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A Quick Lunch – What’s missing in this Jus Alpukat


Can you tell what’s wrong with this Jus Alpukat? Jus Alphkat or Avacado Juice is one of our favorite drinks in Indonesia. We even have our very own recipe for it. But can you tell what’s missing with this Jus Alpukat?

Mrs D went for a quick lunch last week after shopping for Miss D’s coming China trip. Yes, Miss D is now in China again! Two China trips in less than two months. Miss D is sure a very busy 12 years old.

So after shopping, Mrs D had a quick lunch at Citoes (a popular expat shopping plaza in South Jakarta, where many working expats have lunches). She loved her drinks and ordered her favorite Jus Alpukat and Nasi Goreng (Fried Rice).

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After ordering, the waiter came back with a large glass of Jus Alpukat, and said sorry that they had made the Juice but found out they had run out of Chocolate milk.

‘Do you still want it, mama?’ the waiter asked, holding the glass and offered a different drink if Mrs. D didn’t want it.

Of course, Mrs. D took it, she hates waste. The Jus Alpukat turned out yummy as usual.

Maybe next time, we will ignore the Chocolate milk part when we make the Jus Alpukat at home. A more healthy version, Yeh!

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Restaurant Find Jakarta – Pizza Marzano

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31 Days In Jakarta Day 19

Do you know? They serve nice, yummy chocolate brownies in Pizza Marzano in Jakarta. Dessert after pizza, that’ll certainly put a few more kilos on our tummy!

We went to eat at Pizza Marzano because Miss D wanted Pizza. We have to have pizza once in a while, especially now that we are on holidays. What do you think?

Pizza Marzano, pizza, Indonesia pizza, pizza shop, PIM, Pondok Indah Mal

Entrance at Pizza Marzano at PIM (Pondok Indah Mall), one of the fancy shopping malls in south Jakarta. Many people ate there the day we went and we had to wait for 30 minutes for a table. That said something about this pizza shop, right? Or, was it because the promotion sign of 50% discount by using credit card? Everyone loves a bargain, no matter which country we were. That’s the universal truth we learned over the years.

But hey this is a great promotion, especially when we saw that some other restaurants were almost empty while we need to wait for our pizza. Well, Miss D wanted pizza, what can we do?

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We didn’t waste our time while waiting. We loved watching the live pizza making at Pizza Mazarno. Also loved the stripped T-shirt by the way. Nothing beats a freshly made pizza dough.

Talking about that, ever since we bought our bread-maker, we have been making our own pizza dough at home. The pizzas we made are heavenly. Have to show you some of our own home-made pizza soon.

Pizza of the month: Indonesian Beef Rendang Pizza. Beef rendang is a classic Indonesia dish, very flavorful and spicy. We wondered what it tasted like but didn’t gather enough courage to try.

As always and the same as all other Indonesia restaurants, the good old chilli flakes and chilli sauce were served in Pizza Mazarno. Supposedly, we should dazzle our pizzas with these goody and make them super yummy. Again, we didn’t try. Maybe we haven’t stayed long enough in Jakarta yet? Would you put chilli flakes on your pizzas?

We were also given forks and knifes to eat our pizzas. Nice. But we prefer the conventional way to just eat use our bare hands.

This was what we ordered at Pizza Marzano. Note prices this time were from memories, as Mrs D lost the receipt 😀

Pizza Mazarno

The American Pizza.

(IDR 89,000. Pepperoni, mozzarella, tomatoes.)

Pizza Marzano Pizza Romana Pollo Pancetta

The Romana Pollo Pancetta Pizza

(IDR 85.000. Chicken, yellow peppers, crispy beef bacon, peperonata sauce.)

The Four Seasons Pizza

( IDR69,000 , mushrooms, pepperoni, anchovies & capers, mozzarella, olives)

For drinks, we all had coke (IDR 20,000 each). That’s what we always have while eating pizza. We might try other soft drinks occasionally, but we go back to coke eventually. How about you? What’s your favorite drink while eating pizza?

For dessert, Miss D shared the chocolate brownie with Mrs D. (About IDR 30,000?)

Pizza Marzano also serve Italian starters and sides, salad, pasta, deserts and many kinds of drinks. We would like to try their pasta next time we come.

We had to Wait for the cashier before we leave Pizza Marzano. Very warm welcoming wall color and nice golden framed paintings.

Pizza Marzano has many outlets in Jakarta:

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Overall, we enjoyed our pizzas, and would love to come back to Pizza Marzano every now and then.

The Pizza Marzano we went to:
Pizza Marzano PIM 2 
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
South Jakarta
Tel: 75920990

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Jus alpukat

搜寻雅加达餐厅 – Pizza Marzano


你知道吗?在雅加达的Pizza Marzano有美味的巧克力布朗尼。吃完比萨饼,再吃甜品,我们的肚子一定会多长几公斤的!

我们去Pizza Marzano吃饭,因为D小姐想吃比萨。每过一段时间我们就必须吃一次比萨,特别是现在,我们是在假期, 就更要吃比萨了。你怎么想?

Pizza Marzano, pizza, Indonesia pizza, pizza shop, PIM, Pondok Indah Mal

我们去的Pizza Marzano在PIM(Pondok Indah购物中心),这是一家在雅加达南部的豪华商场,看这是它的入口。我们去的那一天,有很多人在吃,我们不得不等了30分钟。这表示,这个比萨饼店的东西还不错,对不对?或者, 这是因为使用信用卡有50%的折扣的促销吗?每个人都喜欢便宜货,不管我们在哪个国家。这是我们多年的经验得出的普遍真理。


pizza, making pizza, Pizza Marzano, PIM, Pondok Indah Mall, Jakarta shopping mall, Jakarta pizza

等待的时候,我们并没有浪费我们的时间。我们喜欢看Pizza Marzano 的现场比萨制作。我们也很喜欢这件条纹T恤。没有什么比新鲜的手工比萨饼面团更好的了。


本月推荐比萨:印尼牛肉Rendang比萨。Rendang 牛肉是一个典型的印尼菜,非常可口,辛辣。我们想知道它的味道像什么,但没有聚集足够的勇气去尝试。

一如往常,和所有其他的印尼餐厅一样,Pizza Marzano 提供辣椒片,辣椒酱。据说,我们应该把这些好东西撒在比萨饼上,这样他们超好吃的。同样,我们没有尝试。也许我们并没有在雅加达停留足够长的时间?你把辣椒片撒在比萨饼上吗?


这就是我们在Pizza Marzano 点的比萨。注意这次的价格只是我们记得的价格,因为D太太把收据弄丢了。:D

Pizza Mazarno

(IDR89,000。1 USD = 9,600 IDR. 辣肉肠,奶酪,西红柿。)

Pizza Marzano Pizza Romana Pollo Pancetta

(IDR85.000。1 USD = 9,600 IDR. 鸡,黄色的辣椒,香酥牛肉培根,peperonata酱;。)

(IDR69,000,1 USD= 9,600 IDR。蘑菇,香肠,凤尾鱼和酸豆,奶酪,橄榄)


D小姐和D太太共享甜点,巧克力布朗尼.(约30,000 IDR?)

Pizza Marzano也提供意大利前菜,沙拉,意大利面,甜点和多种饮料。下次来的时候,我们想试试面食。


Pizza Marzano 在雅加达有很多个:

整体而言,我们喜欢我们的比萨饼,我们会再回来的,Pizza Marzano。

我们去了的Pizza Marzano的地址:

Pizza Marzano PIM 2 
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
South Jakarta
Tel: 75920990


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