Grand Christmas Ornaments

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Christmas Wreath

Christmas DIY book wreath

Got an old book? This book wreath is for you! It is elegant, stylish and beautiful.

Candy Christmas wreath

Christmas candy wreath

If you love candy, you’ll love this Christmas candy wreath. So pretty, yet so yummy. How long will this candy wreath last? Well, depends. If you love candy like us, probably it won’t last at all.

tissue paper wreath for kids to craft

Red Christmas wreath

A red Christmas wreath? That’s the right colour. In true Christmas spirit. Love it. It is kids friendly, too. And guess what it is made of? You won’t believe.

christmas wreath

Gumdrop wreath

A fun Christmas wreath for the young.

Christmas ball wreath

Use up all the Christmas ball ornaments with this great Christmas wreath. It can be any color you like. Be creative.

how to make an evergreen wreath

Christmas green wreath

A green wreath with pine cones. Smell it. It is such a traditional touch to every Christmas home.

A traditional wreath with a twist

Getting tired of the normal ever green wreath from the shops? Add a bit red to it. Red will add instant charm to the Christmas wreath.

Christmas Carols

We love Christmas carols. No Christmas is complete without the Christmas carol. Let’s sing our favorite carols, shall we:

12 Days of Christmas

Silent Night

Jingle Bells

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

We wish you a merry Christmas

O Holy Night

Joy to the World


White Christmas

Christmas Fashion

christmas dress - black

Christmas Black Dress

This Christmas, the little black dress is a must have. Team it up with a nice, quality coat and away we go.

Christmas Animal Prints Dress

A green animal prints dress this Christmas will add charm to any Christmas party. Enjoy yourself, and be wild.

Christmas beige dress

Feel like a goddess already in such a beautiful dress. What more to say?

Christmas red dress

Red is great, red is Christmas! A red Christmas dress is a must have this season.

Christmas blue dress

Blue dress is so vivid and lively. Pair up with high heels and bold accessories. You’ll be the IT girl in any Christmas party.

Christmas Art and Ornament

Christmas DIY clay animals

Love animals? Why not make some DIY clay animals this Christmas. You can also make Christmas earring, and Christmas trees out of it.

Christmas tree art

Love the beach? Why not try this drift branches Christmas tree? Recycle and enjoy.

Lightbulb Angel craft

Christmas light bulb angel ornament

Love angel ornament and have a broken light bulb? Try this Christmas angel ornament. It will turn the waste into magic.

Beaded Angel ornament craft

Christmas beaded angel

Beading is your thing? Why not do a simple and elegant Christmas beaded angel. The gold color will add instant charm to it.

Alphabet Pasta Place Cards

These alphabet pasta place cards are so elegant yet so easy to make. Love the silver gray colour. Why not have a go yourself?

Cookie Cutters as Ornaments or Place Cards

Got some cookie cutters in your kitchen? Why not use them as place cards? Their silver colours are very trendy and can match up with Christmas red or green easily.

Ice Skate Ornaments Made from Twigs

These ice skate boots won’t cost you a thing. Get a nice and sturdy twig from your garden and away you go.

Fabric Angel ornament sewing instructions

Christmas fabric angel

Have some leftover fabrics from your last sewing project? Put them into work with this beautiful Christmas fabric angel. It can be any color. The limit is only our imagination.

Painted ball Christmas ornaments

Painted glass ornaments

With some classic Christmas colours, we can turn any plain glass ornaments into art. Try this painted glass ornaments. Its magical.

DIY Christmas Cards

Create your very own Christmas cards with your little ones this Christmas. It will give you lots of joy and your friends will appreciate them more than they shop ones for sure.

Vintage Felt Baubles

These Christmas felt baubles are so versatile. They can be any color and shape. Very easy to make, yet very decorative.

Giant wall Christmas Tree

If you have a small room and don’t want a real Christmas tree, this wall Christmas tree is right for you. You can make it any size you like to fit into the space you have and add color to your Christmas.

