Christmas Gift Guide For Man – Have you got that Christmas gift for him yet?

christmas gift guide for man

We haven’t shopped for Mr. D for a long time now. Actually we haven’t shopped for Mr. D since our last failed pants shopping trip. He hates shopping. We hate shopping for him. 😀

But, don’t worry. Organized as Mrs. D is, she has even got a Christmas Gift Guide ready for Mr. D. Actually it is the perfect Christmas Gift Guide for any man. Why not have a look?

We have the usual toilette, perfume, tie, undies, and casual T shirts for Mr. D. He needs them everyday anyway. A good excuse to go shopping.

If we have a bit more cash, we will buy him a nice pair of new shoes. Good quality shoes which can last another 10 years, we hope. OK, make it 5 years. Ten years is a bit ambitious, even for us.

We might even buy him a nice piece of jacket. Not that we need it everyday here in Jakarta. Just that it feels nice to wear a jacket every now and then. Besides, we might travel and it might be chilly where we go. So a nice but causal jacket will be good for Mr. D.

But what Mr. D really, really need is a great leather sofa. Mr. D is a night owl and can work really late till the wee hours. A great leather sofa will make his night peaceful and comfortable. A great investment, don’t you think? A hard working man deserve a great comfortable place.

OK, a great sofa might be great. But that’s only Mrs. D’s wish upon Mr. D. If Mr. D had a choice, guess what he really, really want? How about a Harley-Davidson? If he had a choice, we think him might opt for a good old Harley. 😀

Too bad, that’s not allowed. Not when we are in Jakarta anyway. Maybe, just maybe, we will get one for Mr. D, if we are back to Sydney. And if, he has worked really hard for it. 😀

For more fashion style, check out our online shopping guide

Midnight Visitor’s Online Fashion Shopping Guide for Women’s Fashion here

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Are you travel ready this Christmas – Casual Christmas Outfits

long flight holiday

Long flights could be hard especially for the little ones. This winter, where are you going to spend your Christmas?

Lots of the expats in Jakarta are getting ready to fly!

To America.

To France.

To Sweden.

To Australia!

Are you travel ready this Christmas? What have you packed in your suit cases? Even if you are not traveling, what are you planning to wear this Christmas?

We love dresses, the fancier the dress the better. Little woman’s dream.

But it didn’t work sometime. You see, most of the time, we are invited to attend family gatherings where wearing casual outfits are the best.

We certainly don’t want to go to a picnic in the park with our fancy dress, let alone sitting on the grass with it. Or how about a beach-side barbecue dinner? Can you image wearing high heels and hot red lips standing among the smoke? Oh, no. We can’t do that. Not with the children in sight.

So we found a few items and through together a casual yet stylish outfit for this Christmas, just for you, and with affordable prices.

Actually, we haven’t got around to do that either (CHECKING THE AFFORDABLE PRICES, that is), because we have a dinner party to attend. A casual one, of course, in a cozy Jakarta home!

So see you tomorrow.

Meanwhile you can check a few of our fancy dresses here while planning a more practical travel outfit for the flight!

Love. D

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The Best Christmas Tree Competition – Have you put up your Christmas Tree yet?

Gosh, only two more weeks to go before Christmas! Thirty days to be exact. Are you excited?!

Not everyone is celebrating Christmas in Jakarta, we have 80% population of Muslims, the world’s largest Muslim country.

But been a metropolitan city Jakarta is, we do run Christmas Tree Competition here.

Have a look at this, do you know what it is?

christmas tree green and orange

The green, orange and gold colour, very Christmas like, isn’t it? Well, you are right. It is not only Christmas related, it is actually the certer of Christmas!

It is the Christmas Tree!

christmas tree gold green and orange

How about you? Have you put up your Christmas tree yet? Time is running out.

Wanna join the Christmas tree competition? Have a look, there are some amazing trees here: unique and environmental friendly to say the least.

christmas tree voting

Polluted as Jakarta is, we do have a green cause. Please vote our Christmas green tree:

christmas tree green with red and white candy cane

We have throw in a giant candy cane for whoever supports our green course. 😀

Hope you like it.

christmas tree gold

How about a golden Christmas tree? Actually we love the magical lights at the background better.

To show our gratitude for your readership this year, we have gifts glore for everyone. Enjoy your Christmas and have a great new year.

christmas gift

Love. D

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A Clown, a comedia, a princess and 3 fancy hats – Jakarta Indonesia

This is a picture we took in PIM (Pondok Indah Shopping Mall) in South Jakarta. Look at the three hats the magician and his helpers are wearing, and their outfits. It can be in any other cities in the world, can’t it?

Oh, we have created a brand new blog for A Hat Day because it is focused only on Hats!!!

Check A Hat Day – Hatter’s Paradise now!!!!

Love. D

A Hat Day

A Clown, a comedia, a princess and 3 fancy hats Jakarta

View original post

What Are These Children Doing

what are these kids doing

Do you know what these kids are chasing in this photo?

Yes, this is this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz.

Hint: they are not rushing for Santa’s Gift boxes. 😀

We met these kids from the Jakarta German International School in Pacific Place last week. They performed many Christmas carols and songs for all the shoppers. Everyone had a great time.

choir Jakarta German International School

After the performance, the kids got some well deserved entertainment.

magician jakarta

A magician playing lots of magic tricks with the kids.

santa's helper

Magicians little helper cheered on.

Lady in red watching magic show in jakarta

Even adults were attached to the magic shows. See the lady in Red? So concentrated.

As usual the reveal will be next Monday. We have time stamped this one. 😀

Love. D

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A Hat Day – Hatter’s Paradise

Miss D loves to read as you all know by now. One of her favourite book is Alice in Wonderland. She loves the Cheshire Cat, the Queen of hearts, Two, Five, and Seven, and the white rabbit.

Guess who she likes the most? The mad hatter! He is hilarious!

To have a bit of fun this Christmas, why not have a Hat Day?

To go to our official A Hat Day website, click here

We love the mad hatter in Alice in Wonderland. He is such a cutie. Why not catch some photos of what hats people are wearing  this Christmas?

This Christmas, we are creating a Hatter’s Paradise on the MidnightVisitor website. Please submit any hat related photos to us.


  • Send us an email with your hat photo attached. Our email for A Hat Day is at ahatday (at) gmail . com
  • Email us with the location of the hat photo was taken, that will appear as your post’s title. Unless, of course, you want a different title for your hat photo. Email us that as well if you do.
  • If you have a story to tell about your hat photo, do include it and we will publish it with your hat photo.
  • Have a blog or website of your own? Why not include your link in your email and we will post it with your hat post in our hatter’s paradise.

NOTE: We reserve the right to refuse posting of any images that we deem inappropriate. Yep, we have the final say on picking the images that are fitting for our blog: ie a family fun paradise for us, our family and our friends.

But wait, before you submit,



Images in the form of photos, paintings, drawings, sculptures, video and more.

Images that include a hat, hats or at least a glimpse of a hat so we can see they are hat related.

This can include the wearing of a bandore, biretta, bonnet, busby, cap, coiffure, coronet, crown, hat, helmet, hood, miter, tiara, toque, turban…

We don’t care if you have taken the images from your own home town, or while you are traveling (travel photos not necessary).

We don’t care if they are outdoor or indoor images.

Most Important:

You can submit as many times as you have a hat (hats) ready. Sky is the limit for our hatter’s day.

Our goal is to share photos from around the world and have fun.

Hat Day Logo

a hat day logo

a hat day is a happy day

Christmas Table Decoration Ideas


Looking for some Christmas table decoration ideas? We are excited when we see this Martha’s Woodland Christmas table.

Maybe next year we will try this table if we are back to Sydney? We always have a nice table setting during our Christmas season back home. Here in Jakarta with only 6 cubic meters of shipping, we have to make do with a simpler and rented table. 😀

Anyways, we will be traveling this Christmas, guess the Christmas table can wait…

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How much do they charge a black plum? – Reveal

blonde girl and fruit price, jakarta fruit price for expats, jakarta price check

Prices in Jakarta can be ridiculous if you are an expat. Locals charge you higher, special expat prices. Sometimes, they will even charge you a blonde price, if you look that good.

Guess how much these two imported black plums that are not even fresh will cost you?

 black plum with price tag

Surprised? Wait till you see the two avocados below:

avocado with price tag

Yes, you are not wrong. They charge you more than USD8 for two imported avocados. Guess that’s OK, when we pay AUD2-3 for one avocado in Sydney. Petrol, fuel cost are increasing by the day, inflation, inflation…

Wait, we have even more surprises for you. Guess how much this bunch of bananas cost you? You will never guess right. So we will tell you now.

banana price jakarta

RP440. How did this happen?

No idea.

We were in a rush and grabbed these bananas in the supermarket. We ended up paying RP440 for these, that’s USD 5 cents. Have you ever paid 5 cents for  a bunch of bananas like these? Anywhere in the world? We would be surprised if you do.

Upon checking, we figure this is a one off human error. Someone happened to put the wrong price tag on these bananas. If you check closely, we were actually paying for some baby sweet oranges (jeruks).

But the price still didn’t look right even if they were baby oranges. Baby oranges still cost much more than USD 5 cents.

Oh, well, guess that’s one of the benefits of living in Jakarta. Very confused,  but somehow benefiting from it?

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A Casual Floral Christmas Outfit

a casual floral christmas outfit


Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate – Jakarta snapshoots through D’s camera

From the food and recipes we put out on Midnightvisitor, you would agree that we don’t believe in diets or restricting ourselves in the D house. We love our chocolates, cakes, and anything yummy. But don’t get us wrong, we do believe in a balanced diet (or to a broader extend – a balanced life) so to speak.

