Pacific Place Jakarta

Such a happy girl, what are you staring at?

bubble machine

See that silver machine in the center of this photo? See those oozing white bubbles coming out this machine?

Yes, you are right. It is a bubble machine. It has created such a festive moment  for the kids. They are chasing around like mad. Childhood memories, magical and unforgettable.

kids chasing bubbles in Jakarta Pacific Place Shopping Mall

Do you have any childhood memories that keep you warm this Christmas? How about create one for your children now before they grow up too quickly?

Bye for now and see you soon.

We are going to chase our own bubbles now…

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What Are These Children Doing

what are these kids doing

Do you know what these kids are chasing in this photo?

Yes, this is this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz.

Hint: they are not rushing for Santa’s Gift boxes. 😀

We met these kids from the Jakarta German International School in Pacific Place last week. They performed many Christmas carols and songs for all the shoppers. Everyone had a great time.

choir Jakarta German International School

After the performance, the kids got some well deserved entertainment.

magician jakarta

A magician playing lots of magic tricks with the kids.

santa's helper

Magicians little helper cheered on.

Lady in red watching magic show in jakarta

Even adults were attached to the magic shows. See the lady in Red? So concentrated.

As usual the reveal will be next Monday. We have time stamped this one. 😀

Love. D

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How much do they charge a black plum? – Reveal

blonde girl and fruit price, jakarta fruit price for expats, jakarta price check

Prices in Jakarta can be ridiculous if you are an expat. Locals charge you higher, special expat prices. Sometimes, they will even charge you a blonde price, if you look that good.

Guess how much these two imported black plums that are not even fresh will cost you?

 black plum with price tag

Surprised? Wait till you see the two avocados below:

avocado with price tag

Yes, you are not wrong. They charge you more than USD8 for two imported avocados. Guess that’s OK, when we pay AUD2-3 for one avocado in Sydney. Petrol, fuel cost are increasing by the day, inflation, inflation…

Wait, we have even more surprises for you. Guess how much this bunch of bananas cost you? You will never guess right. So we will tell you now.

banana price jakarta

RP440. How did this happen?

No idea.

We were in a rush and grabbed these bananas in the supermarket. We ended up paying RP440 for these, that’s USD 5 cents. Have you ever paid 5 cents for  a bunch of bananas like these? Anywhere in the world? We would be surprised if you do.

Upon checking, we figure this is a one off human error. Someone happened to put the wrong price tag on these bananas. If you check closely, we were actually paying for some baby sweet oranges (jeruks).

But the price still didn’t look right even if they were baby oranges. Baby oranges still cost much more than USD 5 cents.

Oh, well, guess that’s one of the benefits of living in Jakarta. Very confused,  but somehow benefiting from it?

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Santa Claus and Snowflakes

For this week’s MidnightVisitor quiz, we will have an easy one. Since it is so easy, we figure, we should have two quiz, instead of only one.

Two easy quiz = One normal quiz

Do you agree? We are proud that we are really good at Mathematics!

Here are the two easy quiz for this week:

1. Where does Santa Claus live: Green Land, Scotland, Iceland, or Lap land?

2. How many points does a snow flake have? 5, 6, 8, or 9?

It should take you 5 seconds to answer and your time starts now.


Photo credit: flicker thecolorofair

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Christmas Celebration – When Shall We Start?

Dear readers, how are you today?

A blue sky day eventually turns into a stormy day, again.

There are just so much rain here in Jakarta at the moment. Every day, 3 o’clock on the dot, it starts to rain.

Just a quick note for this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz. Since we have started celebrating Christmas early this year, we want to know if that’s OK.

Anyone out there actually enjoys celebrating Christmas as early as possible, like us? Or, you just hate to mention Christmas. Not that you don’t like Christmas, but that it might just be a bit too early. It is not even December yet, some would think.

So this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz is a survey.

Have fun.

P.S. We won’t close this survey until 25th Dec, 2012.


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How To Rank No. 1 On Google?

Google rank no. 1, google search, google ranking

Show Me A Christmas Present Google Can’t Find – Reveal

Good morning, dear readers. How are you this morning?

Every since we started our MidNightVisitor’s blog, we were fascinated by Google. So many strangers were visiting our blog thanks to Google. Naturally, we want to know: How to rank No. 1 on Google?

