How much do they charge a black plum?

We have not done a price check in Jakarta for a while now. Too busy doing other things in life. But we have to ask you a new price quiz this week in MidnightVisitor Quiz after we saw these babies:

black plums price quiz

Two black plums, imported, and by the look of them, they aren’t even fresh any more. Being on the road for too long? Where are you guys from, black plums? You look a bit worn out to us.

Hope you won’t be surprised if you know how much these black plums cost in Jakarta. We won’t buy these for sure.

This week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz is this:

What is the price for these two imported black plums?

Be ambitious and guess high. They won’t disappoint you.

As usual, the Time to Reveal will be published next Monday.

Have fun.

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13 responses to “How much do they charge a black plum?

  1. Are they in the range if US$3 ?

  2. I have no idea but we have a plum tree at out backyard, and its fruit that fall on the ground are creating havoc on the lawn, lol.

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