We are so looking forward to Christmas, and one of our priorities for this Christmas is to eat all the decadent treats we crave! Think chocolate brownies, chocolate mousse, chocolate cookies, chocolate fudges…

Oh, my, our mouths are watering the moment we write this. How about a Jakarta Chocolate Roadshow for today? We can’t wait.

Of course, we will do some high impact cardio, a hot yoga and a soothing swim after this. That’s the secret why we can keep on eating this Christmas. 😀

Jakarta is not a sleepy fishing village any more. Those years are long gone. Jakarta is in fact a big metropolitan city today, and it has all the Chocolates in the world.

This week, the D’s camera is going to show case some of the best Chocolates that Jakarta is on offer.


chocolate cakes

So many chocolate cakes, which one to pick? So hard, yet so tempting…

chocolate brochure, chocolate cakes, chocolate

How about checking out the brochures first? That’ll get us going.

Cheese cake we bought.

chocolate cheese cake

Smaller but better chocolate cheese cake!

We love our cheese cakes. And a chocolate cheese cake? That’s even better. This is the same cheese cake as we bought for Miss D. The only difference is it is topped with chocolate filling and laced with white meringue.

And the price? It is RP11,500 for the smallest 20x10cm cake, and runs up to RP1,220,000 for the biggest 60x40cm cake. (1USD = RP9,600)

How did we miss that the last time we went shopping? We love the topping! One more reason to go back.

chocolate slice and hot chocolate

Another great chocolate cake, tiny but great. We always enjoy dark chocolate. The bitterness keeps us want more. Enjoy a great cuppa after this. We will add some coco on top, just for you.

chocolate ice creams

How about some chocolate ice-cream? Actually, any kind of ice-cream will be fine for us. After all, it is always hot in Jakarta, and ice-cream is so popular here. We won’t mind a truck load of it, in fact.

chocolate cup cake chocolate red velvet

Wait, we not only have chocolate ice-creams in Jakarta, we also have chocolate  cup cakes. They are smaller but taste as great as their bigger chocolate buddies. Why not give them a go? You might like them, too. Besides, the sales girls in Jakarta are super nice. We don’t want to disappoint them, do we?

chocolate royce jakarta

You won’t think that we would leave you empty handed after all these, would you? We can’t do that. Chocolate is for everyone, so here it goes, the shops where we normally get our chocolates and cakes in Jakarta. You’ll find them at the end of this article.

royce chocolate jakarta

Still, this is only the tip of the iceberg. We guarantee that Jakarta has much more chocolates on offer: in fancy restaurants, hotels, cake shops, chocolate shops…

If you really, really want more, you have to come over and see for yourself. And God knows, we might even put up a few more of our favorite chocolate shows before Christmas. After all, this is the holiday season, what more excuses do we need to enjoy Chocolate?

The chocolate/cakes shops we frequent:

The harvest

Jl. Arteri Pondok Indah, No.38E, Jakarta Selatan



Royce Chocolates Indonesia

Pondok Indah Mall 1

Awfully chocolate Jakarta

Plaza Indonesia
Level LB#31 Jalan M.H Thamrin Kav.
28-30 Jakarta,10350
T: (62) 21 3199 0205
F: (62) 21 3199 0208

Open 10am – 10pm daily

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A Purple Christmas Outfit

a purple christmas outfit

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We have a problem

Kim Jong Un, we have a problem!

No, we are not flying to the moon and it isn’t snowing in Jakarta. 😀

We are going to China this Christmas. Can’t wait!

But before that we’ve got a eBook to finish and time is running out.

Actually, don’t even worry about that, finishing the eBook that is. Being a good planner Mrs. D is, we sure can complete the writing and editing on the last day (or more likely the last minute?) prior to our flight. She’s that good, very very prompture, if you ask her friends. 😀

An update on our eBook:

We have completed another great Jakarta musing for you. A duck story.

Jakarta musing duck story

Don’t you just love it? We had a lot of laugh over this one.

Well, the title of this article is not ‘A Duck Story’. In fact, it has nothing to do with duck. The title of the new story is:

The Technician and the Light Bulb

This story is a classic one during our stay in Jakarta so far. Somehow, it is similar to the duck story we have put out at the end of the article. Not a duck story, a duck joke, to be exact. Haven’t we told you just now that we have a lot of laugh over this article?

Writing is our thing in the D House, no problem.


Well, it’s also going well thanks to Miss D. She’s got some final school tests and assignments to go through, still she finds the time to help out with the editing. Sometimes, Miss D is so amazing that she makes us forget that she is only 12 years old. (OK, admittedly, our view on Miss D is fully biased, but don’t you do the same with your 12 year old?! After all Mrs. D’s parents are still doing this until this date!)

So what’s the problem?

The problem is: we can’t upload the eBook to our website!

Well, there is one solution: we can upload our eBook to some other website and give you a link, then you can go there to download.

We don’t wanna do that.

It’s like give up our own child out to a total stranger.

There is another solution: you send us your email request, and we reply with our eBook attached. Great idea, but can’t work either. Not while we are traveling in China. We have to set our priorities right. 😀

This problem is one of the reasons that we are switching to a better website. One that let us do all the things we want to: ie playing videos, songs, a better theme, better design… and of course, a function for downloading eBooks.

You wouldn’t think we will only write one eBook, would you?

Oh, no. We have more than one eBook for sure. This blog is going to last forever (OK, maybe not that ambitious, how about 10 years?). If we can write one eBook in 31 days, we sure can write at least 3 to 5 eBooks during our 10 years of writing.

Piece of cake. Can’t mess around in the math department with the Ds. 😀

So what to do now with our only eBook? After all it is our first e-child, a treasure in the D family. Well, if you know our private email address (not the midnightvisitor gmail account), you can send us an email and we will email you our eBook, even while we’re traveling.

Let’s see, hummm… that will easily pass the one million mark already. (OK, it’s more like one hundred, but a million sounds much better…)

If you don’t know our private email address, then can you wait till after our holidays? You can download the eBook from our new website. How exciting is that? A brand new website and a brand new eBook. Life is full of goodies.

Meanwhile, while you are here, why not check out some Christmas goodies on our website, make a couple of Christmas ornaments, taste our Christmas recipes, and shop for a few fashion items. Have a great time this Christmas!

Love. D

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DIY Christmas Ornaments – Christmas Wreath

Let It Snow song and lyrics

Now that we have snowflakes on our Midnightvisitor site, we have to sing the snow song. So here we go:


Let It Snow song and lyrics

Oh, the weather outside is frightful
But the fire is so delightful.
And since we’ve no place to go,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

It doesn’t show signs of stopping,
And I brought some corn for popping;
The lights are turned way down low,
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

When we finally say good night,
How I’ll hate going out in the storm;
But if you really hold me tight,
All the way home I’ll be warm.

The fire is slowly dying,
And, my dear, we’re still good-bye-ing,
But as long as you love me so.
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

To check out more Christmas songs and carols, click here.

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D’s Bucket List and the end of the world

angle and gun and the end of the world

We have only got till next Tuesday before the world is going to end. Scary stuff. Angles, arrows, guns? Which one to pick? Who to believe? Does anyone know the Mayas? How reliable these ancient people are?

Whatever will happen, we are going to stop blogging and spend all the remaining precious time with our family and loved ones. Actually we will be on a flight to Sydney as soon as Mr. D finishes his work on Friday. 😀

How about you? Is there anything on your mind that you must do before the end of the world?

We know, we have just published our Christmas wishes this week. But we can’t wait any longer, we are gonna publish the D’s Bucket List right now, until it’s too late.

So here is D’s bucket list:

  1. Skating in Antarctic with dogs
  2. Safari in Africa
  3. Check out the Caribbeans
  4. Go to New York and a few other metropolitan cities
  5. Diving at Ko Phi Phi
  6. Meet the Pharaohs in Egypt


OK, this list is already too long, hope you have got the drill by now…

We have got an around the world flight to catch.

To complete these trips in less than a week, aren’t we ambitious?!

Last but not least, while we are on the airplane, we will eat all the chocolate we can possibly eat. No time to be wasted. Not until next Tuesday.

What is your bucket list? Do you have one? Time is running out!

Love. D

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New Baby Name

royal baby name, pick names, name jokes

The Royal baby name game has officially started. People are making royal memorial plates, cups, mugs to celebrate.

So which baby name will you pick? No, not for the royal baby. Our baby’s name, of course.

We will use the next 9 months to pick a Royal baby name!

For now, we have to pick a name for our baby: our new website, that is.

OK, we might just stick to the midnightvisitor name, but upon checking, it’s been taken.

How can that be?

We can have as many David as we like in real life, why can’t we have the same midnightvisitor name in blog sphere. So not fair!

That’s OK. We are not going to complain. Naming is our specialty, too. If you don’t know this already. We have beautiful names for our pets: our chickens, turtle, and cat. Miss D loves to name her toys. All her toys have their very own names: bluey, shinny, angle, Brenda, etc, etc…

Even funnier, if you are lucky enough to know us in person, we might have named you, too. You see, when we know 8 Davids in our house, it is very hard to tell who is who. So being creative as we are, if you are lucky enough to be the David we know, your new name might be:


Errr…….. Actually, we will pick another name to show you how we do this naming game. We certainly don’t want to be offensive, and who knows, the David we are talking about might just be reading right now. 😀

How about Dumbledor, yeh, Dumbledor will do. Everyone knows Dumbledor, yet lucky enough, we have no real life friends named that yet. So here we go:

In the D house, if you are the Dumbledor we know, we might call you a million things:

An older Dumbledor – ‘Old man’.

A Dumbledor who likes fruits – ‘monkey’.

A tall Dumbledor? ‘bamboo’ sounds like a fitting name. 😀

For a Dumbledor who eats a lot, we name you ‘tiger’. Sometimes, we might call you HT if we happen to see you in action. Don’t know what HT is, it is short for Hungry Tiger, of course.