We are hard working people and full of curiosity too. We did our own research. We type in lots of search terms in Google to see how we fare:

1. midnightvisitor jakarta or midnightvisitor blog

Not surprisingly, we ranked No. 1 on Google search. In fact, the top 6 posts all belong to Midnightvisitor. Holy cow! OK, now we know that we are truly famous in this universe, at least in Jakarta or in the blog sphere, that is.

If you ever think about opening a franchise of night clubs in Jakarta, you know whose door you should be knocking.

2. christmas dress jakarta

We are fashion oriented people and we love Christmas. Again, we ranked No. 1 on Google search on this one (other than the paid advertisement, of course).

Now we are talking. We made a plaque to make Christmas dress our specialty as soon as we saw this result. Come on girls, let’s doing some Christmas shopping together. That’s a whole lot of fun.

3. jakarta christmas carols

Christmas again. This time it is our magical Christmas Carols. We love Christmas carols. And Google sure knows that. We ranked on the Google search first page again. Not ranked as No. 1 but we have two, no we have three entries on the Google first page. We are sure happy about that. Singing is our specialty as well, do you remember?

4. jakarta itinerary 3 days

Want to travel a bit in Jakarta? Well, search for ‘jakarta itinerary 3 days’ and you will find MidnightVisitor again, on Google first page ranked as: No. 5. We are so proud. We need to negotiate with Jakarta tourism bureau straight away because they should brand us the Tourism Ambassador to Jakarta. No doubt about that!

Sadly, we are a bit too ambitious, if you minus the ‘3 days’ in your Google search, you won’t find us anymore. But, hey, on second look, we are still on Google search second page. In fact, all of the three Jakarta itineraries we have written are all there. Google sure loves us dearly. We couldn’t be more happier. What do you think?

By the way, do you know anyone from Jakarta tourism bureau? Maybe a nice suggestion of naming us the Jakarta Tourism Ambassador of the Year should be in order? Come on, there are still time left for 2012. We wouldn’t mind to be the Ambassador for 2013 either. Just spread the words, will you?

5. Wine and candles

Ummm……… love this one, in true Christmas spirit. We sure know how to have a great time in the Midnight’s house. But on second thought, in reality, actually we have hardly written anything about wine or candles. Don’t get us wrong. We love our wine and candles. But we are also family oriented and don’t want to spoil our public images like that. Now that we are famous, we have to keep up the good images.

However, Google comes to the rescue. Google sure knows us by now and in fact Google loves us, and we are ranked on Google first page again! Geee, how did this happen? Still puzzles us to this day.

OK, be careful when you read the search results. It is the second entry on Google search, with 4 beautiful pictures of wine and candles. There we are, the third picture belongs to us. We are truly honored and are very, very proud of ourselves! Well done, Midnight!

So this Christmas, 2012, we don’t need your money, nor your love. We are not money oriented people. We don’t care much about the former so long as we have our fare share from our hard labour. And love, oh boy, we have plenty of love right here in the Midnight’s house. We are pretty contended with the love we already have.

For this Christmas, 2012, our wish is for you to type in Google, and search any of the terms above. See how your results are. Are they any different from ours? Give those fingers a little exercise, type in those magical words now.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. God bless.

Oh, and for the Reveal, honestly, we don’t have an answer. By now, we are totally, madly in love with Google. We think Google is the one and only. There is nothing Google cannot find.

And just for the record, if you say anything otherwise, you won’t be our friends any more. We will cut off our phone lines, or messaging, or any possible social media network from you. We don’t want to know you unless you are madly in love with Google. Like us.

See you next week, until then, keep those fingers exercising and keep on Googling. 😀

Love from the Midnight’s House. 2012 one month prior to Christmas.

Disclaimer: We do not know anyone from Google. Nor did we receive any monetary incentive from Google for this article. Use Google at your very own risk.

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What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

MidNightVisitor Quiz

Mrs D was waiting for Miss D the other day at school. It was a bit early so she waited in the car. Then she saw a man with a long bamboo pole:

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

The man was wondering around under a tall leafy tree, poking his bamboo pole around. ‘What is this man doing?’ Mrs. D was really curious.

So this week’s MidNightVisitor Quiz is:

What is this man doing with his bamboo pole?

This question is a bit hard to answer because the picture doesn’t reveal much. So any reply remotely related to our answer will be considered as a winning entry. How generous is that! Even Miss D wants to vote now. 😀

Oh, want to see how we normally get into the school gate? Here are some pictures:

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

Mum leaving school through the side door. It is a 1000 meter walk before we can actually reach the real school gate where you can see any students or classrooms.