White holiday and wedding centerpiece and tabletop

How to Make a White Centerpiece

This all white Christmas centerpiece is so elegant that it fits to any Christmas party. Your family and friends will love it.

christmas pine cone candle centrepiece

Christmas pine cone and candle centerpiece

This Christmas pine cone and candle centerpiece is warm and welcoming. It brings nature into your house.

Christmas candle and ice centerpiece

We love candles in our house. A Christmas candle and ice centerpiece is so right for this Christmas. It is very easy. A no drainer for sure. Yet, it adds such a romantic feeling to any Christmas party.

Rustic December candle centerpiece

Christmas rustic candle centerpiece

Want a bit of nature and rustic feeling for your Christmas party? This one is for you. It brings the nature and country into your house.


Christmas white candle and nuts centerpiece

Have a nice glass bottles in your house? Why not make them into a nice Christmas decoration for your house? Gather some rustic nuts and pine greens, plus our favorite candle. A very classy Christmas decoration is completed in no time.

candy cane Christmas centrepiece

Candy cane centerpiece

Kids will adore this eatable centerpiece. It will disappear in no time. Gather some of your favorite candies and add a bit of nature touch. A easy candy cane centerpiece is for everyone.

Christmas baubles in a vase

Silver and white Christmas bauble centerpiece

Have some left over Christmas baubles? Put them in a nice glass jar and it will turn into a stunning Christmas centerpiece in no time. Use classic Christmas colours and it will be a winner.

christmas white candle and pine cone centerpiece

Christmas white candle and pine cone centerpiece

Love candles and pine cones? This centerpiece is the perfect combination of both. It is so classy and smells wonderful, too. You can order it from the weblink about, but you can also do a quick easy DIY. Choices are yours.

Christmas mini tree ornaments

Want to make your Christmas tree beautiful without break the bank? Try this Christmas tree mini ornaments. These ornaments are so cute and easy to make.

Clay pot reindeer Christmas ornament

Clay pot rein-deers and snowman

Love clay like we do? Try this reindeer clay ornament. The kids will love it.

woven reindeer Christmas ornament

Woven rein-deer ornament

Indonesians love to weave. This rein-deer looks tiny, but it is a fun to make. Learn some weaving skills along the way, too.

Santa Craft ideas

Santa Claus paper craft

Make some fun paper Santa Claus with your little ones. It is not hard and you end up with a great Santa to keep.

christmas tree nail art

Christmas tree nail art

A fan of christmas trees? You can have it on your digits! How cool is that? Love those green and golden glitters.

Christmas Recipe

Macaron recipe for Christmas

Christmas Macaron Recipe

These macarons are so delightful, they are fit for the grandest Christmas party.


Gingerbread Trifle

This gingerbread trifle is a festive feast for the eyes. The kids friendly luscious layered cake is so easy that even kids can make it. It takes wonderful, and looks so luscious.

Mango Yogurt Parfaits, mango recipe

Mango Yogurt Parfaits

Have a Christmas party downunder? Try this mango yogurt parfaits recipe. Queensland mangoes are the best and they are abundant at Christmas time. We definitely have our share of mangoes here in Jakarta.

Everything Chocolate

christmas recipe dark chocolate and peppermint cheesecake cookie

Dark Chocolate & Peppermint Cheesecake Cookie Cups

These dark chocolate and peppermint cheesecake cookies are a must have this Christmas. They look cute and taste heavenly.

Soft Chocolate Cranberry Brownie – A Perfect Chocolate Recipe

This chocolate cranberry brownie is so soft and moisturized. It is the perfect chocolate recipe. Classic, yet with a twist. You can even add chocolate chips to this chocolate brownie, that will double the happiness for this Christmas.

Martha Stewart Ultimate Chocolate Cake

We love Martha Stewart and this ultimate Chocolate cake is so deep and rich. It is a perfect fit for our Christmas party.


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