If Dumbledor was a woman (this is only a game, alright?), her names can be:

A Dumbledor who married a banker, that’s easy, her new name is the ‘banker’s wife’.

A Dumbledor who is from Spain – ‘that Spanish Girl’.

A Dumbledor who enjoys a bit of laugh like us? How does ‘Joker’ sound? Actually, we don’t like that. Joker is not a good name for a girl.

We like chocolate, so we named one of the Indonesia beauty queen after that when we saw her on TV. Indonesians are dark colored, but very beautiful, too. Chocolate is a compliment in the D house, OK?

Anyways, the new names are mostly for fun, sometimes can be a bit over the top, but nothing offensive here in the D House. After all we have to be good role models for Miss D.

So what about our new website name? Well, we have come up with a few different ones. We are still brainstorming. Stay tuned.

Oh, want to see the David in the D house? We actually have one.

Meet our very own David D. Miss D fell in love with this wooden doll in Ikea and had to have it. Miss D loves to draw and she wants to draw this doll as soon as she saw him.

And guess what name she picked for him?

David D.

So here is our David in the D house. We love him and he is a pretty good dancer.

Love. D

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Christmas Dress – Animal Print Dress For Christmas

World Peace For You – DIY Christmas Card

Now that Mrs. D has a second wish for Christmas, she has to make it happen.

‘World Peace’, this is a hard one, especially when we live in Indonesia. Every day we were reminded of ‘danger is looming’ around the corner.

We have guards in our house (although their job is mostly sleeping during the day and night.) 😀

Guards at the shopping mall (they can’t sleep, day or night, poor guys).

Guards at school and office entrance (OK, they can sleep, sometimes, when the rush hour is over).

And don’t even mention guards at the Embassies, they hold real guns, and they won’t be afraid of using them.

Etc, etc…

So a big thank you for those who reminded Mrs. D. World Peace is a must have this Christmas in the D house and everywhere else in the world.

How about sending a little bit of ‘World Peace’ to you family and friends, and spread the love?

To do that, we have come up with a very simple, yet elegant idea:

peace love joy christmas card

Why not create some DIY Christmas cards with the simple words :

Peace, Love and Joy

It is easy to make. Simply find a piece of craft paper you like, and gather a few great ideas and away we go. You can even put your favorite photo and send together to the world (aka your loved ones)…

How about a Royal Blue one, royal blue is popular this Christmas thanks to our royal baby:

Peace, Hope Love Unique Christmas Card

Or a cute little elephant. Elephant is such an adorable animal and we love riding them. They sure can help with world peace with their mighty trunks and good personalities.

Or a classic Christmas bauble with your favorite family photo:

What does world peace mean to you?

Love. D

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Jakarta Weather Station

jakarta blue sky and white clouds

We might as well change our name from MidnightVisitor to Jakarta Weather Station!

Yep, you got it, it rained again this afternoon here in Jakarta. Some places were flooded soon enough after 10 minutes of heavy down pour.

Can you imagine it is all started with this:

jakarta blue sky and white clouds with yellow girls

Blue skies, white clouds, nice flow traffic (oops, actually no traffic in this picture! Well done, Jakarta, you amazed us again). Satu Lagi (means AGAIN in Indonesia Language. :D)

Mrs. D got really frustrated in the car stuck in the traffic on her way home after a lovely lunch in Pacific Place (a fancy shopping mall in central Jakarta). All the happiness from earlier of the day was slowly winding away.

She’s got a kid to take out of school and she was running late. There was nothing she can do, not even with a driver who knows all the short-cuts in South Jakarta. She was rather anxious. She really didn’t want to be late.


Until she saw this man:

jakarta rubbish colletor braving heavy rain

A rubbish man braving the wind and rain, treading in the flood, and just kept on going.

What’s going through his mind? Was he frustrated like us?

jakarta rubbish colletor braving rain

We would never know.

Unlike Paris Hilton, Mrs. D would never stop her car and talk to a total stranger. Not in circumstances like this. Everyone has his own dignity. Who are we to judge? After all, it was not a street beggar she had seen.

Anyway, Mrs. D was much calmer and relaxed after this. No way she was going to turn herself into a banker’s wife, that’s Mr. D’s job. 😀

Happiness, isn’t it a strange thing? Have you figured out yours yet?

Love. D

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How to make a professional presentation with only one word

chicken teenagers

You might think our chickens look ugly with those bold heads and half grown feathers.

Welcome to the teenager world. This picture is taken when our chickens were 3 weeks old. Tender ages. They haven’t got their luscious, glorious feathers yet, but we love them all the same.

They are much cutier when they were 4 days old though. Tiny fluffy balls, even Miss D could cup them in her hands:

chicken 4 days old

It is almost the end of the school term now here in Jakarta. Miss D is busy preparing one of her important presentations for her science class. She loves science and is pretty good at presentation.

Miss D found a fun presentation joke the other day while doing her research. It is like this:

Image you are attending a presentation. The speaker is doing his business:

Good morning, everyone,

My name is Brad.

Today I am going to talk about ….

Do you know anything about …?

Let’s see, there are four important steps…

Step 1…

Step 2…

Blah blah blah…

There goes our two and half hour presentation. Have you dosed off while listening?

Now, replace all the above words with one word. Only ONE word. Which word do you fancy?

How about the word ‘Chicken’?

We love chickens and we are curious to see what it’s like to do a whole presentation with just this one word.

Make sure you use your wildest imagination and be a really passionate presenter: use tones, questions, exclamation marks, and lots of boring voices, OK?

So here we go, our professional Chicken presentation:

Chicken presentation

Chicken, chicken chicken chicken chicken?

Chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken?


Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken.


Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken. Chicken?! (image you see a graph data here…)

Chicken presentation with data chart


Chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken? Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken!

Chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken. Chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken chicken…

Have you got the funniness out of this? Why not see the original joke on youtube here.

Now, how about change the word ‘Chicken’ to something else? Which word would you prefer?

What about ‘Duck’? That’ll do as well, we think. Why not have a go yourself?

Do you have any chicken jokes you can share with us?


It’s OK.

We haven’t got one either.(we have a TRUCK LOAD!!! :D)

But it’s getting late and we need to rest. How about a duck joke? Next time we will show you a duck joke. 😀

Stay tuned.

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Mrs. D’s Christmas Wish and World Peace

Mrs D at Crayfish Party Jakarta

We have talked about Miss D’s forever Christmas wish recently. How about Mrs. D? Woman and Christmas, dangerous areas. Watch out, Mr. D and your bank account. 😀

To have more fun this Christmas, Mrs. D has a wish. Only one wish, she’s not a greedy person. After all, Mr. D’s wallet is her wallet, too. We are a traditional family, ‘AA share’ has no place in the D house (well, Mr. D might think otherwise, why don’t you ask him?). 😀

So what is Mrs. D’s Christmas wish? Well, Mrs. D’s wish is the D’s wish anyway. It’s something better for the D family for sure. Actually, you might benefit from her wish as well.

Is it ‘World Peace’, Mama?

See, we have already put a puzzled look on your face. Haha.

OK, ‘world peace’ can be her Christmas wish, too, only for you.

Second wish, alright? We all entitle to three wishes when the genie asks, don’t we?

Back to Mrs. D’s first Christmas wish: all Mrs. D wants this Christmas is (music and drum rolls here):

A Brand New Website!

Disappointed? Woman, why can’t you be grand, be worldly? ‘World Peace’ is a much better choice!

Bad luck. Mrs. D’s only wish this Christmas is a new website, with good reasons, too. And being an obedient husband Mr. D is, he will be our Santa Claus this year.

So, yeah, you will see a brand new website after this Christmas, when we are back from our holidays. It’ll take a while for us to figure out the technicalities, but you will see.

What is your Christmas wish this year? How about ‘Peace on earth’ or IPad III? We think those are much better choices.

Be wise, choose carefully.

Love. D

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Miss D’s Christmas Wish

Grand Christmas Ornaments

A Royal Baby

is it a princess

No more rumors! Kate and William are having a royal baby!

Sorry to deviate from our normal Jakarta news. But what news can be greater than a Royal baby news this Christmas?! To say we are excited is an understatement. Any baby gets us excited, let alone a Royal baby! This is the best Christmas ever. Let’s celebrate!

Congratulations Kate and Will! Well done!

Now that the Royal baby is on the way, what about baby names? Oh, we love naming babies. The next 9 months will be spent on picking the best baby name for our Royal baby. Free entertainment. 😀

What about baby clothing? We love to buy cute clothes for new born babies. A batik dress for a royal baby girl, or a batik shirt for a royal baby boy? Oh, imaginations, ours are running wild…

For now, we will stick to our Christmas red. A red dress if we have a princess.

What if we have a prince? Well, we will have to do a prince outfit soon, don’t we? Stay tuned. 😀

How about you? Any baby names you like? Any baby clothes you gonna design? Good luck. See who’s the winner in 9 months time.

Love. D

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A Red Christmas with White Snow Flakes


Good morning, dear readers,

How are you today? A lovely day here in Jakarta.

You might be surprised to see that we have a Red background for our blog and wonder if you have come to the right one. Yes, you have. This is still the MidnightVisitor you have been reading all those years.

But, we have changed our colour scheme from a crispy white background, to the Christmas holiday red. Put a bit colour on this holiday season. Why not?

Actually, initially we only wanted to sprinkle some snow flakes on our blog. We love snow flakes and BTW here is our official reveal for last week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz:

Each snow flake has 6 points and Santa Claus lives in lapland all his life.

Now back to the Christmas red. When we did that (sprinkle the snow flakes, of course), we found it didn’t work because of the white background we have.

What the hack, why not paint the town (aka our blog) red this Christmas? That’s exactly what we did and that’s why you have seen our Red Christmas background today. Hope you like it.

This red Christmas background will be kept forever, since we are the 20% Christmas advocates. Will you still coming back after the Christmas just because we do this? We hope so.

