How to write an eBook in 31 Days

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When we started out our ’31 Days In Jakarta’ series, we haven’t had the idea of turning this into an eBook. It is a project we do because we are now in Jakarta, and we took up the opportunity.

We were really having fun writing our stories. We had so much fun that we didn’t want the party to end. There were so much information we could share about our beloved city. One day, Miss D came up with the idea that we should turn this project into an eBook, so that more people can download, and take a piece of Jakarta with them. Thus began a more structured writing about our ’31 Days In Jakarta’ series.

How to write an eBook in 31 days? Is it even possible? Well, we did it and in fact it was not hard at all. Jakarta is the city we are living in and we know about it. We are passionate about what we are writing and that’s what makes the difference. Every morning, when we wake up, we find more things to write about Jakarta. It’s truly amazing.


So based on our experience, to write an eBook, most important thing is to find a topic we are passionate about. Once we find our topic, the articles will come by themselves.

Now we knew that our topic was about the city of Jakarta, we decided to divide the topic into chapters. We decided to present Jakarta through the flow of our daily life. The chapters are basically about what we do every day:

  1. Daily Musing – everyday Jakarta life throw an expat’s eyes
  2. Jakarta Travel Itinerary
  3. Jakarta Restaurant Find
  4. Indonesia Recipes
  5. Quiz and Fun Facts About Indonesia
  6. Traveler Kit to Jakarta

The Tittle

Next came the question: what would the title be for our eBook? We ran a poll on our blog about this. Our dear readers chipped in and they voted for the eBook title:

‘A piece of Jakarta – 31 Days in Jakarta’

We love this title and will use this for our eBook. We feel this title gives us a branding and set our eBook apart from all the other traveler books about Jakarta.

The eBook Cover

We need a nice book cover and so far Miss D has designed a few different ones. We are very confident that you will like the cover once you see it.

Formatting The eBook

If you think an eBook is done once we finished our writing, then you are wrong. Writing is only part of the business. After writing we need to format it, make it nice with pictures and into the right format for Kindle. Luckily, Miss D has already written a book before, so she will be the expert on this one.

Marketing The eBook

Well, if we are to sell our eBook, we have to marketing it. For us, we won’t be selling it. It’ll be a gift for anyone who is interested in Jakarta or Indonesia. But still, it would be nice for more people to read it, right? So we will be promoting this eBook through Facebook, twitter, and many other social media.

Actually, Miss D came up with another idea. She thought we should put the eBook up for free for one week (for anyone who truly followed us and loves our book). After that, we should charge USD 0.99 for each download so that anyone who download it will truly treasure it. What do you think?

Our eBook will be available before the end of November. So stay tuned and visit us when you have a moment.

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7 responses to “How to write an eBook in 31 Days

  1. I think Miss D comes up with some very smart ideas! This is the type of work that is fun, huh?

  2. What a great endevour! And just in time for NaNoWriMo! I wish you tons of luck!

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