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This is China – Developing or Not

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We were on the bus in Hangzhou, China when Miss D asked if China was a developed country or developing country.

When Mr. D asked Miss D what she thought the answer might be. Miss D told us that China looked like a developed country to her.

Well, we were only in China for two days at that time, and admittedly we had pampered ourselves a bit: living in a nice hotel, and eat in nice restaurants, so yeah all were pretty fancy in Miss D’s eyes.

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But, what made Miss D thought China was a developed country was this:

‘There are so many elderly people in China, mama. Japan is a developed country and Japan has many elderly people. Does this make China a developed country?’

(We met a lot of Elderly Chinese on the bus in Hangzhou, and they can ride bus for free if they are over 70 years old. Believe me, half of the buses were with these elderly people during the time we rid the buses. BTW, buses in China are clean and nice, with proper doors, too :D)

‘Besides, there are lots of rich people in China.’

(OK, we were in a China bank one day, and we saw people coming into the bank with bags of money, no kidding. Do you know how much cash this lady’s black bag can carry? Well, we saw a mid-aged Chinese lady came into the bank with a bag like this and it was full of money!)

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‘And people here wear nice clothes, too.’

(People, especially young people, wore fashionable clothes in China, very trendy. Girls have nice hair, too.)

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There you go, these are the 3 reasons Miss D thought China is a developed country.

Our experience in China later on soon changed her mind. Miss D agreed very quickly that China is a developing country. We will tell you the story in ‘5 Peculiar Things About China’ soon.

Stay tuned.

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