Don’t worry, we couldn’t do that to you. We still love our crispy white background. After all it has been with us since the beginning through all those tougher days. How about keep the Red theme till January? After that we will switch back to our white background.


Love. D

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Heavenly Beauty – Jakarta Snapshots through D’s Camera

heavenly beauty hijaber

Obviously, we went to the wrong shopping mall last week. To do Jakarta justice, this week we will show you the real Christmas celebration in our beloved city Jakarta.

Not only will we show you all the Santa Claus in Jakarta, we will also show you some ‘heavenly beauty’, just to make up the misunderstanding of our part from last week’s Hello Kitty roadshow.


To start with, we will show you the grandest Santa Claus and sleigh we have ever seen in a shopping mall:

h santa and sleigh

Like it?

Santa sleigh fly in the sky

Have a look from the back. Santa is flying in the sky with silver reindeers. Mind you this shopping mall is 6 floors tall. Look at those tiny people on the ground floor.

This Santa Claus and silver reindeers sleigh is at least 5 meters long. It is huge, built with great efforts and is magnificent indeed. We have never seen anything like this in a shopping mall back in Sydney. Have you seen anything like this in your city? We would like to hear.

Jakarta not only has the grandest Santa Sleigh, we also have white Christmas snowy castles.

Christmas snow casltes

Plus Christmas gift shop. Snowman, Christmas trees, baubles, candy canes, ornaments. You name it, we have it right here. With a coconut tree standing by. 😀

christmas gift shops

Christmas in Sogo, a fancy department store.

h santa

Now that we have proven that we do have Santa Claus in Jakarta. We will start our real topic for today. How about some more Heavenly Beauty? And a blue one would be nice?

This is called Hijab. It is a everyday wear for Muslin women and is a fashion icon in its own right.

heaven beauty blue

Back in Sydney, girls are interested in topics such as ‘How to wear scarves in a hundred ways’ in winter time. In Jakarta, we have ‘How to wear a Hijab in 100 ways’, all year round. As a matter of fact, we have a  Hijaber community here just to do that.

Do you have a scarf community in your city? Maybe we should start our very own right now.

hijabers community

Want to see some real life hijaber in action? Jakarta has plenty.

h single lady

A single lady entering the shopping mall. Love the beige colour she is wearing. Very on the trend, slim, modern and beautiful. Wait, did we just say ‘modern’? Actually, it does have a very modern feeling to it, if you have seen it yourself in person.

single lady with grey hijab

Another young lady. This time in grey outfit and matching hijab. The girls in Jakarta sure knows their colours.

h mum with baby buying toys

A mum buying a toy for her little boy. And that’s the aunt in the far right corner wearing a white hijab. Young and pretty. The best age.

h old couple

Obviously, older women wear hijab more often. This couple looks lovely. Great colour match. How long have they been married?

h middle aged women

Here comes the true ladies of Jakarta. Middle aged, content with life’s offer and always, always dress in nice clothings. Hijab or not, our ladies in Jakarta always look presentable. BTW, they carry authentic branded bags, not fake / factory outlet stuff, alright?

How about pink? No pink in this one?

OK, to end today’s show, we will show you a true Arch wedding and our darling beauty girl – our very own pink Barbie. Side by side, these women can conquer the world.

h barbie and aceh wedding

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How much do they charge a black plum?

We have not done a price check in Jakarta for a while now. Too busy doing other things in life. But we have to ask you a new price quiz this week in MidnightVisitor Quiz after we saw these babies:

black plums price quiz

Two black plums, imported, and by the look of them, they aren’t even fresh any more. Being on the road for too long? Where are you guys from, black plums? You look a bit worn out to us.

Hope you won’t be surprised if you know how much these black plums cost in Jakarta. We won’t buy these for sure.

This week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz is this:

What is the price for these two imported black plums?

Be ambitious and guess high. They won’t disappoint you.

As usual, the Time to Reveal will be published next Monday.

Have fun.

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Why we can’t trust Google

Jakarta street fashion, Indonesia girl in headscarf, street fashion

Here we go again. Can anyone tell us how this photo of ours have anything to do with the term:

medical assistant

Well, obviously, Google thinks this picture has everything to do with the term ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’ . In fact, this photo not only has everything to do with ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’, it is also one of the best photos for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’.


Because out of hundreds of millions of photos for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’ , this photo of ours is ranked on the 5th page on Google image search. That’s like ranking the top 0.00001% out of Google pictures for this search term.

How cool is that!

Actually this is not our best photo yet, check the other photo of ours.

Jakarta street fashion, office girl, street fashion

Look familiar? Well, this one has ranked on Google image search page No. 2 for ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’. Wow, now that Google mentioned it, she sure does look like a medical assistant to us. Cosplay in bright day light in a crowded Jakarta shopping mall. Is that even legal? What do you think?

We are really impressed by the genius behind the Google search team by now. They must have held double PhD degrees for what they are doing.Don’t believe your eyes? Why not Google yourself. 😀

Next time if you want to cheat on Google, just throw in some random pictures and put a nice title to it. You might hit your jackpot too. Google is an easier lover, he will be contented with just that.

Oh, we also like the photo below for our beloved search term ‘medical assistant office outfits girls’. This one ranks very well on Google image search. You can find it on Google search page 2, very close to our second photo above.

Talking about a mad hair (head) day? Here we go:


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My country

Uluru Australia summer holiday

Miss D was humming in her bathroom this morning. It is a lovely tune and we like it. Turns out she used one of her choir song’s tune and sang it with a different poem. How nice!

This is her poem (well, not HER poem, but the poem she was humming). We would love to share with you.

My Country

I love a sun burnt country,

A land of sweeping plains,

Of ragged mountain ranges,

Of droughts and flooding rains.

I love her far horizons,

I love her jewel sea,

Her beauty and her terror –

The wide brown land for me!

Extract from Dorothea McKellar, ‘My Country’

Photo: Miss D

Red and Gold Glittered Candle – Christmas DIY Craft

red and gold glittered candle for christmas

We love wine and candles. The Christmas season won’t be complete without our two dearest friends. How about a glittered candle to light up the darkest winter nights?

This red and gold glittered candle is our kind of Christmas decoration for the Christmas dinner party. It is beautiful, magnificent for the eyes and is super quick and easy to make. This one is for those romantic at heart. Why not have some fun this Christmas and glitter away!

Materials needed:

  • Glitters: any colors, but we love gold colour
  • Candles: any candle will do, but to create that Christmas feeling, why not use red? Red is Christmas.
  • Brush
  • Masking tape (preferably two sizes to get the wanted effect, but one size will be just fine)
  • Glue or spray adhesive
  1. Use masking tape to cover the area of candles you don’t want to have glitters on. (Use two different sized masking tape to create different gaps on the candles.)
  2. Use the brush to apply a nice even layer of glue onto the non masked candle areas.
  3. Sprinkle the glitter onto the candle, turn the candle as you go.
  4. Make sure the coat of glitter is nice and heavy
  5. Shake the candle gently so that any non adhered glitters are off
  6. Repeat until the entire candle is coated.
  7. Let the candle dry for about 20 minutes on the paper plate

Enjoy your Christmas dinner with your very own red and gold glittered candle this Christmas. Have fun.

Photo credit: vivalavidabonita

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Jakarta Factory Outlet – How to identify genuin clothes

One of the benefits of living in Jakarta is there are many factory outlets here. Every now and then, we will go there and do some treasure hunt. It is fun.

You would think we have paid the original prices for our winter clothes below:

jakarta factory outlet hoodie

Hack no, we won’t buy any winter clothes without checking out the many Jakarta factory outlets.

As we have said before, shopping in the factory outlets can be a hit and miss. There are lots of fake products in these factory outlets. So have we bought the authentic products?

Check out the actual hoodies and see the labels, textures, and feelings. What do you think?

outlet junk foodoutlet manufacturing dateoutlet price comparison

Are these genuine branded garments or not? We think they are. Our guess is these are current season genuine export clothes. For whatever reason, they are left behind and are now sold in the many factory outlets in Jakarta.

And this is what we paid:

A pale white coloured hoodie by Junk Food. On sale for USD 40, down from USD 80. Bought for RP99,000 (1 USD = RP9,600)

A grey hoodie by Aerie for American Eagle. USD 49.99. Bought for RP89,000.

A grey turtle neck long sleeve top . On sale for USD 19,99, down from USD 39.99. Bought for RP79,000.

Here is the picture of our grey hoodie from the AE website. It is called Aerie boyfriend sweat shirt:

AE Boyfriend sweat shirt

Upon close look, we have actually figured out why our sweat shirt ends up in the Jakarta factory outlet: it’s missing the tie at the bottom of the sweat shirt. Oh, well, guess we can live with that.

We have even seen the cover girl fur collared sweater below as well. It is on sale for RP99,000. But we don’t like the fur collar, and have passed it on.

hoodies and tops for winter American Eagle

Happy shopping.

How the Chicken Conquered the World

We love our Chickens so much that we have dug out some fun history about chickens. You will enjoy it.

Reblogged from smithsonianmag

How the Chicken Conquered the World.

Chicken reigns in the 21st century.

The chickens that saved Western civilization were discovered, according to legend, by the side of a road in Greece in the first decade of the fifth century B.C. The Athenian general Themistocles, on his way to confront the invading Persian forces, stopped to watch two cocks fighting and summoned his troops, saying: “Behold, these do not fight for their household gods, for the monuments of their ancestors, for glory, for liberty or the safety of their children, but only because one will not give way to the other.” The tale does not describe what happened to the loser, nor explain why the soldiers found this display of instinctive aggression inspirational rather than pointless and depressing. But history records that the Greeks, thus heartened, went on to repel the invaders, preserving the civilization that today honors those same creatures by breading, frying and dipping them into one’s choice of sauce. The descendants of those roosters might well think—if they were capable of such profound thought—that their ancient forebears have a lot to answer for.