Security guard opening the main gate for cars. This yellow gate is closed at all times unless a car is coming.

jakarta must see, jakarta fun, jakarta must eat, must see jakarta

Every car is stopped and windows down for security guard to check. Randomly, car boots and doors have to be opened for checking as well.

Not an easy life, don’t you think?

As usual, the reveal will be next Monday. So please come back and check our Time To Reveal next week.

Have fun.

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Why we break the rules for our Quiz?

Kids book, children's book, fun book, reading books, best-sellers, best-selling books

31 Days In Jakarta Day 18

Good morning our dear readers. How are you today?

We need your help!

As you know,we run our MidNightVisitor‘s Quiz once a week on a random day of the week. We have already ran a quiz for this week: ‘How many maids does one household need in Jakarta?’

However we just realized that we have to break our own rules and run one extra quiz this week. It is very important.

Why? Because we need your help!

It all started from yesterday. You know, Miss D is now on school holidays and we have a bit more time. So she is helping out with our blog, taking photos, editing, proofreading, etc. We are having lots of fun doing this.

Yesterday, Miss D was reading the 31 Days In Jakarta series, and came up with a brilliant idea. She liked the 31 Days so much that she asked:

‘Shall we make this into a book?”

Miss D loves books and in fact she is an expert in making books. She made one last year about her great-grandpa for her Social Studies assignment. It was an all A assignment done with flying colors. Her teacher loved it. You can watch the video based on her book on youtube.

(No, this is not a birthday party, it is Miss D winning a reading contest of sort at school, Miss D is the one in the middle with the winning crown and her friends are holding her certificate!)

children book, kids book, fun book, book cover

(Book cover for Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

book by Miss D, books, children's books, ebook

(Pages from Miss D’s book about her great-grandpa)

We like Miss D’s idea. So we talked a bit more about it and decided that we will make the 31 Days in Jakarta into a book, an eBook to be exact. It’s the raining season here in Jakarta at the moment; making an eBook sounds more appealing than ever.

We have started on the Index page already (we are a ‘do it now’ family if you not already know) and will show you very soon what it is like.

Then we realize that we need a Book Title. You know, a really, really good one, we hope.

Can you help?

If you love the 31 Days in Jakarta like we do, you must have some ideas about what you want to read in this series, and what the title you want it to be.

Below is a few ideas of ours. Please take some time to consider and vote for the one that you like. This will be a book that we will treasure for life. So your vote is a heavy one. (OK, now we have scared you away, haven’t we?)

Thank you for your time. Have fun.

If you have any other titles that you would like us to use, feel free to put­ in. We would love that.

Now, this time the vote does have a time limit. We only have got till the end of October to finish the 31 Days In Jakarta. After that, we need a bit more time to edit the book. So you should be able to see the book before the end of this year. Yeah, a Christmas gift for all of us. Isn’t that Great!

Hurry up, put your thinking caps on and push that button now. We value your votes dearly. (Yes, that includes you Doggy Style and Sydney Fong.)

31 Days In Jakarta Day 1

MidNight Quiz – What Is This Indonesia Fruit?

Good morning, dear readers.I am starting this 31 Days In Jakarta series from Oct 1, 2012.

Every day, I will write something about Jakarta, the city we live in. Do you like this idea?

Today is National Batik Day here in Indonesia. We love batik. It is such a nice cloth. It’s color scheme somewhat reminds us of the Aboriginal Art back in Australia.

How are you today? Is there any holiday coming up? We know it is China’s National Day holiday starting Oct 1. How about your country? We wish you have a lovely day wherever you are.

Every day we drive pass this Indonesia fruit tree. It is about 15 meters tall, with huge fruits hanging from the tree trunk.

We felt the fruits, they are very heavy.

We wondered what this fruit tree was when we first arrived in Jakarta. We have never seen a tree like this before. Do you know what it is?

So, this week’s MidNightVisitor‘s quiz is:

What is the name for this Indonesia Fruit Tree?

(Hint: this is the biggest and heaviest fruit in the world.)

Indonesia fruit tree, queen of tropical fruitWe have bought the fruit and eaten it many times since. Indonesians use the fruit to cook in curry dishes. In fact, this fruit tree is so famous that people call it the Queen of Tropical Fruit.

Good luck and we hope to hear from you soon.