Captain Jack Sparrow Seasons Greetings

Captain Jack Sparrow 2012 Seasons Greetings

Seasons greetings from our beloved Captain Jack Sparrow. That’s really, really nice.

Have you found your treasure yet? We have traveled thousand miles across the high seas, just to say: Merry Christmas, me maties!

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Turtle Neck and Hoodies – What we bought this month

hoodies and tops for winter American Eagle

Hi, happy Friday, dear readers,

Can’t believe it is the last day of Nov, and we are only 25 days away from Christmas. Are you excited?

We have a big trip to make to the winter land (actually Miss D will have to make two trips as she will go with her Honours choir to China in early Feb next year). Since we live in sunny hot Jakarta, you wouldn’t expect us to have any winter clothing, would you?

Actually, we do have a few winter items that we can wear. Shows how good a planner Mrs. D is, she just knew that we would need them on a rainy winter’s day.

Well, our winter clothes are still not quite enough, and it is always fun to shop for more anyway. So here’s what we bought for our trip:

A pale white coloured hoodie by Junk Food. On sale for USD 40, down from USD 80.

A grey hoodie by Aerie for American Eagle. USD 49.99.

A grey turtle neck long sleeve top . On sale for USD 19,99, down from USD 39.99.

Pretty boring, right?

Ambitious as we are, we dress in a conventional way. Especially for winter clothes, we stick to our grey, beige, black, brown. You know, the safe colours.

But every story has its twist, a bit of a complication, a bait, that keeps the readers coming back…

Well, is this a writer’s 101 post? It sure sounds like one now. 😀

So our twist is like this:


Actually, it is Friday and we have a dinner party to attend tonight. Soz, no time to finish the writing. Can you come back tomorrow?

We will finish whatever is needed tomorrow, if we get over our hung over, that is. Promise. (seriously, this is NOT the twist, OK. The twist is due out tomorrow!)

Good night, and see you soon.

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Best Hot Woman In A Swimming Pool?

We have just reinforced that MidnightVisitor is a family blog, and we are quite sensible in not showing any not kids friendly stuff here. The next thing we know, we have landed ourselves in hot water, again.

How does this happen?

Well, after a day’s hard work, we are enjoying our peace and quiet and doing a bit maintenance on our blog. Guess what we found? Some strangers have landed on our blog via this:

If you not already know, this is a screen shoot of who’s who in the blog sphere. Basically it tells you how people find you using what search terms. Amazingly, someone found us through the term ‘best hot woman in a swimming pool’, among our Christmas lyrics and Christmas ornament and crafts.

How did this happen?

Being curious souls like us, we frantically put the term on Google. We love Google, right? Google sure will not fail us.

Guess we are wrong, yet again.

We searched and searched, but among the millions of pictures shown up, we cannot find anything that belongs to us.

To love, or not to love, that is the question. Now we are utterly destroyed. Our hearts are broken. If we can’t trust Google, who else can we trust?!

Since we are heart broken, we need to see a doctor. But, it’s already too late here in Jakarta. What to do?

We love jokes and we believe laughter is the best medicine. So instead of finding our ‘best hot woman in the swimming pool’, we have found someone else’s hot lady: in the swimming pool and naked, via our great trusty friend Google:

Don’t believe your eyes? Why not Google yourself? Put in our title for this article, and see how you fare. Google might as well surprise you. You might have some pool side fun along the way. You never know…

Who said we can trust Google?

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Jakarta snapshots through D’s Camera – Who is coming to town this Christmas?

We all know our Jingle Bells by now. Guess who is coming to town this Christmas? The town, of course, is our beloved Jakarta!

We have prepared a nice roadshow for you on another topic this week for D’s Camera. But our plan is not relevant any more as soon as we see this:

Yep. Obviously, this Christmas Hello Kitty is coming to town, and we’ll paint the city red PINK?

Not happy? Nor is our snowman here. Snowman and Hello Kitty? An innovation idea. Does it work?

Look at the snowman’s face, hint, hint, hint…

To make this Christmas the best ever in Jakarta, the marketing team has worked hard and even throw in a few goodies for us. How about a lucky dip by our very own reindeer? That would cheer us up in no time.

Or how about all the other relevant cartoon characters we like? We have the most popular ones here.

Alas, although we looked very hard, we couldn’t find Santa Claus in this fairytale land. Soz, nothing we can do.

Maybe we should ask those marketing people at the back stage? See, they are still busy planning. There’s still time till the big day, right?

Actually we admire this Christmas fairytale castle so much, we have even dug out some news for you. Curious to know who is the boss of this fairytale land of Hello Kitties?

We waited, waited and waited. Well, our effort didn’t wasted, here comes the BOSS (music and drum rolls here…)

Well out of this group of impressive marketing genius, guess who is the boss?

You’re right.

The Lady.

It has to be her. Now we understand — errr the PINK.

So what is NEXT? We’re a bit disoriented after all these pink. Haven’t see this much pink since Miss D was 5.

Gosh, time flies by so quickly!

How about a bit black and white? Our eyes need some rest after all these hello kitty…

This is more like our style. Feel better now? How about a bit more color, like RED? After all it is Christmas season we are in. Be sensible.

What? This is not sensible enough for you? Are you a 5 years old?

OK, OK, admittedly it’s a bit crazy. Christmas underwear? Not allowed here. After all this is a family blog. We want to set good examples for our kids, don’t we?

How about bring in some real Christmas magic? For that, we give you the magical moment! (with a price tag of RP32499.000, you will need to work out how much it is by yourself, you’re on your own on this one :D)

And just for our record, please don’t get Jakarta wrong. We have plenty Santa Claus here. We haven’t got the chance to show you any only because we are a bit dazzled by all the Hello Kitties we saw today. That’s all.

To end today’s show on a high note, we present you our very own Jakarta Santa Claus:

Umm… he looks pretty normal to us, just like any other Santa Claus you would have seen in any other cities around the world, what do you think?

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Santa Claus and Snowflakes

For this week’s MidnightVisitor quiz, we will have an easy one. Since it is so easy, we figure, we should have two quiz, instead of only one.

Two easy quiz = One normal quiz

Do you agree? We are proud that we are really good at Mathematics!

Here are the two easy quiz for this week:

1. Where does Santa Claus live: Green Land, Scotland, Iceland, or Lap land?

2. How many points does a snow flake have? 5, 6, 8, or 9?

It should take you 5 seconds to answer and your time starts now.


Photo credit: flicker thecolorofair

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Soft Chocolate Cranberry Brownie – A Perfect Chocolate Recipe

chocolate cranberry brownies with cake base, soft chocolate cranberry brownies, chocolate brownies

We love chocolate brownies. We love chocolate brownies so much that we can even live with a pizza shop chocolate brownie, remember? Why not have chocolate cranberry brownies for our Christmas party? Brilliant idea! Everyone will love it. This soft chocolate cranberry brownie is easy to make. You really got to try very hard to mess up this one.

This chocolate cranberry brownie is the ultimate chocolate treat for this Christmas. Actually it is the perfect dessert for any occasion, really.

It is soft, very moisturized. It is also very versatile. We can replace the cranberries with any other dried fruit. Cranberries are pretty expensive here in Jakarta. Maybe we can add chopped dates instead? Or dried apples? Even chocolate chips? Double chocolate brownie, that would be chocolate heaven.

To make a healthier version, we can use self-raising whole meal flour instead of the all purpose flour. Sounds good? Here is the recipe:

Cake base:

  1. Sugar 1/2 cup
  2. Salt 1/3 tsp
  3. All purpose flour 1 1/2 cups
  4. Butter  1/2 cup (softened at room temperature softened and cut into small cubes)
  5. Milk 1/4 cup

Chocolate cranberry stuffing:

Dry ingredients:

  1. White sugar 1/3 cup
  2. Unsweetened cocoa powder  1/2 cup (unsweetened cocoa powder)
  3. Flour 2 tablespoons
  4. Vanilla 2 teaspoons
  5. Cranberry  1 cup

Wet ingredients:

  1. Milk 1 cup
  2. Condensed milk 3 tablespoons
  3. Eggs 3, lightly beaten spare
  4. Butter  1/4 cup (microwave melt)

Note: 1 tablespoon = 15 ml = 1 Tablespoon, 1 teaspoon = 5 ml = 1 Teaspoon. 1 cup = 240 ml.

Cake base:

  • Place all ingredients, except butter and milk,  in a bowl and mix well
  • Knead the cubed butter into the flour gently
  • Pour milk in and mix well
  • Put mixture into an 8 x 12-inch glass baking dish
  • Flatten the mixture to a 1cm high base with a spade (or use your dry hand, make sure you powder your hands with flour first)

Place baking tray into the preheated to 340F/170 Celsius oven, and bake for 15 minutes.

Make the chocolate brownie filling while baking the cake base.

Chocolate cranberry brownie fillings:

  • Add all dry ingredients, except the cranberries,  into a mixing bowl and mix well
  • Pour in all wet ingredients into the mixture
  • Beat with a mixer at low speed
  • Add  dried cranberries and mix well

Pour the fillings onto the cake bottom, and bake for 28 minutes until the cranberry filling is slightly shaking (very moisturized and soft) when gently  moving the baking dish.

Wait till the cake is completely cold, then cut and serve.

Photo credit: hmmlargeart fliker

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An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse – 31 Days In Jakarta

We have just published our eBook cover for our ‘A piece of Jakarta – 31 Days In Jakarta’ yesterday. And then we found out this week all the bloggers are writing about ‘An offer I couldn’t refuse’!

Amazing. God send. Just the offer we need for our brand new eBook!

We love you, and thank you, God (aka the publishers at wordpress :D). You must have heard our prayers for reaching out our eBook to a wider audience, have you?

So here goes our ten minute:

Our eBook ‘A piece of Jakarta’ is due out next month, right before Christmas. This is our gift and souvenir for everyone who loves Jakarta, the city we are currently living in.

You can read our daily lives in Jakarta, our happiness and occasional frustration. Check out the itineraries, recipes, restaurants in Jakarta and Indonesia. We have plenty information there. Interested? Check out our draft content page for the eBook here.

How about a bit of exotic life sound? Life in Jakarta is different, exotic to a certain extend for sure. It surprises us every now and then, it will certainly amaze you. Please come and read our eBook. It is free and full of fun.

OK, thank you for your topic for this week. Hope you enjoyed our take on this one. A great 10 minutes we have had. Happy reading.


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Book Cover – A Piece of Jakarta

ebook cover, free ebook cover, design ebook cover free

A great Tuesday morning and the sun is actually shinning. Have just got out of our pool. A morning swim is so soothing. We can enjoy pool side fun everyday. What a bless.

Just a quick note to show you the eBook cover for our 31 Days In Jakarta. Takes 10 minutes to make, not a bad effort, right? Hope you like it.

If you have any suggestions to change the cover, we would love to hear, all ears. Now the cover is out of the way. Only 200 pages more to go before we finishing the editing. 😀

Hurry up! We have a plane to catch before Christmas. We are recruiting an editor in the D house now. Anyone?



Photo credit: Miss D

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Christmas Celebration – When Shall We Start – Reveal?

Christmas santa claus, celebrate christmas

Dear readers, how are you today?

It rained today, again, just like any other day in the past week here in Jakarta. The rain started around mid day though, not the same as previous days. We ended up having blue skies again at around 2 o’clock. Felt much better this way! We got a whole afternoon without rain. Hurray!

As you know, the reveal for last week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz: Christmas Celebration – when shall we start’ won’t be released until 25th of Dec, 2012, the actual Christmas day. But it would be nice to know how we fare so far, wouldn’t it? Let’s peek just a bit, and see how we go so far. That’s nice, don’t you think?

Well, so far, we have the votes in as below:

80% – we should start to celebrate Christmas 1 month prior the big day. Yeh, we are level headed beings, very sensible.

20% – we should celebrate Christmas any time we like. Brave souls. We admire you!

Actually, this result fits the 20-80 rule perfectly. Don’t know what a 20-80 rule is? Well it is also called the Pareto principle or Pareto efficiency. Here is what we find on wikipedia:

The Pareto principle (also known as the 80–20 rule, the law of the vital few, and the principle of factor sparsity) states that, for many events, roughly 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes.[1][2]

Business-management consultant Joseph M. Juran suggested the principle and named it after Italian economist Vilfredo Pareto, who observed in 1906 that 80% of the land in Italy was owned by 20% of the population; he developed the principle by observing that 20% of the pea pods in his garden contained 80% of the peas.[2]

It is a common rule of thumb in business; e.g., “80% of your sales come from 20% of your clients”.

The Pareto principle is only tangentially related to Pareto efficiency, which was also introduced by the same economist. Pareto developed both concepts in the context of the distribution of income and wealth among the population.

Based on this rule, 20% of the voters so far are the main force in the Christmas fever. They are the advocates, the passion, the fire, the spirit and soul of the Christmas celebration.

And the 80%, they are only going  through a storm (like the one we just had today). Remember the quote for this week from Garrison Keillor?

A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.

What do you think? Like the Pareto principle? Which side are you on this Christmas according to the Pareto principle? It would be interesting to know.

Take care and good night.

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Miss D’s Christmas Wish

horse riding royal east show sydney australia

Miss D adores horses, ever since she was little. Her favorite Sydney Royal East Show activity was horse ridding.

A typical conversation prior to Christmas in the D house was like this:

‘What Christmas present do you want this year, honey?’

‘A horsy!’ Miss D would always reply.

She was OK not to have a Nintendo, a WII; her favorite chocolates, even her beloved Joke books.Occasionally, she might be satisfied with a chicken. But, what she really, really wanted was a horse.

Every year.

Ever since she was little.

chook washing Sydney Royal Easter show

What was Miss D staring at? Any ideas?

chook wash Sydney royal easter show

A chicken! And don’t get it wrong. This was no ordinary chicken. This chicken had just received a royal bath, and now was enjoying her massage. Sydney Royal Easter Show, the best times we had back then. All those lovely years. Now you know why we started our chicken business in the D house. The root was planted right here. 😀

OK, back to our topic. Miss D’s horse obsession is a puzzle to us. We have never run a horse business in the D family, not even our great-grandparents; nor have we ever lived in the Australia outback where horses run wild. We are city animals, by default. But horses are Miss D’s forever dream. She was enchanted by those beautiful, magnificent animals.

Coming one Christmas season, we were in Toy’s R Us. It was one lucky day for Miss D because we saw this huge toy horse. It was beautiful, and we had to buy it, right that moment.

That year, Miss D was five and that Christmas she was the happiest five years old girl in the world. Her dream had come true.

Years have gone by quickly, Miss D is twelve now but her love for horses never diminishes. Quite the opposite, her dream is actually getting bigger. She is no longer satisfied with her toy horse. She really, really wanted a real horse. On a farm, in a real horse stable, where she can look after him, and ride him in the morning glory.

By now, you would know where our money would be, if we ever won the Lotto. Wouldn’t you?

Of course, we will buy a horse stable in the Australia outback and start our horse business straight away. No doubt about that.

Such will be a perfect, fairytale ending to Miss D’s forever Christmas wish.

Until then, Miss D will be happy just to scratch her favourite horses on a piece of paper like this:

horse, green grass and blue skies

or this:

horse, horse carrige and ancient warrior with arch and arrow

Do you have a Christmas wish that you want to fulfill ever since your childhood? How about having a horse for a change?


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Side Project: 3 easy holiday decorations

We have a huge pine tree in our garden back in Sydney. We use to collect pine cones and make them into Christmas ornaments. We paint the pine cones into silver or golden colours,  and they look magnificent.

Seems people do like pine cones for their Christmas decorations. We love this Christmas centerpiece from nowwhatstheplan. Hope you like it, too.

christmas pine cone and candle centrepiece

Side Project: 3 easy holiday decorations.

This Christmas center piece is featured in our grand Christmas Ornaments collection. Too see all our grand Christmas Ornaments collections, click here. There are so many brilliant Christmas ideas on our Christmas Ornaments page, you definitely should check it out. You’ll be delighted.

From Christmas wreath, Christmas ornaments; reindeers, angles; to Christmas fashion, Christmas recipes. There are so many goodies. Even better, you can add your very own Christmas favorites there. Simply send us a message via the comment button. If we like what we see, we will include it on our Christmas Ornament page. How good is that!

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Mango Yogurt Parfaits – Christmas Recipe

Mango Yogurt Parfaits, mango recipes

We love mangoes ever since we have been in Jakarta and this mango yogurt parfait is such a delight to make. It is a perfect mango recipe for our Christmas in Jakarta. Even better we can make these  mango yogurt parfaits ahead of time and enjoy it when the party starts.

This mango yogurt parfait is very easy to make and yet tastes really refreshing and satisfying. Even Miss D can make this all by herself. If you don’t want granola, simply add some chopped nuts or chocolate and it will taste just as good.

  •     Mangoes 2 cubed
  •     Vanilla yogurt 3 cup (use low fat, or any other flavor as you like, but we always stick to the original vanilla flavor)
  •     Granola 6 tbsp (add chopped nuts or chocolate if you like)
  1. Puree 1 cubed mango and pour equal amounts into 6 glasses
  2. Add ¼  cup of yogurt on top of the mango puree
  3. Add remaining cubed mango on top of the yogurt (leave a few pieces of cubed mango for garnish)
  4. Top each glass with remaining 1/4 cup yogurt and reserved mango cubes
  5. Cover and refrigerate (for at least 30 min for best result)
  6. Top each serving with a tablespoon of granola (or chopped nuts and chocolates) before serving.

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Midnight Visitor Recommended Blogs

Midnight Visitor Recommended Blogs

Recommended Blogs

Christmas Celebration – When Shall We Start?

Dear readers, how are you today?

A blue sky day eventually turns into a stormy day, again.

There are just so much rain here in Jakarta at the moment. Every day, 3 o’clock on the dot, it starts to rain.

Just a quick note for this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz. Since we have started celebrating Christmas early this year, we want to know if that’s OK.

Anyone out there actually enjoys celebrating Christmas as early as possible, like us? Or, you just hate to mention Christmas. Not that you don’t like Christmas, but that it might just be a bit too early. It is not even December yet, some would think.

So this week’s MidnightVisitor Quiz is a survey.

Have fun.

P.S. We won’t close this survey until 25th Dec, 2012.


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Jakarta Snapshot Through D’s Camera – Who Is The Boss

jakarta boss

Went to the Jakarta Immigration Office today to sort out the visa for the family. The Jakarta Immigration Office has moved to Kemang which is quite far from where we live.

We raised early this morning to make this important trip and boy it took 1 and 1/2 hours just to get there. Funny thing is, guess how long it took to come back? Half an hour!

Tells you a lot about Jakarta traffic, doesn’t it?

The trip was less boring thanks to the D’s camera. We got chances to be stopped in the traffic, and snap away! Well, it was a lot of fun in the beginning, but it petered out after this looonnnng trip. Miss D almost felt car sick at the end of the trip.

What we do to earn a living in this city.

Price to pay, friends.

Price to pay…

Anyways, we had some great shots, and the weather was on our side as well. Blue skies and white clouds. What a change from the crazy stormy weather yesterday.

jakarta blue sky, jakata coconut tree

Love today’s Jakarta blue sky, not the ugly power lines though. Coconut tree is forever a street scene here in Jakarta.

So beautiful.

jakarta unique house decoration

Miss D was fascinated by this house. Look at the rooftop. Was it telling us a story?

Better be a good one.

The trip had just started, and we have 1 and 1/2 hours to go. (although we didn’t know at this stage, lucky or not?)

jakarta man with stall

How about some breakfast before we get started? It is a long trip after all.

And our very first man in action. This is what Jakarta’s breakfast shop look like. They only appear in the Jakarta streets in the morning or late afternoon. Maybe it’s just too hot during the day?

jakarta bus

Now that our tummies happy. We need to get going.

How about a bus trip?

It is crowded but it gets you to places. Besides, the service is superb. We will stop right in the middle of the famous Jakarta traffic, just for you.

Forget about bus stops, or traffic lights. Raise your hand now, that’s what locals do. And we will stop the traffic, no kidding, alright? RP 3,000 please, that will get you anywhere in Jakarta ( 1 USD = RP 9,600).

jakarta traffic becak

Don’t like the bus? How about a taxi? Our very own version of Jakarta taxi, that is. Look at them, the becaks. So flashy and bright. They get Jakarta very polluted as well.

jakarta motorist man delivery, jakarta traffic

The conventional way to get to work is, of course, by motorbikes. And guys, you already are late. See the delivery man? This is his 3rd round this morning.

Early birds get worms.

jakarta street stall, jakarta man at work

A very relaxing seller amid the whole traffic chaos. How can he be so calm?

jakarta graffiti man

Love this wall. Great graffiti! And another man in action.

Where are you going, mate?

jakarta blind begger

A blind beggar, yet smiling. Must be because of the good weather.

No rain, no pain.

jakarta motorist with snack

And just when we start to think we know Jakarta traffic by now.

What is this thing?

Snacks galore, on a motorbike?

Call Circus De Soliel now. This man is who they need. How good is that balancing act? Definitely has taken the whole jiggling action into another level.

Truly amazing.

jakarta rubbish dump

Yet another amazing scene to show you. The famous garbage dumps of Jakarta. What legends are made of. True Jakarta style.

Haven’t seen anything like this before. Honest.

jakarta vote

But we ain’t seen no boss yet, mama?

Where do you think we live, son?

The moon?

It’s Jakarta we’re talking about.  Bosses are faceless man, anonymous.

OK, let’s show you some politicians. They’re bosses, too. And if you vote for us, we will throw in a good, old massage, just for you.

jakarta fancy shoes for man

We can’t show you any bosses. Sorry about that. To make it up to you, let’s show you one secret, OK?

Do you know why the bosses in Jakarta are so powerful? Well, obviously, they get help from a secret weapon.

Look at these shoes, they’ll empower any man, anytime. ‘Take you to any place you wanna be’, literally.

Seven centimeters? What?! They must be kidding! We went straight to our doctors after we seen this.

No, there is nothing wrong with our feet, or legs. We did check our eyes though. Some things are just too good to be true.

Remember: buy some shoes next time you are in Jakarta. They will ‘take you to the place you wanna be’, any place, hopefully. And shhhhh … don’t tell your bosses. That’ll get them very upset. 😀


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Christmas Ornament

christmas ornament, christmas craft, christmas dress, christmas decoration, christmas recipe

In true spirit of celebrating this year’s Christmas, we are starting a new project in the D house: the grand Christmas Ornament project.

  • Enter your web link (or your friend’s web link, or any link you like) for anything about Christmas: a craft, DIY, decor, fashion, recipe, tutorials via the comment button
  • A follow on Midnight’s blog is appreciated
  • A mention of our Christmas Ornament project on your site anywhere will be fine (use the Logo we designed) or link on your post
  • Be friendly and visit a few other blogs, you might find inspirations there.
  • Tweet your entry & let your Facebook friends know

Every week, we will pick one Christmas Ornament entry we like, and feature it on the Midnight’s blog here. Yes, the judgement is final and we have the say on which one to pick.

Unless, of course, you get lots of votes your way to say that you are the best Christmas Ornament for that week. Power to the people, or your family, children, friends, workmates, pets, passers-by, rein-deers and maybe even Santa Claus himself. 😀

Logo for our Christmas Ornament project is here:

christmas ornament logo

Come and grab the Logo now, and send your Christmas Ornaments our way. Your effort won’t be wasted. Your Christmas entry will be shared on our Christmas Page, with a nice picture from your blog and a link to the post you shared. Take a look now, there are already some great Christmas Ornaments there.

Sounds like fun? Why not submit your post now? It’s only one click away and the community will remember your contribution to this year’s Christmas and beyond.

Who knows, Santa might even pay you a visit for the good deed you have done. Worst case, anyone who enter will also receive a Christmas card from the Ds. And that’s a promise!

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Jakarta Ghost Story One

Good evening, dear readers. How are you today?

Have just finished ‘Jakarta Ghost Story One’. So happy! This will be our very first ghost story and will be included in our upcoming eBook: ‘A piece of Jakarta – 31 days in Jakarta’, remember?

This is a really interesting one, and definitely ghostly. It starts something like this:

One dark, stormy day…

Sounds scary already, isn’t it? Well, we wrote it this way partly because today is a dark, stormy day here in Jakarta. Not only dark and stormy, but also with lightning and thunders.

Today is a perfect day to tell a ghost story. God sent. And no, we won’t publish it here. You have to download our eBook to read that one. Haha. 😀

Just a clue, don’t tell anyone, alright:

This ghost story has something to do with Elevators. Not any elevators, but the Elevators in Jakarta shopping malls…

We love it.

Today is such a great day, with lots of traffic jams thanks to the heavy rain. We finally get the chance to take some great pictures.

Want to see some flood in Jakarta? Here we go.

flood in jakarta, car in heavy rain in jakarta

Cars driving in heavy rain.

See the flood? Jakarta cannot cope with the rainy season, a 10 minute heavy rain and road is already like this.

car in flood jakarta, flood in jakarta, heavy rain in jakarta

More cars braving the heavy rain.

motorbike in flood in jakarta, flood in jakarta, heavy rain in jakarta

Motorists, too. Poor guys.

Some of the motorists actually stopped and hid under crossing bridges where they got some shelters from the heavy rain.

Jakarta flood, jakarta heavy rain

After all these, we deserve some ice creams, don’t you think? The best kind please.

We love Haagen-Dars. A truck load would really be nice.

What’s the weather like in your city today? Hope you have a nice day.

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Interview With The D Family

phone interview

Just got the email from Catherine at ExpatArrivals. We did an interview with Catherine earlier this month and she advised us that the interview is now published. To see a link, click here.

We are so happy. We are going to share the whole interview with you right here this moment. We have to, there is no other choice. So why wait. Here is the interview in its full glory.

Hopefully, you get to know us and Jakarta better after you read this.

Interview with the D family – Australian expats living in Indonesia

Sarah and John from the D family are Australian expats living in Indonesia. They moved to Jakarta with their 10-year-old daughter, Miss D, when John was transferred there with his company. Although they miss their friends and family back in Sydney, they enjoy sharing their experiences and keeping them informed about their life in Jakarta through their blog, Midnight Visitor.

About you

Q: Where are you originally from? 
A: We are from Sydney, Australia. We love Sydney. We have so many fond memories about Sydney. Summer is the best time in Sydney for us. We go camping all the time. We love the beaches, the blue skies and the fresh air. Looking back, it is a luxury to have these.
Q: Where are you living now? 
A:  Pondok Indah, Jakarta, Indonesia
Q: How long have you lived in Jakarta? 
A:  One and half years.
Q: Did you move with a spouse/children?
A:  We moved to Jakarta as a family, a couple with one girl (10 years old when we first moved to Jakarta).
Q: Why did you move; what do you do?
A:  We moved to Jakarta because of Mr D’s work. Initially, Mr D worked on a few projects in Indonesia in 2010. This kept on for about half a year, and had taken its toll on our family life. Then there was an opportunity coming up for Mr D to work full-time in Jakarta and we took it up.
Besides, we thought it’s a good cultural experience for our daughter. Not every 10 year old got the chance to study in a foreign country and got to travel overseas three to four times a year. We hope our decision to move to Jakarta would enrich her life in a positive way and inspire her to live life to the full.

About Jakarta

Q: Any negatives? What do you miss most about home? 
A:  We miss most about Sydney is our families and friends. One of the reasons to start our blog was to keep in touch with them. Miss D was doing a monthly update email to her friends prior to the blog and all her friends, teachers and our family, neighbours loved it. So we gradually formed the idea of setting up a blog.
Our daughter loves writing and our blog name is from one of her winning articles in the Young Writer’s Award 2012. We want to keep her on the track to continue to write well.
Q: Is the Jakarta safe? Are there any areas expats should avoid?
A:  We were concerned about the safety side prior to moving to Jakarta. Bali bombing was headline news in Australia. The fact about drug smuggling Australians being sentenced to death here didn’t help either.
However, Mr D’s flying in and out experience told a different story. The city is actually quite safe and local people are very friendly. Hope it keeps this way. Touch wood.
Q: How would you rate the public transport in Jakarta? What are the different options? Do you need to own a car? 
A: We don’t use public transport in Jakarta. We don’t drive either. Expats are not recommended to drive here in Jakarta. Jakarta traffic is the second worst in the world according to a worldwide survey we read.
We have a company car and a driver. The driver speaks reasonable English and we are happy with the arrangement.
If we ever need to take a taxi, we would opt for Blue Bird or Silver Bird Taxi Company. These two taxi companies are reputable here in Jakarta.
Q: How would you rate the healthcare in Jakarta?
A:  We are covered by company health insurance and have been taken care of in this respect. Our doctors are trained in Western countries, speak good English and are fairly experienced in their trained field.
We are also quite lucky in that we haven’t been sick other than the occasional flu or cold. Other expats who got serious sickness or having babies actually can fly to Singapore and see the doctors there.
In fact, a lot of local rich Indonesians do the same. They fly to Singapore to see their doctors. It is a very common practice here in Jakarta.
About living in Indonesia
Q: Which are the best places/suburbs to live in Jakarta as an expat?
A:  There are two popular areas that expats live in Jakarta: the city, and South Jakarta.
Q: How do you rate the standard of housing in Jakarta?
A:  Jakarta is a city of vast difference in terms of housing. On one side, we have million dollar mansions in secluded suburbs (what we call gated compounds). These are way better than a standard three-bedroom house in Sydney.
On the other side, we have rubbish dumps where poor people with families living in. It was a culture shock for us to see the living situation of those people. We have a few pictures of these on our blog if you are interested.
Q: What’s the cost of living compared to home? What is cheap or expensive in particular?
A:  Overall, the cost of living in Indonesia is cheaper in Jakarta, especially on manpower. Local people were paid so little, it is shocking. For a newly college graduate, the starting salary could be as low as USD 100- 200 per month. No wonder all the young people want to move to Singapore or other countries to work. It is not fair.
However, anything imported can be very expensive. Actually they are usually more expensive than they are in their home country. We have a few price comparisons of Australia food prices vs Indonesia prices on our blog. You might be interested to check it out.
Q: What are the locals like; do you mix mainly with other expats?
A:  Locals are very friendly. But we mingle mainly with other expats due to language barriers etc.
Q: Was it easy meeting people and making friends in Jakarta?
A: We don’t have many local Indonesian friends. The places we go to tend to be full of expats. Local people stare at us, are very friendly, and we might exchange a few words either in English or Bahasa Indonesia. But that’s about it. We haven’t made many true lasting local friends yet.

About working in Jakarta

Q: Did you have a problem getting a work visa/permit for Indonesia?
A:  No. Mr D’s company used agents to help us get our visas. All we needed to do is show up, take the photos, and sign a few documents.
In fact, we jumped the queue thanks to the agents. All the other people who don’t have an agent have to wait for a long time.
Q: What’s the economic climate like in Jakarta, is there plenty of work?
A: On one hand, there are lots of investments and money coming into Indonesia. The economy is booming. Indonesia outperformed many other Asian countries in the 2009 economic meltdown. Indonesia also has very solid GDP growth in 2010 (6.1%) and 2011 (6.4%). For an expat, it is actually a good place to be in considering Europe and USA’s economic problems.
On the other hand, Indonesia has its own share of poverty and unemployment. Corruption is headline news almost every other day. Its traffic is notoriously bad, and the gap between rich and poor is astonishing.
Q: How does the work culture differ from home?
A:  Indonesians are not born hard working people. Has this got something to do with the hot weather? They are contended with their work but they don’t take it to the next step to make things better. This country needs a great leader to get rid of corruption and shape up the government.
Q: Did a relocation company help you with your move? 
A:  Yes.

Family and children

Q: Did your spouse or partner have problems adjusting to their new home?
A:  No.
Q: Did your children settle in easily?
A:  Yes.
Q: What are the schools like in Jakarta, any particular suggestions?
A:  There are many international schools in Jakarta. The American school, the British school, the Australian school, and the Singapore school, just to name a few. They follow their home country curriculums. No problem for kids from any countries to settle down here. Most likely you can find an international school that suits your needs.
But be prepared to pay the school fees, they are as high as any good private schools back in Sydney.

And finally…

Q: Is there any other advice you would like to offer new expat arrivals?
A:  Take your time to settle down. Living in a new country is not easy, especially moving from a developed country to a developing one like Indonesia. Look after your family, stay together and be strong. Keep a bit of sense of humour, that’s the best medicine.
Make friends through kid’s school, or church or an expat community. Read a few blogs. We learned a lot of things about Indonesia from blogs. It is one of our inspirations to actually start our own blog.

Most importantly, enjoy the experience. We won’t stay here all our life. We are mere passers-by in Jakarta. Someday, we will be back in our home country. Hopefully, our blog can help us to preserve the memories of our adventure in Jakarta.

~ Interviewed November 2012

Christmas Dress – Golden Dress

holiday dress, christmas dress, gold dress, fashion online, woman boutique fashion online

Diamond is a girl’s best friend. How about gold? Not a bad friend either, we hope.

This holiday, why not add some glitter and glamor to your wardrobe. Gold is a must have colour in any girls wardrobe this Christmas. It will transform any ordinary day into a magical fairytale in no time. Gold will bring your luck. Maybe you will even meet Mr. Right in that shiny armor of gold? Gold can enchant and soften the most stubborn heart.

Nicole Kidman, Cleopatra, Merilyn Monroe have all dressed up in gold before our time. Gold is what legends are made of.

We love gold, not in a cheap way though. Gold can actually look cheap if not dressed properly. It needs a bit of personality and charm to match its grand status. Are you ready for gold this Christmas?

We have picked a few golden pieces right in time for the Christmas season. Hope you like them.

1. Hervé Léger Embellished knitted jersey dress

Christmas Crafts – DIY Clay Monkey and Turtle

Miss D loves craft. She loves to make things with her bare hands and is pretty good at it, ever since she was little. Must have inherited from Mr. D, who is a DIY guy all his life. There is nothing Mr. D cannot fix in the D house. That’s a pretty grand statement, don’t you think?

Since it is almost the holiday season now, Christmas craft is very popular among the kids. Let’s show you some of the crafts Miss D made recently, shall we?

The other week, Miss D had some friends over for sleepover. The girls had a lot of fun chatting, playing games, eating pizza, swimming in our pool. And surprisingly, they even squeezed some time in making this:

DIY Craft, Monkey clay, DIY Clay craft, christmas diy clay craft

A very cute, smiling clay monkey.

diy craft, diy christmas craft, clay craft, monkey clay

See the tiny tail of this monkey. Must be a very happy monkey. Enjoy some bananas? We have plenty in Jakarta.

DIY Craft, turtle clay, DIY Clay craft, christmas diy clay craft

An even more cute, and colorful turtle. The blue, orange and yellow colours come together in a very nice way and is strikingly beautiful. Miss D loves turtles and has her own pet turtle, Indah.

The girls loved these DIY Clay animals and plan to buy some DIY Clay as soon as they go back home. Miss D loved them even more, and she has proudly put these animals on her display shelf.

This holiday season, why not spend some quality time with your children and do some DIY clay projects. DIY clays are very cheap and anyone can make nice items out of it. You don’t have to be an artist to enjoy making any of the items. Just use your imagination or a good picture you find in a book, or on the website.

Clay is a very versatile material and we can make many Christmas crafts out of it. How about a tiny, clay Christmas tree? Or some lovely Christmas rein deers? Even Santa Claus himself is not out of reach. The choices are endless.

The last time we check, people have  even made Christmas earrings out of the DIY Clay. Maybe we should try these when we have a bit more time? We love earrings, and Christmas earrings are a must have for this Christmas.

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Red Bean Restaurant – Indonesia Restaurant

red bean restaurant, jakarta, must eat Jakarta, restaurant Jakarta, Indonesia

We have found a new restaurant in Jakarta – The Red Bean Restaurant recently. You might like the Red Bean Restaurant.

Well, technically, Red Bean Restaurant is not a new restaurant. We have seen its branches in many shopping malls in Jakarta. Just we haven’t tried this particular Red Bean Restaurant before.

The Red Bean Restaurant we go to is in Poins Square, a locally shopping mall in south Jakarta. It is not a very fancy shopping mall so to speak and is always crowded.

But the good thing about this Red Bean Restaurant is it was newly opened last year, and is quite bright, clean and modem. It is located on the top floor of the Poins Square shopping mall and has less customers. Lucky for us as we always try to avoid  crowded places. Indonesia is the 4th most populated country in the world. Crowd avoiding is an art here. 😀

red bean restaurant, jakarta

Banner at the entrance of Red Bean Restaurant. They serve Oriental / Fusion dishes.

red bean restaurant jakarta, restaurant jakarta

Nice ambiance. No smoking is what we like when we go out with Miss D. Quite family (kids) friendly, don’t you think?

red bean restaurant, jakarta; inside the red bean restaurant

Customers are mostly local Indonesians and families. So many babies in this photo, but it didn’t feel very noisy that day. Not at all. Something to do with the ambiance?The lights and walls might have a magical calming factor on the babies?

Food served is fast, and prices are very reasonable, within reach of the local people.

red bean restaurant jakarta, must eat jakarta

Wall features. A lot more similar ones on the walls. Nice touch.

These are what we ordered:

Chicken Red Bean Restaurant, Jakarta

Guong Bao Ayam (Chinese Sichuan style chilli chicken)

IDR 38,500 (1 USD = IDR 9,600)

fried prawn, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Udang goreng mayonnaise (Fried prawn with mayonnaise)

IDR 43,900 (1 USD = IDR 9,600)

mixed vegetable, stir fried vegetable, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Cap Cap – Mixed veggetables

IDR 28,500 ( 1USD = IDR 9,600)

Mapo Tahu Red Bean Jakarta, Mapo Tofu, restaurant jakarta

Mapo Tahu ( Tofu in chilli sauce)

IDR 35,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

Red Bean Restaurant Jakarta

Pocai Cah Bawang Putih (Stir Fried Veggie with garlic)

IDR 26,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

drink, juice, red bean restaurant, jakarta, restaurant jakarta

Deep purple cranberry juice

IDR 19,900 ( 1 USD = IDR 9,600)

drink, red bean restaurant, jakarta

Ice Lemon Tea

Easiest drink to order. Served in all Indonesia restaurants. When we run out of ideas to order drinks, we just order the good, old Ice Lemon Tea. Can’t go wrong most of the time.

Location of the Red Bean Restaurant we went to:

Red Bean Restaurant

Poins Square, Lt 1

Jakarta Selatan

Tel: 75921199


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